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  1. Hello all. Many thanks for your interest. It is now SOLD.
  2. Hi all, Up for sale is my Gaggia classic. This is the 2006 Italian model 1300W. I purchased this about 6 months ago second hand and immediately stripped, serviced and rebuilt it. It comes with the rancillo wand, one double basket (could do with replacing) portafilter (has end cap missing) When I stripped the machine I completely cleaned the boiler, replaced all seals, replaced both boiler and water thermostats, replaced the shower plate for a brass one, as well as the shower screen. I also set the pressure at 9bar using the pressure gauge from the group. Everything works as it should. I've literally only pulled about 10 shots from it since doing the service. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to use it daily so felt like it deserved a new home. Cosmetically it is in great shape for its age. It does have a slight leak from the wand but I'm sure this could be easily rectified. It comes with the original box. All in all, this is a great machine with many more years to offer since being fully serviced. I am happy to post or it can be collected from Suffolk. Postage method and cost can be discussed. £85 + postage
  3. Gauge arrived today. Going to get it set tonight or tomorrow. Will post it on to whoever is next on the list Saturday. Can whoever is next on the list please PM me their address please.
  4. Just had the email. Have placed an order. Never tried anything from them so no brainer.
  5. Added myself to the list. 1. Simon.tc 2. wilton - Manchester 3. Kwack 4. chrisd2684 - London* 5.Samalang - Northampton 6. Jackabb - Malvern, Worcester* 7 sam_d - Mansfield nottingham 8. Wilko 4473 - Stowmarket, Suffolk
  6. I'd like to borrow the gauge if possible. As the list is empty currently what do I need to do?
  7. So I've just stripped my classic. Don't think it had ever been done. I've ordered s complete set of seals, brass shower plate and screen. Once I've got it rebuilt I'd like to adjust the opv before doing some of the other rmods. Is the opv pressure gauge that was being handed around the forums available still? If so I'd love to have it so I can get mine set.
  8. I haven't removed that gasket yet. It's being a pain to remove even that, let alone the shower plate! Think I will butcher it tomorrow as all seals & gaskets will get replaced. As will the plate. It didn't look in good shape at all. How much heat did you use on those boiler bolts? Did you use bottles? Hoping to have a good go at getting the last bits off tomorrow so I can give it a good clean. By the time I'm done it'll probably be as much as it would to just buy a decent 2nd hand machine but at least this way I'm learning a lot about it, & I've not pulled a single shot from it as yet!!
  9. Great job. I'm in the process of doing g a restore. Just purchased a 2006 gaggia classic. Was going to give it a go first but the info from the seller was that it took a long time to heat up. It didn't look at all clean so decided I would do a completestrip and rebuild. I've got it all apart and labeled up + took pics for the reassembly. Only issues so far are I can't get the shower plate out (I'll try the longer bolt in the middle hole tomorrow) and the 4 bolts that hold the boiler to the group head are seized on. I've managed to undo 1 out of the 4.
  10. Wilko 4473

    Rave Coffee

    Replied to email. Pics sent. Replacement bag sent out and received. Great service.
  11. Wilko 4473


    Is it better to keep beans in these, rather than in their packets they come in? Also, how long do people keep beans for?
  12. Wilko 4473

    Rave Coffee

    Just got a few bags. Can't wait to try them out. Nice delivery time. Only quibble was one of the bags was punctured. The others seemed like they were vacuum packed. Will it be a problem that one of the bags was aired?
  13. I'm going to follow this post. I too am new to the proper coffee world. Well, newish! I've recently started grinding my own beans with a hario and alternate between using an aeropress and Nanopresso, which is my only method of making an espresso currently. I am in the market for an espresso machine as we speak. I've been buying different beans, changing grind settings and brew times in the aero and it amazes me how different coffees can taste. So far I've liked a couple of bags I've had from Monmouth and also liked some I had from Union. I tried a bag of PNG Congo I got from a local roaster and really didn't like it at all. I'm about to try a couple of bags from rave. What I wonder is, are we better getting single origin beans or blends? Surely a blend would get a more specific taste as it's a blend but the best seems to be SO. Could someone explain why SO seem to be the top of the beans rather than blends? See, I said I was still new to it!!
  14. I'm from a little place called Debenham inbetween framlingham and stowmarket. This would be my first machine. I've always liked my coffee. At work we have filter, but we buy the beans and grind fresh. Not bad for the workplace!! At home I have been using the French press and recently aeropress for brewed. Always loved espresso though and always wanted a decent espresso machine. My wife got me a barista course with paddy & Scott's for christmas so it would be silly to do a course without having some means of maki g nice coffee at home. I am a complete novice with regards to machines, how good or bad they are, what to look out for etc! I guess I would need to buy a ramp to go with the machine? I only have the Hario skerton grinder currently but will be looking to get a reasonable counter top to go with my machine. So far everyone seems to rate gaggia.
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