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  1. Hi, I am no longer looking for a grinder. Thanks anyway for the message.
  2. @Lewbur I have a 2006 Gaggia classic for sale in the sale section. Its upgraded with rancilio steam wand. Great starter machine for me. Have a look and see what you think.
  3. Hi Everyone, I am looking to sell my Gaggia Classic and all my accessories for £200. It is a 2006 model (3 way solenoid) and i have upgraded the steam wand. It is descaled and back flushed regularly and i have just replaced the shower screen. You can see in the images below that I have also included a bottomless portafilter for it and the triple basket. With the bottomless portafilter, spare baskets and a 58mm tamper I would like £200 for the lot. I have loved learning with the machine but it is a time consuming hobby and with my second child on the way I need something a little more immediate when wanting espresso. Thanks, Ross
  4. Hey Mr Nik, Do you still have this grinder or have you sold it already?
  5. Hi, I am looking for a second hand Eureka Mignon, fingers crossed Christmas has meant loads of people have upgraded and someone will be looking to sell theirs. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I am looking to upgrade my grinder to go with my Gaggia Classic. I was pretty set on buying a brand new Sage SGP but having looked around on this forum I am now thinking brand new might not be the way to go! So in short, if anyone has a good grinder (not just a SGP) for sale to go with my gaggia, or has any advice on what would be a good match for me, please give me a shout! I use it to make espresso. Only really have the money for a new SGP to work with so anything over £150 ish is going to be out of my price range at the minute. Thanks.
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