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  1. Still holding out for the right grinder. I’m after a Mignon mk2- but up for suggestions. Something a similar size/ price that’s built for domestic use rather than knocking out 300 cups a day
  2. Thank you. I ended up with the DTP from Lakeland price matched to ao.com with 3 year warranty
  3. Great! Thanks for all your help. It’s a lovely bit of kit. I might hold out for second hand. I’m hoping once the next shipment of Niche land in Feb then there will be a few more for sale.
  4. Thanks for your reply. i was thinking of the On Demand as it’s cheaper but would consider any model second hand for a good price. are there other grinders in his price range I should consider?
  5. Hi everyone On the look out for my first decent home grinder. All the advice seems to point to the Mignon as the best for espresso but interested in other similar models. Cheers
  6. Another shout out for PB - great beans. I've had them deliver same day as ordering too
  7. nico_water


    New member - love making and drinking coffee but now determined to start brewing good espresso at home
  8. Hello Is there any reason to get the Bambino over the DTP? Thanks
  9. Hello First time posting but have enjoyed reading this forum. I'm looking to purchase a Sage DTP as my first dedicated espresso machine. This forum has swayed me towards purchasing a Eureka grinder but I am slightly confused by the range of models that can produce a decent espresso grind. Is there a good rule of thumb on which one to purchase? Counter space and £ is an issue. Many thanks Nico
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