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  1. I am using synthetic greases on my La Pavoni PLH. Moebius Synt-HP1300 9104 for mechanisms and food-safe Superlube with PTFE for the seals. The Moebius HP1300 is a modern watchmaker or instrument oil and is very good for reducing friction in metal/metal applications with high pressures and temperatures - unfortunately it also has a high price. Both these greases have shown considerable reduction in the operating force due to reduced friction.
  2. I have been using the Hario Skerton ceramic conical grinder for espresso. This is a slow grind and tiring for making more than one dose. I have used it with a power screwdriver for larger quantities. This takes a bit of setting-up, so I can justify getting a better grinder soon.
  3. Hi Hasi, You make a very good point. I checked and the coffee should not come into any contact with the plastic part as the hopper directs the beans into the metal burr. The porous aspect could be solved by dipping or spraying but it's probably not worth the hassle. Cheers, Alistair
  4. Greetings from West Lothian! Have you tried Thomsons Coffee in Glasgow? thomsonscoffee.com They have a strong Monsoon Malabar that they roast darkly themselves. https://www.thomsonscoffee.com/collections/coffees/products/monsoon-malabar
  5. Inspirational MRS! Thanks for posting the Pavoni art.
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/product/GB9H9Y8GY/bodum-bistro-burr-holder-0-8mm-finer-grind Has anyone here tried this replacement part to improve the Bodum Bistro? The Bodum has a espresso setting that gives quite a uniform grind that is about 0.750 mm under the microscope. Ideally it should be between 1/3 - 1/2 of that size from the conical burrs. Thanks, Alistair
  7. Hi Rich, I know this is an old thread. I just wondered if you did get temperature readings for the group etc.? Your estimate of 115 °C looks right from the steam tables at that pressure. Alistair
  8. Hello, After only 17,488 coffees! ... our De’Longhi ECAM 23.450.S is suffering from brain or bladder problems. This is a failure to direct water to the group for either rinsing or coffee-delivery. The water drains internally to the tray and the good, dry, ground coffee gets dumped to the grounds container. I have descaled and even opened the box to check internal pipes and valves; but there have been no improvements in this wasteful but intermittent fault. I suspect it could be a sticky directional solenoid valve or a logic controller failure - any recommendations from forum ex
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