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  1. Little update in case anyone is still curious. Kept the grind setting the same (3) and increased to 14.5g which resulted in 29.7g in 30 seconds and a lovely Americano. Happy days.
  2. After spending three weeks in Vietnam and drinking their coffee with condensed milk daily, I had to stop it when I get home or I would have become very fat. It's very, very delicious. I do have a can of condensed milk in the cupboard should the mood strike me, although I am not sure how it would taste with Espresso as opposed to how they brew it there. Might have to try this week. As for the cream thing, when I was in America creamer in my coffee became the norm, even though I drink it black here. 😕 They have allsorts of flavoured cremers as I am sure you know....vanilla, hazelnut etc. Would love to find some here.
  3. Aeropress for me at work, too with a hand grinder. Everyone who comes into the kitchen to make tea or instant coffee always comments on how good the smell is yet they are all too lazy to learn how or be bothered. 😂
  4. Well..... I would like to say thank you to everyone who offered help in this thread. Today, the new pump and basket arrived and I haven't changed the pump but with the new basket everything works as I would have expected/hoped in the first place. I thought the problem was me but there was no way results should have been so wildly different, even with some of the variables. I have just pulled three espresso shots, grinding a little finer each time keeping the weight to 14g and the results were as you'd expect with different pull rate each time until I got it close to 30g of extraction in around 26 seconds. I know I could keep adjusting but thought it senseless to waste beans at this stage and just drink one before it's too late in the day. Hopefully I can contribute more now and start to try different beans again. I will keep hold of the pump, I think rather than return it as I guess mine may fail sooner or later.
  5. Pump and new, non-pressurised basket arriving before midday tomorrow. I shall update soon.
  6. ok! Thank you. I am going to try and add it on to my order of the pump before they ship it later on. I will give them a call later. Thank you as always for the help.
  7. Hopefully we are getting somewhere! Thanks for the links and replies (again). Mine is a pressurised basket and it is missing the little frothing device from underneath it. I don't believe I have ever had this device and would explain this which I have experienced a LOT.... Coffee spraying all over the kitchen... This is caused by a missing part called "Crema Filter Pin" or "Frothing Jet Device" in 99% of the cases. This part comes with the pressurized filter baskets and diverts the coffee coming out at a high pressure from the single hole of the pressurized basket, and in case it's missing, the coffee sprays straigh out the spout.Replace the filter pin underneath the filter basket. So I guess I need to acquire one of these? https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia-Saeco-Jet-Swirl-Emulsifier---4301007000-Reviews/r-3350.aspx Although it doesn't explain the nothing whatsoever, but I guess that could be grounds clogging the hole as has been said?
  8. Thanks. Yes, I know from reading that a grinder at that level isn't considered good for a proper enthusiast, I was more saying that it shouldn't be that wildly different to the problems I seem to be having. I haven't looked that closely or been able to tell on the last few but I will definitely pay more attention next time. I shall see what happens when my new pump comes.
  9. Thanks for the continued replies. Ok, a little update. Got myself some new, freshly roasted beans (deer hunter) and some 0.1g scales. This is what happened. Warmed machine up for 15 minutes, grind setting 10, ground 14.2g of beans, tamped and attempted a shot. Came out quicker and easier than anything I have had recently, so much so in fact that I got 52g of coffee in 30 seconds. Ok, it's a starting point. Drank it, very happy, tasted good. That was yesterday. Fast forward to today...same grind settings, same weight of coffee out, 30 seconds pass and I have about 5 drips from the machine. This is why it is SO frustrating! Also, when I keep hearing about the grinder not being great, I hear you but then read also on this very forum that one or two shots per day should be fine in it. Surely it shouldn't be THAT inconsistent? I mean, I don't want to open a coffee shop, nor do I want to fiddle constantly and use a full bag of beans every time I want to get a cup of coffee. I am using what I believe is a double basket (still learning). I will attach a photo of it shortly. What I did learn though was that even with 14g of coffee, sometimes I am getting the impression of the shower head screw in the top of it. I might just order another pump anyway to rule it out seeing a few people have mentioned it. (edit - just ordered one)
  10. I see a few people here are using or have been using the same grinder and say it is decent for four or five cups a day. I have nowhere near that with usually just one from it as I have an Aeropress in the mornings at work which I hand grind so I am only asking one or two grinds on a weekend from it daily. I cannot justify something more expensive for that use unfortunately. I will see how I get on this weekend.
  11. Thanks for taking the time! I do actually use a hand grinder for my Aeropress coffee at work! I still haven't managed to get any new beans for a while to sort this but will try and pick some up hopefully this weekend. I will keep your points in mind when I do. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you for the info. I only put enough for a couple of brews/days in the hopper and keep the rest in the bag and cupboard. I will be picking up more beans this weekend so will have a play with the grind and see how I go. I didn't aim for 43 seconds, that's just how long it took for that particular setting. I am enjoying learning so thank you.
  13. Hey folks. Thanks for all the replies and excuse me for not multi quoting at the moment. Let me try and answer some questions... I am using the Sage smart grinder which I have been told previously on here is not the best. Yes, when I say nothing at all, that last shot I got nothing at all from the machine, not even a drop. As I have run out of beans until the weekend when I can pick some up from my local coffee shop (keep using the same for consistency), I am just drinking a delicious French Press brew with Square Mile beans as I type this. So my plan is this. Get a more accurate scale than I have now and possibly one of the tampers listed above to eliminate variables. Then see how I go from there. It's so frustrating just ripping through beans though to get nothing at all back. Thanks again for the help so far.
  14. I hear ya. Will pick some up soon before I get my next bag of beans.
  15. I am in Wigan. I wasn't that accurately no, however yesterday I got in from work and tried to start a fresh. Weighed 15g of grounds, pulled 30g of coffee in 43 seconds. Tasted really nice. Tried again this morning changing nothing and got nothing from the machine at all. So frustrating. Instead I made a French Press of some Square Mile stuff I had and it was delicious! Might give up on the espresso based and just go filter and French Press from now on, adding V60. I never have any problems with those!
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