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  1. Update on my update. I've been very happy using it, no issues at all apart from the lack of comms between meBarista and the PID. I should add that I'm a Google fanboi, and my phone is a Pixel 3, connecting over BLE. The relevance of this? I've just updated to Android 11 and it now connects rock solid. (I also never use steam) Oh, and those people asking why the temperature drops when you run the device? It's called the laws of physics. Your machine pumps in cold water, temperature drops (the PID shows it in real time, something a mechanical thermometer would struggle with) and the s
  2. Update time. All working as intended and the start temperature is as steady as a rock. Two things, though. - It's a bit of a shame that the shot timer just shows the length of time after you finish the shot, a real time timer would be more useful. But, actually that's all academical because.... - I've lost comms with the unit. Most likely because there is another BLE source nearby. When I CBA, I'll try to resolve but for the moment it works fine without the app, just means I can't change anything
  3. Never had a problem, been buying form them for a few years. On the Mahogany Roast front, they have a new Brazilian blend which I really enjoyed, although it did need a coarser grind. I normally order twp Kg at a time, with Rancheros and Serano as staples, and play the field with the other two. It's fun.
  4. It's significant that while there has been mention of how transport policy needs to be improved, no mention has been made of an integrated transport policy, where all modes of transport work together. European mainland cities do it, why can't we? Answer: because we are wedded to the outmoded model of car ownership, only it is impossible for everyone to own a car and use it as their personal transport, the way the dream is sold. Also, walking or driving appear to be the only options people here seem to be thinking about, what about cycling? What about the new breed of scooters and eCycles? they
  5. Well, first impression -and hte coffee it made - is good. Time will tell. A little flakiness around the app, eg the temperature shown occasionally loses its decimal point in the right place, and I have a slight concern that it may not fail safe, if it does fail. Long at short is, if you are expecting to follow instructions word for word without understanding how it all hangs together, you may struggle, but as a piece of tinkerer's tinkering, it gets my vote. Even if it were to fail early life, it is a fun experiment and one I would have tried to do myself, probably spending a lot more along th
  6. OK, all in place now, all working. I've put some heatshrink over what otherwise would be live terminals on the switch, all fitted in as should. Initial observations: the orange light no longer works to show coming up to heat, no big deal. The insulation under the thermostat seems to lead to a little overshoot, again no big deal but I wonder why no heat paste (I confess, I added a little. There must be something I've forgotten....... Oh yeah, make some coffee
  7. Heh! fixed. Answer? switch off the BLE keyboard and mouse, about 10m away..... (and restarted phone for good measure) Onwards. Upwards.
  8. Ah well. Anyone know if there's anything I can do to fix a won't-connect-Bluetooth issue? It's a BLE device. Connected up the PID, instructions for previous Sivia versions need to be amended as the power switch is now a SP-ST non latching rather than a DP-ST normal switch. Still, no big problem as you can pick up switched power off the pump switch, and if you can't work that out you probably shouldn't be attempting this. So, I have life, with LED functioning as described (red constant, green flash). I can see the device on my phone which supports BLE, but doesn't pair, automatically
  9. Well, it arrived this morning! postmarked as per the despatch email, so all good so far.
  10. Sounds like this might have changed hands again? Contact info is now "P Redl T/A My Espresso". I phoned up before ordering an espresso machine and grinder, he seems passionate about coffee, was helpful, I ordered online and was delivered the next day. Based in Coventry, although it isn't a retail outlet he has said it's ok to visit, will do next time I'm around the area.
  11. Been buying from them for a while now, since I found they have a Cuban Serrano. These days, because of Paypal, you can't buy online (it's a US-Cuba thing) but they still sell it, you just have to call up and order over the phone. Their service has always been excellent and I enjoy their blends.
  12. I ordered around the same time, received a despatch notification but - so far - no show. Oh yeah, and no reply to the multiple polite emails. Oh well.
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