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  1. Hi, experimenting with these stove top pots/moka pots. Seems the jury is out on what type is best. Aluminium or stainless steel. Some say Aluminium is not good for food prep and leaves a metalic taste to brewed coffee. Any views on this? Thanks.
  2. Hi. Looking for some advice please. I am experimenting with espresso so am playing with scales to weigh my espresso in and espresso out. Problem i'm finding is the scales I am using, ON BALANCE MTT-200 Mini Table Top Digital Scale 200 x 0.01g, keeps tripping out when I am using it under my portifilter on a Sage duel boiler. It seems the vibration from the duel boiler machine (vibration pump) is causing the scale to trip. I have tested the scale using it away from the duel boiler by taring the cup, adding water and works fine. But if I use the scale stood on the drip tray underneath the portafi
  3. Hi. Question on descaling. Instructions for the DB state that the 2 boilers get descaled. Drained, refiled and descaled a few times. I use to have a sage barista express. When I descaled that i descaled the grouphead, hot water outlet and steam wand. This doesn't seem to happen during the descale process on the duel boiler. Do I descale these components? Surely over time (in my hard water area) these components will fail due to scale. Any thoughts please? Thanks.
  4. Im in the same boat. Looking to replace my Sage Barista express. Love the machine but need one with a boiler, or 2. Get away from the thermoblock machines. The Sage Duel boiler or the Rocket Apartmento seem the way to go for me, in the price range. What I like about Sage is the service. I have had a couple of issues and within a couple of days an engineer has come to the house and fixed the issues. None of this return to base carry on. Sage seem to be the only supplier that offer this service. Also if you go for a high end Sage (duel boiler onwards) then you get a free hours demo, where
  5. Thanks for your reply. I digged deeper into this. The disk does not have a hole. Apparently in 2015 they modified these disks, for the European market. They claim the modification (removing the hole) makes the cleaning of the group head more efficient. The water/solution back flushes directly into the drip tray. They need to amend the manual now!!
  6. Can anyone please help. When I use the cleaning disc and tablet on the barista express water does not come out of the portafilter as it says in the instructions. It goes through the cleaning cycle but no water comes out. I have watched videos on this and it clearly shows water coming from the spouts during the cleaning cycle. Am am I doing something wrong? Thanks.
  7. Hi, thanks for your comment. Tried descaling again, no joy. Contacted Sage and an engineer came and rectified the fault. As you stated it was a scale issue. The solenoid had seized. Been replaced and now working. Just need to be more rigorous with my descaling.
  8. Hi, I am looking to replace my Sage barista machine to a more high end one. Budget of about £1200. Something like a Rocket or al a spaziale. That kind of level. Purely for home use, so not needing anything big. One group will do. Anyone have any views please, or recommendations? Thanks.
  9. Hi, has anyone come across this issue. When trying to use the steam or hot water function, hot water and steam come out off the group head instead. No steam from the wand, or no hot water from the hot water nozzle. I have cleaned the steam nozzle and descaled. Thanks.
  10. Great video, will help no end. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Wow, fantastic well structured advice. Thanks.
  12. Hi, A new owner of the above machine and loving experimenting. Anyone any advice please on milk texturing. I seem to be doing it right as per the online videos but my milk is quite thick 'foamed' at the end. Looking at more silky texture rather than thickish foam. Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your help. I ditched the single and gone with the double basket. Much better results now and getting 20+ seconds extraction times so happy.
  14. Start timing from when I press the extraction button. Seems to do the pre infusion ok for a few seconds then moves into the espresso range for a short while then stops.
  15. Morning all. Just starting out with a sage barista express machine. Loving it so far. Just one issue. I am seeming to be doing everything as per the guidelines. Right dose, right tamp, fresh coffee beans (Roasted 24.12.18), and the pressures are within the limits but I am only getting about 15-16 seconds extraction times. Just seems to reach the right pressure then stops. Any ideas please? This is for a single shot. Thank you.
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