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  1. Nick1881

    Lelit Bianca

    Hi @GordonH You decided to go for a Bianca then. I briefly tried the smaller hole tip but it didn't seem to help me. The guy on H-B got a 4 hole 0.9mm so I'm not sure if they are more smaller holes than the stock 2 ones or maybe having 4 holes helps in some different way. I'm just musing here, really I just don't know what I'm doing For now I'm just glad that my coffee tastes good.
  2. Thanks Ash, I put it up at £190 to start with.
  3. For sale my lightly used Sage DTP machine with all standard accessories, baskets, milk jug etc. Purchased from AO in December 2018. Plus Motta tamper, scarlet espresso distribution tool, 3D printed funnel plus a metal funnel and the sage knockbox. I don't have the original box so don't think I'll be able to post it. New the machine is generally round £300, I paid £239 on 16/12/2018 and the remainder of the 2 year warranty is transferable. Motta tamper was £23 Scarlet espresso distribution tool was £24 Sage mini knockbox was £19 Metal dosing funnel was £13 Only down side is that I don't have a water filter, I used filtered water from my undersink system. Asking £190 ono I may be able to deliver depending on where you are and the timing, I work across the country. Or collection from near Coventry.
  4. I now tap and stir in the portafilter, then use a distribution tool, then tamp. I have not long got a machine with bottomless and so far I haven't had any spurt out sideways, every drop of coffee has gone straight down into the cup, then it joins together like I have seen in videos. Does it sound like I'm doing well? I will have to try to capture a video at some point.
  5. I used the citric acid with boiling water, I will try more next time. I left it for about 15 minutes. I believe my Lelit Bianca has steel boilers, not sure about other parts. I guess the seals would be a worry.
  6. I bought some citric acid crystals ready for when I need to descale, I decided to try it on a kettle that was pretty bad, our water is fairly hard and this kettle had never been descaled. I followed the recommended procedure and used a teaspoon of citric acid. It didn't do much so I tried again, again very little difference. I then tried a measure of Kilrock, within 10 minutes this had dissolved all the scale in the kettle and it looked as good as new. So did I get poor citric acid crystals or is it just not very effective? Is Kilrock ok to use in my machine? It didn't smell great but the results were good. Anyone else compared other products? I also need other cleaned products to clean the group etc, not quite yet but maybe in a few months, looking for recommendations. Thanks
  7. Nick1881


    I can only think of a couple of things I've done. Most recently, switched on the Niche Zero without the grinds cup, luckily I didn't let the whole 18g go before I got the cup under. I once tamped and was wiping the excess off the edges, managed to tip too much and the grinds fell out all over the place, some in the knockbox, some over the side.
  8. Here is the reply from ao “Of course certainly, all we would suggest to do is speak to Sage when you are about to sell the machine and just advise them, they can put a note on their records for if any issues where to arise. I hope this is ok for you however if you require anything else please do not hesitate to get in touch.”
  9. Good question, I have sent AO an email, will see what they say.
  10. Nick1881

    Lelit Bianca

    I've had the Bianca for a week now and I absolutely love it. I didn't think I would play with the pressure paddle but I have been already. I haven't attempted the very long pre-infusion shot yet, not sure how fine I should grind. I have done fairly long pre-infusion shots with my standard grind, set to about 14 on the Niche. I'm getting through the Gaslight blend that I got with the machine and I have to say I'm making the best coffee I have ever tasted, the only trouble is that as soon as I finish a cup I want another one. I've had two so far today and I'm trying to go easy. My milk frothing is still pretty poor, I seem to make too many bigger bubbles. I saw on the HB forum someone changed to a 4 hole tip with good results, not sure if that would help me. I'm really happy I chose the Bianca though, for the money it seems to be the perfect machine.
  11. I'm going to sell my DTP but not sure what to ask with all the extras DTP machine with all standard accessories, baskets, milk jug etc. Purchased from AO in December 2018. Plus Motta tamper, distribution tool, 3D printed funnel plus a metal funnel and the sage knockbox. I don't have the original box so don't think I'll be able to post it.
  12. Nick1881

    Lelit Bianca

    Thanks all Yes they are, very good indeed, much better than the cheap scales I was using, because the response time is fast it is much easier to stop the shot at the right weight. Also better accuracy repeatability. The timer was very handy before but now I use the Bianca shot timer.
  13. Nick1881

    Lelit Bianca

  14. Nick1881

    Lelit Bianca

    Thanks guys. I reduced the incoming mains water pressure, despite setting it to 2 bar on another gauge the Bianca gauge showed 3 bar, I have now lowered it so the Bianca reads just under 2. I noticed during a shot the pressure was more like 9.5 bar so i think it will be ok.
  15. Hi Dylan, Thanks for the reply, but as igm45 said I got a refund by Friday, it took a while and quite a few emails chasing them every day. I feel I was lucky that I got a full refund, in fact I made £3 out of it, maybe to do with the exchange rate as they probably work in Euros on their side. My buying experience was awesome with Bella Barista, I'm very happy and worry free with my 3 year warranty.
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