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  1. You should be able to Google your areas water report. Wish I had softer water, it's pretty hard where I am.
  2. Looks like he is away at the moment, I believe he is SE of Birmingham. Will send him a text for you.
  3. If you are close to me and can't wait to use your new machine then you are welcome to borrow mine, my machine is plumbed so I'm not using the res. I'm near Coventry.
  4. I stir in the cup with a dissecting tool I got from Amazon, this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00207DUNU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Then I invert the cup with the portafilter on top and give it a few taps on the tamping mat, mostly they fall fairly level but it can vary with the beans. I then give them a gentle slow stir with the above tool, it's more like evening out any humps or gaps. Then I use my distribution tool and tamp. Sounds a faff but it really doesn't take long and it's very rare I see any extraction problems, I can only think of one time I had a little squirt that just missed the cup.
  5. I'm still new in the world of espresso really so I'm still trying things. I have had Lavazza from the supermarket, the Oro ones, they are drinkable but I don't enjoy them like I do other fresh beans. I think from my experience so far I prefer lighter roasts, I had some LSOL beans that were amazing, really need to get on another LSOL list actually. I would be tempted to try some Illy beans, but they are more expensive than Lavazza, priced closer to fresh beans that are also likely to be much better. You mentioned Union Revelation, I've had these a couple of times, last time I found them too dark. Is it just me or do lighter roasts seem to be more popular now?
  6. I would love to try some, though I have a large quantity of beans to get through, maybe put me at the back of the queue. Though I could always invite other members for a tasting session @Cooffe
  7. I realise it's not morning anymore, but nvm. When the coffee looks too good to drink. La Fortuna, 17.5g in 18g VST, fine grind with long low pressure pre-infusion, 45g out in 60 seconds, this was after adding a little hot water for a delicious americano. The crema is amazing on these beans. @Hasi
  8. Of course I did, I used the Torr one to hold it 🤣 The super special NickNak handle was carefully locked away from harm.
  9. I polished my Torr tamper. I used some cheap pads that fit in a drill, Autosol and then Maas polish to finish. Turned out pretty well, it's not perfect but hard to make the camera focus on anything but the reflection now lol.
  10. High caffeine tolerance from years of over dosing lol. When I was younger I drank a litre of Red Bull clone, it was like that episode of Futurama where Fry drinks 100 cups of coffee.
  11. I mostly use my 18g VST ridgeless, but sometimes the 20g version if I want a bigger hit, usually for my travel mug, or I'm going to split it into 2 shots to make an iced coffee. I've already had 3 doubles this morning, got too many delicious new beans delivered.
  12. I got mine today, the little note made me laugh. Couldn't resist trying the La Fortuna already, my grind was a little too fine so I will try again. Already good though, should be awesome once dialled in. Thanks @Hasi and @Nicknak
  13. Bah, I missed the postman. I'll get down and pick them up, probably first thing tomorrow morning.
  14. Thanks NickNak and Hasi for all your hard work. I’ll be home later today from a two week work trip and I’ll soon be drinking delicious coffee.
  15. Love a good wheat beer, luckily I’m currently in Germany so I can get it on tap anywhere. Oh, I recommend you on Reddit, someone was asking for beans in Austria, hope they place an order with you.
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