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  1. Ah sorry, I should have fully read what you wrote. It's probably a bit more than I would want to spend on a used one, I imagine shipping will be expensive too. What condition is it in and how old?
  2. Would be nice but too risky buying from Bulgaria. If you spot anything in the UK please let me know. Tempted to buy a new one but the cheapest place is Crappy Italia.
  3. I'd also like to go large flat with Niche style work flow, I'd be happy to throw £1k at it plus the sale of the Niche. I'm also limited by height of 45cm but could potentially shuffle round and have it at the front and to the left of my Bianca giving me machine height of 45cm but clear above that for filling, but allowing a cupboard door to swing over it if that makes sense, it could't be too deep or wide though then.
  4. Thanks Dave, I switched the machine off and emptied about 150ml of hot water out, then shut it off and it wasn't dripping. I turned it back on and it filled the boiler and went back to temperature, not another drip all day. I'll keep an eye on it. The machine is plumbed in with a water filter, I measure the GH and KH at intervals and check the amount of water through the filter as I also drink it from a tap off the same filter. I noticed the taps don't tighten like a regular tap, they just stop and the water flow is shut off before they hit the stop. My Bianca is just over a year old
  5. My water dispenser has started dripping today, I only noticed because I could hear the pump running every 10 minutes or so to fill the boiler, I went to look why and the water tap is dripping every 3 seconds, it's closed off tight enough, I never shut the taps off really tight, just nip them till they stop. @Davecuk Any ideas? Am I likely to need a new o ring or something?
  6. I only just got round to trying the beans that Jake kindly sent me. I just started with the Ethiopian, first of all they smell incredible, the shot came out all gooey with tiger stripes leaving a thick crema. My grind was too fine for this shot but the taste is still delicious, can't wait to try another one later. Also the roast looks great, I'm certainly no expert on roasting but they look uniform and picture perfect. Thanks again Jake. I will update once I've tried the rest.
  7. Thanks very much Jake, new coffee arrived this morning. I'll give them some more time to rest before giving them a try.
  8. @tammma The third bag was actually perfect, no problems at all, tasted good and poured lovely. I have found that some of the new recyclable packaging can let the beans go off, I've had to stop a sub elsewhere due to this, with the current slow postage the beans were off by time they got to me. The third bag were the last roasted, not sure if that had anything to do with it.
  9. I started with the same Sage setup and my first upgrade was the Niche, my expectation was low, I don't think I have an amazing palette, I rarely pick out all the flavours described in the tasting notes so was expecting very little difference, I was quite amazed though with my first shot on the Niche, the difference was big. It was well worth it for me and I ran the Duo Temp pro for a while longer before upgrading to the Bianca.
  10. 1. fatboyslim2.MinesAbeer3. Dunk4. Nick18815.
  11. I didn't use the supplied braided hose, I got a fitting to take the 1/4 pipe to a right angled adaptor into the machine, my feet are screwed all the way in for minimum height, I have cupboards above too and my cups fit on top nicely. There is a lot of room underneath though so you should be good either way.
  12. I made and order and mine are on the way, looking forward to trying them.
  13. I'm nearly at the end of bag 2 of 3 now and I'm not sure what went wrong, both of them pull like an older bean, it's pretty bad looking on the bottomless and the crema is thin and is soon gone, luckily the taste has still been good. The bags were in a box and all seemed intact so I'm not sure why, they didn't get lost i the mail for ages either.
  14. Nick1881

    LSOL for May

    Whenever you go ahead I would like to get a guest slot if possible.
  15. Hi and welcome. There’s a few distribution tools on amazon. You may find it easier to tamp with the grinds distributed level and even, just gently push down, you’ll find that at a certain pressure the grinds won’t compress any more, no more movement, I normally find that about right.
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