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  1. Mine has arrived too, I will leave it to de-gas before attempting anything. Looking forward to trying it though, thanks @fatboyslim
  2. I mean how Dave shows in this video, to kind of replicate a standard E61
  3. I'm also in the Niche and Bianca club, how fine do you grind? The finest I have done it 10 on the NZ, then done a long pre-infusion. I find around 14-14.5 is the standard with an E61 style pre-infusion.
  4. I'll try some longer really fine shots with long pre-infusion and see what I get, might not need to add much water. I'm only using small cups anyway, 180ml not full either. It's sure not pretty after 30g+ anyway, I like the lovely tiger stripes stage.
  5. Thanks guys. To be honest I haven't experienced anything wrong with the water from the wand on the machine, no bad taste. My machine is also plumbed with a filter inline, pressure reduction and a flow meter to check the filter life. The water tastes fine and it sure is convinient, so I will just keep doing it. It's easy to start to worry when some people are saying not to do something for certain reasons. Regarding ratios, I'm always cautious about going to long as the flow goes blond and gets lighter and lighter, I've not ran it clear.
  6. I have always drank americanos, I found espresso too strong when I first tried it years ago, but now I have found good espresso I am enjoying it, downside is that it's all over in 2-3 sips, so I do still like americano. I have been pulling a shot into my small cup, then topping it up with hot water from the machines water dispenser. However I'm reading that this is bad, stale water, it's not a kettle etc. Should I instead run my shot a lot longer, instead of stopping around 36-40g? Will this effect taste and make it different to just adding hot water afterwards? Or should I buy a temperature control kettle? I found this small gooseneck one https://www.amazon.co.uk/Godmorn-Electric-Gooseneck-Temperature-Stainless/dp/B07JC6TLH9/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  7. I finished another bag this morning, only 1 gram short so not a lot a difference taking 1g from my next bag. The previous combo was deliciously juicy.
  8. Must have, with burnt beans and then boiled the tramps urine.
  9. Glad it's not just me, I certainly wouldn't want to waste any precious coffee.
  10. Do you ever find yourself at the end of a bag of beans and don't have enough for that last shot? I found myself in this situation so I just used the beans from the next bag, I found the result very pleasing, the last of The Roastery Brazilian Camocim and then Baristocracy Costa Rica. Do others do this or is frowned upon?
  11. I loved fudge blend last time I had it and that was with my DTP, it would be even better now. I haven't had the signature for a long time, I will give them both another try, will take me a while as I have 1.5kgs of different beans coming next week and a fresh 250g bag resting. Also I wish my art was anywhere near that, I mostly make a blob.
  12. I know someone that worked as a barista in a Costa, he told me he wasn't allowed to change the grinder. I've generally found Costa to be better than Starbucks, now I realise how poor they are, I'd have to do something pretty bad to make coffee at home to Costa level now. The last Starbucks I went to I ordered a filter cofffee, thinking how wrong can it go, I under estimated how wrong it can go, it was undrinkable.
  13. Wait, secondary marking? Where did you get the little tiny arrow sticker? Thanks
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