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  1. Thanks for the official NFC disc @DavecUK I'm happy now, turns out the 3D printed version had started to come apart already due to the design, it was slightly different to the Niche one and the edges of the hole had slopes, this meant very thin sections.
  2. Nick1881

    NFC shipping

    No cost to me, my friend already had the 3D printer, in fact he has 2, he printed most of the parts for the second one. The material cost for something so small is pence so he didn't ask me for any money.
  3. Nick1881

    NFC shipping

    My friend printed me one on Sunday and it works great, not sure I want to pay $10 to have the logo on it.
  4. Aw, I missed out. Still patiently waiting for the email from Niche. Might ask a friend to 3D print one for me in the mean time.
  5. You have been busy Nicknak, fantastic work as always.
  6. Nick1881


    I had a mega fail this morning, Half asleep before that first espresso, everything was going great, my lovely shot was just finished, I pulled the lever to stop the shot, somehow managed to knock my cup, right off the drip tray, a bounce and onto the floor it want, splattering my beautiful espresso everywhere. I did the classic just standing there in shock, contemplating what had just happened.
  7. I've never had a good coffee from Starbucks, once had a filter coffee that almost passed as coffee. I stopped at an M6 services somewhere north of me and was desperate so decided to risk a filter coffee, it was vile and I couldn't drink it at all, how did they manage to make it so bad, I'd actually rather have had instant coffee (shudders). Those beans pictured here, what did they do to them? Just chuck them in a fire and call them roasted once the flames went out? People generally have very low standards in the country, otherwise Starbucks would have failed years ago and instant coffee wouldn't be flying off the supermarket shelves.
  8. I don't mind when the reveal is as I'm useless as guessing. All I know is that is smells amazing, seriously how does it smell so good? I think I have a problem. I'm on my third espresso and now feel I have it dialled in, tastes awesome. I will have a go at a V60 at some point.
  9. I have my beans now, thanks to @Hairy_Hogg for sorting it out and Craft House for sending a replacement bag, the postie either lost them or decided they smelt so good he would take them home. They smell incredible, I will attempt to dial them in today but I’m not sure of their roast date.
  10. Still no sign of mine, hope they haven’t got lost.
  11. Really impressed with how well that works, hope they are available soon, I need this.
  12. Thanks very much @MWJB I will have another go later this week. Really need to get a kettle though, I'm ashamed to say I dispensed water from my Bianca into a milk jug to pour over ?
  13. So I decided to pick up a V60, I got the 01 size and papers. I don't have a gooseneck kettle though. I had a little go today with pretty much no idea what I was doing, didn't taste too bad though. Any idea what sort of number I should be set to on the Niche? Recommendations for a kettle? I have an induction hob, would probably prefer electric. Any videos I should watch to make a start? Thanks
  14. Do you have room for 1 more? Sorry I'm a bit late.
  15. I use a small silicone cup as per someone on HB forum. Pros. 1. Reduced noise of popcorning 2. Reduced mess of little bits getting passed the lid. Cons. 1. I have to remove an extra lid every time.
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