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  1. Great idea! What was the discrepancy? Just different weights? How do you adjust it differently for your wife separately from your own? Those scales look neat - what are they?
  2. Thanks for your help. I'm in the UK. The 120 I referred to was something I read on Reddit. I didn't click that it referred to volts until now! Embarrassing. New here so I just updated my profile with location and equipment. Thanks again
  3. Thanks a lot. I wonder why it says 800 watts on the leaflet. Anyway that's helped reassure me. I appreciate it.
  4. I just wondered if I'm ok to use the tp-link hs110 smart plug with my new ECM Elektronika? I've heard people using it with this kind of coffee machine but the leaflet with it says it can handle coffee machines up to 800watts. Then I read it's the current that matters and to figure out the current divide the wattage by 120. So for the Elektronika I believe the wattage is 1400 watts. So that's around 12 amps, which should be fine but the 800 watts in the leaflet worried me. So I'm confused. Obviously I don't want to cause a fire or damage the new machine. Can anyone advise?
  5. I know exactly how you feel. Took me months to get it to the liking of my wife!
  6. I've popped in and out of the forums (reading only) probably for over 6 months. I waited to sign up because I hadn't had the need to post something. I read a lot of interesting threads though.
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