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  1. Fantastic Tal! Enjoy. Thanks for the note and happy holidays. Nic
  2. Hi Talal, You can have the Silvia tomorrow if you can pick up then (Saturday). Preferably in the morning to lunchtime when I can be at home. I'd be keen to sell the machine as soon as possible so I would be happy to include the porcelain espresso cups and saucers, wood-handled stainless steel espresso tamper and small steel frother, cleaning product. The machine has no limescale and is in very good condition apart from surface scratches. What do you think?
  3. Hi - has anyone used this machine before? If so would you recommend it over other high spec grinders solely for pour over coffee? Thanks, Nic
  4. Thank you all for replies!
  5. I am reducing the price of this K30 Air Mahlkonig grinder which is in near mint condition from £1,500 to £1,200 or nearest best offer. It has had around 20kg of espresso beans through it. I no longer drink espresso and have long since moved to pour over. I also need the space on my kitchen counter back. Due to the weight of the machine, I cannot post the item. I live in the Twickenham area and you are welcome to view/test it if you are interested in buying.
  6. Could anyone recommend UK roasters that roast most of their beans on the lighter side/1st crack? Or one that specialises in mostly naturals?
  7. James Gourmet often has lovely naturals including this one which I have been brewing through a kalita: https://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/costa-rica-volcan-azul-natural-process-filter-roast-250g-copy/
  8. I also love naturals. This roast from Rounton is just fantastic https://www.rountoncoffee.co.uk/shop-c1/our-coffee-c9/honduras-pedro-joel-fiallos-p146
  9. Nic55

    UK Based Roasters

    Here's a concise summary of some of the most popular, and widely used: https://www.bestcoffee.guide/roasteries
  10. Just to add the Baratza Encore has been getting excellent reviews. Its https://www.baratza.com/grinder/encore/ It is also less expensive than the Rocky but has smaller burr size if that matters to you.
  11. Hi I'd recommend the Rancilio Rocky. This should fit comfortably within your budget. They retail for around £220. Its one of the few grinders that works well for both espresso and pour over drinks. It has a good burr size for its price range (50mm), and is built like a tank. The only downside is that I found is that it is quite noisy which didn't work well early in the morning.
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