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  1. Hi - could I also have the CoffeeCompass code please? Have Enjoyed James' Beans but want to try another roaster. Any recommendations also much appreciated - like the darker side!
  2. @ashcroc Hi - may I have the discount code for Coffee Compass code please? James' is good but want to try another roaster. Thanks
  3. @lake_m Hi. Been experimenting. I use a 14s preinfusion at 2 bar (first drips at 12s) and then a flat 6 bar to the end. 18g to 45 in 42-45s produces great coffee but my Niche is set at 16 for this. As I'm getting used to my Vesuvius I find I'm dialling my Niche down to 16-17 using pre-infusion. If I use a flat 9 bar from the start - I need to go back up to 20-21 on the Niche and it doesn't taste as good - at least to me.
  4. Sorry guys - been on hols. @BaggaZee - yes both boilers are on. @Mrboots2u Yeah not a video - am Mac based and couldn't get anything to upload directly in any video format. Here is a video link in MPEG4 format https://www.dropbox.com/s/0rg8vlaz7x5qh27/VIDEO-2019-08-02-17-15-14_1.3gp?dl=0 No signs of any internal leakage. Thanks for any advice.
  5. Going through a fair bit of Longhills water on my "new" Vesuvius (about a litre /day for 3-4 shots!) Noticed this water appearing in the drip tray only on heating up my machine and wondered if this level of loss is normal. It's coming from the the steam boiler vent I think? but am not sure - you can see the drip on the screen shot (not a video) This amount of water ocurred on just one heating up over 10 mins. Thanks for reassurance or diagnosis
  6. Thanks guys - will crack on with this. @lake_m - I'm at 20-21 on my niche too - will check and get back to you on this.
  7. Can you recommend a Niche grind setting to use and a profile recipe for the Simply Brazil? In your experience does a longer extraction at 6Bar make a difference?
  8. Am really enjoying experimenting with my recently acquired Vesuvius from @dan1502. Question is, where can I source an ACS bottomless portafiller for my machine? The old one I had for my Classic has the lugs located at a different angle and isn't easily usable (not to mention destroying the aesthetic). P.S. Thanks to everyone who advised, especially to @igm45, @Mrboots2u and @Planter and to @Fez and @DavecUK for the final push. Needless to say @dan1502 was a real gent and couldn't have been more helpful.?
  9. Thanks for the advice @DavecUK I'm very happy with my decision after all the contributions from everyone here. It's a significant upgrade for me and the collective advice really helped me come to a balanced decision. ? Doubtless I'll be back on looking for servicing tips and pressure profiles in due course! ?
  10. Don't want to seem to have broken Forum rules here before going to PM - just to clarify, I'm offering the asking price, which Dan1502 may reduce if he can't find the original baskets etc as he stated above - hence the "around" in my message above. Hopefully this will have saved my soul from imminent and eternal Forumnal damnation ? ?!
  11. Happy to pay around the asking price subject to seeing it. I've PM'd you to discuss logistics etc.
  12. Thanks @DavecUK Am an avid reader of your reviews, both here and on the other sites and am making enquiries on the V. Thanks for all your work. I find this forum a treasuretrove of information and great advice, would never have gotten my Niche or done all the mods on my Gaggia without it.
  13. Hi @dan1502 I'm interested in your Vesuvius. How long have you had it, from new, if not from whom? And why, may I ask, are you parting with such a machine? Happy for you to PM me. @Beanbrain
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