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  1. HI, code never came through, just about to order if anyone is able to share the code?
  2. iv got my eye on getting a Mara X - missed out on the Lelit PL that was in the sale section or would have snapped that up, still havn't plucked up the courage to spend a grand on a coffee machine yet, but think i might take the plunge on the MaraX looks lovely and seems to be where a lot of this forum are gravitating to so must be good!
  3. Thanks, ill stick with the Major then, have enough space and got used to having it there now so will stick with it, ill just give that a little bit of TLC, appreciate the advice Ill put my money into getting a new machine to replace the Silvia instead! Ill have a go at moving to the lens hood and see how i get on with that to try and lower its gargantuan size!
  4. I have been thinking about maybe moving to a smaller grinder thats more suitable for home use, the mazzer is massive obviously but what i dont want to do is go backwards in terms of grind quality and consistency. Do you know how the major stacks up against grinders like a Niche Zero or Mignon specialita? I have a feeling that they wont be as good as the mazzer but i have no real reference point...
  5. Would also like to join the queue for a hood and a lid for a Major if they are planned for production?
  6. hey thanks for the reply, i might give the painting a swerve for now then!! how easy is the access to be able to do the wiring bypass? i am assuming its just as simple as pointing both wires that go to the switch and joining together with the bypass? the hopper you are using looks good is that the lens hood? was there anything else needed to make that work?
  7. HI there I have the same model Mazzer major and im looking to do a bit of a refurb too, iv had it for over a year and it works well but want to give it nicer look - the paint isn't awful but its got chips and scratches that would be good to refresh... Also im currently using the massive hopper but want to either use a smaller one or move to single/minimal dosing.... What is the process to doing the paint work? im not exactly a dab hand at this type of stuff so if it needs sanding/grinding down its probably a no go for me or if its simply tape up vents etc then attach with a spray paint can i could do that! To replace the hopper how do you get past the saftey switch thing?
  8. sorry, saw the other posts come up once i logged in, looks like its gone...
  9. hi, is this still available?
  10. been using my silvia for a few months now and looking for ways to improve the shots that i am pulling - so looking for tips.. I am currently using a silvia with water thats been through a softener, have it paired with a Mazzer major. I bought a bottomless portafilter to see how the shots i was pulling were distributed, most work out pretty good but i have noticed that recently i am getting 1 or 2 very fine streams shooting out the to the side of the cup, maybe a wonky hole or something? I have been dosing 17g into the oem basket and i think the grounds touch the shower screen so not sure if i am over dosing? Whats the normal weight the oem double basket takes? So i am wondering is it time to upgrade the basket? I have heard a lot about the VST baskets, is it worth the £25 and will i notice any difference? Which ones should i be buying? I was thinking 20g basket but i have no idea if that will fit in my portafilter? I have already replaced the o ring and shower screen after i bought the machine, is there anything else i should be getting to help improve the shot further? (its not bad just not exactly how i want it)
  11. grinder is dialed in, weights are working well, so 18 in 36 out and the coffee is tasting better than before so looking good. I am not sure i am that keen on the beans though so ill be buying some beans i know i like from hasbean and then seeing what the results are. Im starting to thnk that i dont actually like drinking espresso, the only time i have really enjoyed it have been through bean to cup machines! any time i have had it fresh, its always been too strong for my taste... so its flat whites for me i think...
  12. oops i meant 18 in 36 out... was a typo... thanks for the kind offer of help, it smuch appreciated, ill give it a few more days and see how i get on... I used to flip between lavazza super crema and fresh stuff from hasbean in my barista express, the hasbean stuff was better but definately not night and day, do you think my current set up would be ok for lavazza beans or will it all be too sensitive to using non fresh?
  13. thanks guys the beans were roasted on 13th Dec, i bought a kilo from Sendero coffee in battersea http://sendero-coffee.com as i was passing on my way back from collecting the grinder. The beans should be good i think, but yes i agree dont fancy wasting kilos of good beans just to try and dial in! the grinder does have the little stick poking out of the adjustment ring, it is pretty difficult to turn to be fair, but i dont think im a million miles away from the right setting, issue is that i seem to keep jumping from almost choking the silvia to then making an adjustment and it running what seems to me to be too fast! in terms of getting a member in to give a lesson, is there a specific thread for that sort of thing? I live in Rickmansworth 2 mins from Junction 17 on the M25... the coffee i had this morning was good (and better than the one i am having right now from my office cafe) but not the perfect coffee that i want to have, like the kind you get in independent coffee shops like monmouth (which i particularly like) ssuming the beans are okay and the grinder/burrs are as all good then from your description of how it pours, try tightening the burrs a bit to get a finer grind aiming for a longer pour duration to get the same weight of pour, so 18g in 36g out in 30-40 secs and then taste it and adjust to your taste. that seems different to the bits iv been reading, which suggest 18 in 26 out but in 20-30 secs?
  14. HI all, i picked up a used mazzer Major on ebay earlier today, iv got it home and having been trying to get it set up properly, hoping to get some tips from those of you with experience of the major or any other of the funnelled mazzers.. The burrs look new, very clean and sharp so no issues there. The shot count is at 8500+, i have no idea if thats too high or whether its important or not. The threads on the upper burr are in good nick and looked like they had been freshly greased, the seller owned a chain of cafes so i guess they must have refurbed it. Is there anything i should do in terms of maintenance before i get going properly? Iv used it today and tried to dial it in, think i eneded up going thorugh about 250g of beans ( bought some freshly roasted today on my way home from a coffee shop) just trying to do that, no idea if i am doing it wrong or why it took so long but i think its because the machine chews through beans very quickly so not much time to turn the dial when its running. I think i have it close to espresso grind but i found the shot i pulled didn't seem right. By the time i had got the silvia up to steaming temp the shot had started to split (as in the crema started to dissipate), should that be happening? here is my process - i have weighed the grind to 18g, then stopped the shot at about 36g in the cup which took about 22-25 seconds. The scales i am using are naff so i have ordered some new ones. i pull the shot from the silvia then set aside and wait for the boiler for steam to make a flat white... It tasted OK, but not as good as i had it from my barista express so im definitely doing something wrong... it seems from the dial i have it now any very small movement makes a pretty big difference to the way the shot pulls, is that right or should it be moving more for adjustments? any tips on dialling in or is it something other than the grinder (could it be that the burrs are new?) the other thing i need help with is finding a way to lower the mess it makes, the speed that it grinds at is nuts and the grounds spray all over the place, whats the best way to minimise that? pleased with the purchase so far but its a bit of a learning curve from the barista express which was just easier to use but i am hoping to learn how to use the equipment better so that i can produce much better espresso. I drink mainly flat whites but that's mainly because i have never managed to make an espresso i like drinking at home - even the espresso from bean to cups i have had taste better than mine! Any help is greatly appreciated
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