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  1. Be prepared for some work! You'll probably want to push the grinder into your thigh to get purchase. It will be pretty tough going but you can do it. Why not go to a Turkish restaurant and try there to see if you see if you like it? I've been served traditional "proper" Turkish style coffees before. Greek and Cypriots have their own versions that are fairly similar too (but each will claim theirs is superior). Taste wise expect strong, the idea is generally to get silt/fines in these drinks. If you like clean cups it's probably not going to be for you. I believe that the shape the grinds left in your cup can be used to tell your fortune. I'm far from an expert so I won't give any advice on brewing technique/what coffee to use.
  2. I like to run very light filter roasts at those sorts of numbers. If you go for a "typical" ratio/time you often lose flavour separation.
  3. Before the tool that came with my londinium I used a small matcha whisk - they have the "hoops" like the Londinium one which help create homogeneity in my experience. If I lose/destroy the Londinium one I'd go back to a matcha whisk.
  4. I really wish I hadn't just ordered my next batch now... Lemon verbena is one of my favourite flavours. Hopefully they won't run out.
  5. Agreed that other things can make more of an impression (I'd add water quality to your list) in cup quality. But if you're in the fortunate enough position to be able to spend upwards of $3k on a grinder equally you're right to have certain expectations and not compromise as much as you would at a lower price point. Some of these are not even related to coffee - it's just how it makes you feel. I've spent more a watch than I probably should have, it offers absolutely zero benefit compared to a more moderately priced time-piece but looking at it makes me smile. I think the comments of those who are unhappy are being much maligned - I think the majority are not sour grapes about not getting a grinder, nobody has a right to own any piece of equipment (on the whole... admittedly there are some that appear to want Denis to near kill himself building grinders round the clock.) The way I see it the frustration is boiled down to 2 separate causes: 1) The pre-sale process used in the previous batch not being up to the job - Denis is free to do as he pleases and sell to who he likes, but he risks turning people away for life if something doesn't change (I have seen this story play out many many times). Maybe he is fine with this and only plans to build so many and then close up shop in which case there is no problem. If he wants to do this longer term it is good people are showing their frustration now (and based on the Kafatek forums something will change, everybody will have their view on what the best way to do it is but it should alleviate some of the problems with the last pre-sale). 2) The lack of viable alternatives - This is not a Kafatek issue at all. If you want big well aligned burrs in a package that doesn't take up the space of a commercial style grinder what are your choices? The top-end home barista market is hugely under-served currently (I keep hoping I'm wrong about this but so far nobody has been able to offer an alternative to a flat/max apart from an eg-1). Yes you can make good coffee on almost any piece of equipment these days but if you're willing/wanting to spend top dollar anything else is only ever going to be seen as a stop-gap... If you're looking to buy a ferrari somebody saying "the new fiesta drives great!", while true, doesn't really offer a viable alternate. I don't see either of these frustrations as being particularly unreasonable. At the end of the day this is an indulgence, when people voice "frustration" it is not real frustration - nobody is losing sleep over it (well maybe they are because of the caffeine, but that's a different story).
  6. That's the thing, getting something that is both top cup quality and counter friendly... An EK well aligned with SSP burrs would likely be indistinguishable in the cup (some might argue better owing to a narrower particle distribution owing to higher RPM) but it's having something like that in the kitchen! The compak r120 makes super tasty drinks too but that is even worse for form factor! The only other real option I can think of is the EG-1 from Lyn Weber. I think it will get easier though, the potential buyers of a $3k grinder are pretty small and Kafatek is only really talked about on forums... Plus there's bound to be something rivaling it or some research will be published that grinding with the burrs upside down set in jelly produces the best espresso grinds and everybody will flock to the new jelly grinders!
  7. I have 60kb of stored images and I can't post any new pictures, that seems a pretty stingy storage allowance! I had to upload to imgur and then not reference locally. Also on browser
  8. +2... And I currently can't appear to post pictures. It doesn't say "failed" or anything, it acts like it does normally but the pictures just aren't there (at least for me... apologies if there are like 500 images that everybody else can see) EDIT: The image issue is when trying to reference the image locally, there appears to be some sort of memory issue. Uploading from file or retrieving from a link don't seem to work for me.
  9. "I find your lack of faith disturbing" EDIT: Finally fixed the image
  10. I'm currently quite enjoying the Colonna Viani Swiss Water
  11. @Tiny tamper https://www.home-barista.com/buysell/coffee-books-t58729.html This chap is selling the book as part of a 4 book lot. Potentially only US but might be worth a shot
  12. Power Freak

    Kopi Luwak

    Some certainly don't especially newbies. Being the "coffee guy" at work I get asked about Kopi Luwak regularly... Most seem to think the civets are naturally eating these berries and there are "foragers" spending hours looking for beans! (And receiving the bag as a gift is different - what you do with that bag at that point makes no difference, there should be absolutely no judgement there)
  13. I have bought from many "one man band" operations in other spheres, this is by far the worst system I've ever seen for a product of the price. To be clear I'm not saying Denis thought about this and is deliberately messing people around (far from it... anybody who cares that much about product quality would create a system like that knowingly) I'm just saying it is a huge oversight given how demand for the product has grown. As I alluded to in my previous post - while the product is "hot" you can get away with a purchasing experience like this but leave too many unsuccessful customers unhappy and they'll move onto the next "must have new toy". A solution does not require an expensive e-commerce platform - as you state a waiting list is perfectly valid solution that is fair to those involved. If it takes 10 years for you to purchase an item you only have yourself to blame for not signing up sooner, not a completely random system that requires all the stars to align.
  14. Power Freak

    Kopi Luwak

    I realise you didn't pay for it. But it's worth noting (for anybody that might want to buy some "for fun") that the production of this coffee is really cruel to the animals involved.
  15. I regularly purchase from the US without a hitch, this is the first such failure I've had paying for anything within the past 18 months. Regardless that is not something one should have to do, when something is in your basket/being paid for the item should be locked down (for a short period of time) - I go back to my loaf of bread analogy. In fairness Kafatek do seem interested in fixing the (severely) broken system, hopefully it'll end up fairer and more suitable for a product of its price.
  16. It's basically brand new, 10-20 shots max through it (bought it as the girlfriend wanted to use the LR but couldn't tamp straight, thought this would help but it didn't, have a self leveling tamp on the way now). £15 delivered it's yours
  17. I have a spare ridged if you give up the hunt for a ridgeless!
  18. EDIT: I originally made a post - thought it best to retract until I give Kafatek a chance to respond. I emailed Denis/Kafatek and got a completely stock response, didn't even bother to use my name in the reply... I find this in bad taste for a luxury product at this price, this is a $3k grinder the total market size is pretty small let's be honest. There was a link to the Kafatek forums where there's a discussion on how to "improve" the process - suggesting a raffle system (I'm not sure the etiquette for linking to other forums so I won't link). I have posted there with my recommendations. Original Post: When the clock struck 10pm (UK time) I rushed to the kafatek website to try and snag the flat max grinder. As expected the website was sluggish owing to the number of people loading the page, eventually I managed to force a grinder into my basket – into the “enter card details” page and fired it off… A couple of seconds later an automated text message from my bank telling me my card was locked for “suspicious activity”. The page reloads and I enter details for a different card – by this point the grinders are sold out, no grinder for me. I have to say this is, without a doubt, the absolute worst, most stressful (almost) purchasing experience for a “luxury” item I’ve ever encountered. I have dealt with high end bespoke manufacturers and retailers in a variety of spheres (musical instruments, luxury watches, fashion, 3-star restaurants, etc.) They all “get” that providing a quality product at their price-point is a given, the thing that matters is making the customer feel like a King (or Queen). Frankly I don’t think I’ll bother trying to play the lottery to “win” one of these grinders again while the ordering system shows a complete lack of respect to potential customers. "I don’t see how somebody being able to take a product out of my basket is in any way acceptable. Imagine going to the store and picking up the last loaf of bread, the cashier scans it and puts it in you bag, as you’re counting out change another cashier then takes the bread to sell to somebody who enters the store after you!"
  19. Mushroom coffee is quite a big thing now! (not joking) They say it gives you a caffeine like hit without the jitters... I'd rather keep my mushrooms and coffee separate personally. https://www.vivolife.co.uk/products/magic
  20. This can be a bit of a contentious subject. Most recommendations are at least 7-10 days for espresso, 3-5 for filter. I know some that like the zingy nature of beans a day after roast though, ultimately it comes down to your palette. Add to this roast level and type of bean/origin will make a difference. Typically higher altitude beans will have a denser cellular structure and can require longer to de-gas. Most roasters have a recommendation of how long to leave their beans before using, it's probably best to listen to them if you're unsure.
  21. Power Freak

    UK Based Roasters

    Allpress are still alive and kicking: https://uk.allpressespresso.com/
  22. That's what I use. They work perfectly for me... I don't know what the OP is doing to knock boxes but I don't think I've ever seen "durability" as a concern!
  23. I don't use sweetener of any variety in coffee. I do know stevia from other things though: remember less is more with that stuff. It's super sweet, way more so than sugar and has a very distinct taste I find. Go little by little would be my advice if you have to use it.
  24. Agreed. I have had way too many Gardelli coffees to remember (12 this year already) and the El Cipres is the darkest roast (by far) I've seen. I wish I had a tonino to see where it lands, the Mzungu in contrast is one of the lightest Gardellis I can remember - quite the contrast! I know some decaf processing can make a coffee appear darker than it "really is" (although I tend to notice that with EA of CO2 processing generally). This was just dark though, required a much coarser grind and lower PI pressure ( / temp) to get it tasting right. It was still tasty but not something I'll be in a rush to buy again I think. Just had my last shot of my Gardellis now, a new trio of beans starting tomorrow.
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