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  1. I believe the latest are cast - they describes them as: "equipped with SSP cast filter burrs with the 98mm geometry pre 2015." It's not 100% clear but my understanding is they requested them to be cast.
  2. Lyn Weber's stuff isn't made in the US/Europe either... (Taiwan I believe)
  3. I believe Frank at Titus has commissioned cast replicas of the original ek43s for use in the Nautilus. Think he's using those as a "filter only" burr set though. EDIT: Commissioned via SSP
  4. I'm not in the coffee business but spend (a lot) on coffee businesses - I'd ditch the CBD idea. Think of all the coffee shops/carts throughout the UK; the number of smart and ambitious people running them. If there were demand there would be many places offering this already! If you want to lean into the CBD idea rather than the coffee I'd recommend going down the "health food" sort of route and have coffee as an additional item rather than the focus. You're more likely to sell CBD to the health conscious audience, if you also have vegan/keto/superfood/etc. foods/snacks you could probably upse
  5. I still like it, I've been using it daily since I got it and have no major issues with it. I think it pours nicely when you put the flow restrictor to its minimum setting, there's no real reason to change it unless you also want to fill a pan with boiling water/similar (in which case you can temporarily change it if needs be). I find the temperature control pretty accurate, it doesn't "overshoot" like my old brewista did (but that was very very old when I finished with it - can't remember how it performed out of the box). The buttons and temp controls all still working like new.
  6. Flavour notes Origin / Region Processing Detail Varietal SCA score Altitude Farm / Farmer / Co-op / Terroir / etc. That's what I look at (roughly in order). Couldn't care less about "recipe" since it's so dependent on one's own equipment and tastes anyway. For importer I'm not really that bothered although I do like to know when something is direct trade. From the aesthetic side I like what artisan do with their spider diagrams - it would be nicer if you could cycle through the coffees one by one to get a feel for what's on offer. https://shop.artisanroast.co.uk
  7. This is the same for me, I needed to add about 3.5L for it to work. I didn't have an overflow issue.
  8. You don't want to do a "top up" - empty and refill is necessary for filter life! You might want to do this before you hit the low water mark to make filters last longer (instead I fill up to the 4L line each time instead of the max 5L line - this seems to give me quality performance for 6m for a filter) Remineralisation comes as standard, it's the small square thing on a keyring that lives behind the RO membrane and CF. If you buy a sanitisation kit you get a "blank" cartridge, I don't think they sell them separately. (For reference my TDS comes out around 40-60 out of
  9. That'll likely be due to the osmio producing water that is too low in tds. You should be able to fix it by adding a small amount of something (bicarbonate of soda is typically used) to increase the conductivity. If you have a tds meter what does it say about the water coming out of the osmio?
  10. Will post my thoughts in this thread, I've got about 2 days worth of the Peruvian left (unless I get greedy today). I'm usually more of a washed guy than a natural guy so I left the Ugandan for the end. Am looking forward to it now. The Ethiopian was great too, I've always found the Kayon Mountain coffees to be reliable. I always describe them as having a "soft" quality to them. As well as the usual floral/citrus notes I find Kayon coffees to have a "bubblegum" sort of quality to them too.
  11. That is really interesting... For me the Peru was a dream to dial in, it took me 2 shots before it was nailed (and the non-nailed were still pretty good) - I found I had to set the grinder pretty "fine" although was still a 1:2-ish ratio. It doesn't like the machine being too hot and appreciates a longer pre-infusion. For me it has a berry note along with a stone-fruit vibe with some florals - the Peruvians have been very good this year I've found. I'm yet to tuck into the Uganda yet.
  12. I ordered from 87+ recently - I'm enjoying the peruvian currently. (I've been using for espresso too - the ones I've tried so far have been forgiving and not particularly difficult to dial in)
  13. Yes - agreed on all points. Jazz talk is definitely one way to kill a thread dead!
  14. I forgot this album ever existed! It's from the Jon Irabagon album who's name I forget, I think this image was from the back cover (or maybe somewhere in the liner notes) - the album cover was similarly a recreation of "Way Out West" but with a woman in a bikini instead... I'll have to dig it out later - thanks for the reminder! You see a lot of tribute albums to Bird/Trane but rarely for Rollins. He had another album cover parodying Art Blakey's "Night in Tunisia" too:
  15. Kaffeine in London use it as their house blend and they're regarded as one of the best espresso cafes by those in the know. Association use it as their house espresso too. And Prufrock ... Think you might need a new rule!
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