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  1. You don't want to do a "top up" - empty and refill is necessary for filter life! You might want to do this before you hit the low water mark to make filters last longer (instead I fill up to the 4L line each time instead of the max 5L line - this seems to give me quality performance for 6m for a filter) Remineralisation comes as standard, it's the small square thing on a keyring that lives behind the RO membrane and CF. If you buy a sanitisation kit you get a "blank" cartridge, I don't think they sell them separately. (For reference my TDS comes out around 40-60 out of
  2. That'll likely be due to the osmio producing water that is too low in tds. You should be able to fix it by adding a small amount of something (bicarbonate of soda is typically used) to increase the conductivity. If you have a tds meter what does it say about the water coming out of the osmio?
  3. Will post my thoughts in this thread, I've got about 2 days worth of the Peruvian left (unless I get greedy today). I'm usually more of a washed guy than a natural guy so I left the Ugandan for the end. Am looking forward to it now. The Ethiopian was great too, I've always found the Kayon Mountain coffees to be reliable. I always describe them as having a "soft" quality to them. As well as the usual floral/citrus notes I find Kayon coffees to have a "bubblegum" sort of quality to them too.
  4. That is really interesting... For me the Peru was a dream to dial in, it took me 2 shots before it was nailed (and the non-nailed were still pretty good) - I found I had to set the grinder pretty "fine" although was still a 1:2-ish ratio. It doesn't like the machine being too hot and appreciates a longer pre-infusion. For me it has a berry note along with a stone-fruit vibe with some florals - the Peruvians have been very good this year I've found. I'm yet to tuck into the Uganda yet.
  5. I ordered from 87+ recently - I'm enjoying the peruvian currently. (I've been using for espresso too - the ones I've tried so far have been forgiving and not particularly difficult to dial in)
  6. Yes - agreed on all points. Jazz talk is definitely one way to kill a thread dead!
  7. I forgot this album ever existed! It's from the Jon Irabagon album who's name I forget, I think this image was from the back cover (or maybe somewhere in the liner notes) - the album cover was similarly a recreation of "Way Out West" but with a woman in a bikini instead... I'll have to dig it out later - thanks for the reminder! You see a lot of tribute albums to Bird/Trane but rarely for Rollins. He had another album cover parodying Art Blakey's "Night in Tunisia" too:
  8. Kaffeine in London use it as their house blend and they're regarded as one of the best espresso cafes by those in the know. Association use it as their house espresso too. And Prufrock ... Think you might need a new rule!
  9. You'll see the coffee is supplied by difference coffee... They have quite the reputation of overcharging, they sell nespresso pods that cost like £5 per pod! Their main business appears to be charging the most premium prices in order to appeal to the high end hotel market. This "£50 cup" is nothing more than an advertising move aimed at attracting the attention of other top end hotels/restaurants. They also appear to deal in Kopi Luwak which tells you all you need to know really. (And for £50 a cup I'd expect a better grinder than a commandante! If you're going for han
  10. Still less (per g) than some Gardellis I've seen!
  11. They lost me when they started glorifying drug use and selling drug taking paraphernalia on their store... The rest of their "schtick" I don't mind, but that move was unforgivable in my view (these items have since been removed and references to drugs largely removed now). They used to be one of my favourites but I haven't touched them since nor have any desire to give them my money again given there are so many good roasters around.
  12. That looks like a specht design job... be prepared to pay!
  13. You'll know if it's a blank cartridge if you take it out because you won't hear/see the "beads" inside. On the TDS levels out of the osmio: it'll depend on the water you put in it. My tap water is about 350-400 tds - out of the osmio I get around 30-50 tds. Testing for GH:KH it gets me just slightly below "boiler safe" levels, but not enough for me to be too concerned with. I don't bother adding anything as for the coffees I drink I prefer lower GH/KH anyway. The remineralization cartridge does "wear out" though, if you've not changed it in 6 months it will likely be de
  14. I tend to buy handmade small manufacture items these days, places like esty have loads of them you just have to look around - you never know quite what you're going to get. I also tend to go for more "scandi" stylings - Broste Copenhagen is one of my favourite brands. They're not too expensive, they have thin lips and just seem to work. They are quite "big" cups most of the time though so if you like smaller cups (~200ml for a filter or <40g espresso) you might find they have a bit too much "headroom".
  15. https://dailycoffeenews.com/2020/06/23/japans-cafec-launches-roast-specific-paper-filters/ Anybody tried these yet? Have to say I'm sceptical of these making a difference, but interested in hearing people's thoughts.
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