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  1. Yes, that's fair. I'll PM you details around collection.
  2. Hi Nik, Would you accept £70? My partner works in SE1 so could collect from you and pay in cash if that's preferable.
  3. I ordered a Eureka grinder with next day delivery, very prompt despatch and response to an e-mail question. It came the next day, I rang them with a query about something not explained well in the user manual. I forget the guy's name but he went beyond what I expected in explaining how to run it in and use it the first few times. Great service.
  4. Apologies, posted in error and can't delete, only edit.
  5. After more research a new Eureka Mignon Specialita will be arriving today :-). Thanks again for the replies.
  6. I don't know how used or old it is, but I may have the opportunity to view it as it's local, the fork is missing which could be a nuisance. The counters are reading zero so have been reset, which I though was not possible. Photos show the burrs in reasonable condition. Price is £350 ono.
  7. There's a used Eureka Zenith E65 for sale locally, very tempting.....
  8. Thanks for the replies, some good advice, seems sensible to keep the current one for brewed coffees. The comment about the 1 square foot of kitchen space is particularly relevant!
  9. I have a KitchenAid Artisan grinder which I bought from a friend a couple of years ago. The burrs look and feel worn so I’m considering replacing them with Mazzer burrs, but without the conversion kit being available anymore this looks to be more trouble than it’s worth to modify the grinder and it’s a good excuse to upgrade :-) Therefore I'd be grateful for some suggestions for grinders. I've read through many posts and the Eureka Mignon and Mazzer grinders are two that stand out, though I think the latter is ugly. I can’t stretch to a Niche. We currently brew Moka, Aeropress and Chemex but am looking to get an espresso machine in the future so it’s important it’s suitable for coarse and fine/espresso grinds. Current use is about 2-3 grinds a day with double/triple that at weekends. Thanks in advance
  10. Recently registered lurker, enjoying reading many of the threads. Considering having a go with an espresso machine, happy so far with filter, aeropress and to some extent Moka, but the latter can be very unreliable.
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