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  1. Hello and thank you all for your help and suggestions. I opened the machine the other night and cleaned anything I could get access to and check all the connections were properly home. I then put some water in the tank and powered it on. Success. Managed to get a shot out and then re-cased it. Although I didn’t diagnose the problem it’s working since, so happy with that!
  2. That’s true actually if I’ve ever ran it low it shuts off and flashes the power light... just not sure if the amount of water it’s pumped through will have ‘pumped’ the pump.
  3. Very small amount of water left so at the point where the pump would have ran dry. The reservoirs retain a small amount that does not get fed through. I’ll open the machine once the kids are in bed tonight. If I have to replace the pump is it easy enough to source and fit?
  4. I guess it could be possible so I’ll check, but the drip tray didn’t appear to be over flowing. As the drip tray doesn’t have a huge capacity I use a large jug to put under the group head when doing a flush and this was there when the machine powered on and started pumping water out. I’ve checked again this morning g still the same issue, so I’ll open it and see if there is any water. cheers
  5. Hi, I bought my appartamento off the forum back in December and it has worked with no issues until this morning. Last night for my weekly clean I was polishing up the steel on the outside (while the machine was cool and turned off), I lifted the lever and forgot to push it back down. At 05:30 when the machine powered on from the smart plug I have it connected via, I was still asleep. I came downstairs to find the floor of the kitchen and counter covered in water and the green LED flashing on the machine. After cleaning it all up and refilling the water tank I tried pulling a shot, bu
  6. I’ll take the PF pressure gauge.
  7. I can offer £600 and potentially visiting a friend in Edinburgh on Monday, so could collect then.
  8. Could be interested in this. where in Scotland are you?
  9. Rustylee

    Rancilio Silvia

    Hi just checking this is now sold?
  10. Rustylee

    Rancilio Silvia

    Possibly interested. Do you ever come near Glasgow? have you owned since new and do you have the rubber disc required for flushing?
  11. Are you willing to take offers on this?
  12. I’m in Glasgow. Could be interested in this. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I wouldn’t be intending to plumb this in, so could it be used with the tank only? also does it have the conical or tube feet?
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