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  1. Nice. One thing to keep in mind is that tap water will probably have specific odour and flavour if it stood in tank for a while, so worth swapping water daily. That wont be an issue with bottled water
  2. Nice one. I was tempted with dog and hat sub but then went back to my local roaster. With cleaning, it depends on your routine, if you clean the portafilter and back shower screen with a flush after you are done with coffee machine fo the day (and if you use the same beans) then can run it a bit longer.. 2/3 weeks. if you go for new beans then might as well clean it to get clean taste of different beans. With Descaling, it depends on type of water you use. If you live in hard water area and use tap water then once every 2/3 months. If you use bottled maybes every 6 months.. Look at the base plate of your kettle to get the idea whether you will be getting a lot of limescale build up. In any case, descale sachets aren't expensive and if you want coffee machine to last just stick to a routine regardless.
  3. I have preset my shot. 18g of beans (19g if you are concerned about grinder retaining some amount of grinds) into double single walled basket and approx 38-42g of espresso out of it. I have double dose thing set on my sage, purely to get grinder to work longer. otherwise it doesn't really matter, because all you will get out is ~18g you put in. (this one answers few questions above guys) hope it helps.
  4. Good for you. One of the most important thing is coffee beans. Find a good coffee roaster near you. I suggest you buy puly descaler sachets now for your future mainteance needs (these are on amazon) and cafiza cleaning tablets. Set grind to about 8 and go from there. I measure 18g of beans on digital scales and put them in a hopper and grind it all rather than use timer that is built in. There are plenty of youtube videos giving you tips on how to pull good shots.. and just experiment until you find good balance. Tamping is important so make sure you tamp coffee nice and flat and not apply excessive force.. just a normal tamp. If you need more advice in future just drop a PM.
  5. Used BE for 3 years and counting. Great gear and with good quality beans produces great coffee. If you like it, then go for it!
  6. To me it sounds like your steam outlet has clogged up with limescale? Have you unscrewed the tip, cleaned it and descaled recently? Worth trying before spendng money on new parts..
  7. Finest grind on the machine and 10 second to full extraction... I had something similar.. although not as bad.. seems to me the beans aren't good.. in newcastle, try tynemouth coffee, or rountons in teesside. Othe finest grind.. the chances your coffee machine won't pull the shot with good beans.. Make sure you tamp it properly and finished tamp is nice and flat
  8. My advice is - if you use filter in the tank, then you need to replace it. However, if you use brita jug or any other filtered water you can remove the filter from tank and not use it at all (saves you money). Don't forget to descale coffee machine when needed anyway (stick to routine at least 1 descale every 3/4 months to be on the safe side... especialy considering tht puly descaler las ages an doesn't break the bank).
  9. I use Puly descaler. I have barista express. I have used it for nearly three years. Even though I use tap water (and replace water filters etc), I tend to descale once every two/three(max) months. But again, it depends on your tap water. If you want you can get test strips to check water hardness. Also, do you have electric kettle? If so, check how much limescale is on the base plate and remember how long you used it for.. Might give you some clues. So certainly, I don't descale as often as they suggested and certainly wouldn't if I used decent bottled water from shops. At the end of day, puly descaler doesn't break a bank, so it won't hurt sticking to a certain routine.
  10. Am I the only one thinking that this guy is a bit paranoid? Based on the video that you showed us I can conclude following: 1) puck is perfectly fine (it is ground coffee after all and it can come out in many ways and not necessarily in on or few big pieces). So I wouldn't worry about that. 2) shot is pouring fine too, not to fast and not too slow. Some coffee like the slower pour, some fast pour. 3) do you drink espresso? Many option to consider - try different beans, store your beans properly (don't freeze, don't put in fridge etc). An airtight container. Buy in smaller batches if you go through it slowly, descale and backflush.
  11. try finer grind size. Nomally, puck is wet if grind size is coarse or if you re using dual wall filter. Aso, if you remove portafilter straight after brewing you might get wet puck.. thats all part of it.
  12. I assume it will operate in a same fashion as Barista express.. if so.. I suggest you put exact amount of beans that you intend to grind in hopper and grind it all.. 18g would be a good starting point. grind size should vary between 4-7... Go for 6.. You do seem to have recent roast. (bear in mind that dark roast produces more defined strong taste.. some say bitter. On the other hand medium roast should be more mellow). Does it have a pressure gauge when you extract? Older version has it and it will give you range for good espresso (12o'clock isshhh..) you can extract 1:2 ratio.. but it doesn't say that you cant do double shot. Important thing is to let coffee come out as a 'warm honey'. If it drips then it is over extracting.. if it comes out like a water it will be underextracted. As far as the tamping goes.. don't tamp it to death.. nice and good tamp.. make sure it is FLAT!.
  13. I get 0 pressure on gauge with coffee (mostly if coffee is from local supermarket). They are just not the same. Dont measure extraction on an empty basket. Use freshly ground coffee (fresh coffee too) and then set your extraction.
  14. Ecookshop gives you 0% interest on sage machines over certain period. Prices are good too
  15. I have used this machine for over two years. I buy freshly roasted coffee, weigh 18g for a double shot. So I would strongly advice you to get scales rather than time the grinder (its not as precise and end up with inconsistent shots). Having said that, the grinder itself is good! So they you time 30 seconds for about 40-50ml. Time straight after pressing extraction button. I personally dont even time it. You know its right when coffee tastes great. p.s. The more recent roast date, less crema you will probably get. Again, this is dependant on your beans
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