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  1. You can absolutely do latte art. Having said that, if you are a home user drinking a cup a day then it will take you more than 6 months of practice. There are plenty of videos online telling you how to do it. You just need to keep practicing. Also, with barista express not being overly strong in steaming, you need to make sure that when you steam it you should also maintain the swirl in the milk so the froth doesn't settle on top too early. Also, don't create too much froth as you won't get any latte. When you pour latte art, froth needs to be well mixed with the rest of milk and not sat on top.
  2. Thank god... I was sweating here trying not to buy it lol. Thanks @Bainbridge Looks like a cracking machine.
  3. I am getting confusing information online. Is it rotary or vibration?
  4. Apologies for dumb question. Is it plumb in only ?
  5. I wouldn't bother with filter. Especially if you use bottled water, i.e. Volvic. I would take it out completely, use bottled water and stick to a descaling regime 1/2 year. Not sure about batch number. I'd expect it to have a sticker on coffee machine somewhere..
  6. I agree that the issue is grinder dependant. However, we are talking about barista express built in grinder.. not mignon.. not ek..etc
  7. I would suggest not to put all beans in a hopper. Only put 18-20g at a time and grind it all. Minimises waste, improves consistency and makes it easier to dial in the grind size (because everything else is pretty much a constant).
  8. there are companies like T2 in the UK. I would suggest buying green tea from ebay retailers though. Milk Oolong tea tastes great. It is similar to your regular gunpowder green tea, but has nicer taste (imho). Also, green tea is a brew that can be brewed more than once (get yourself a nice teapot with strainer to allow all leaves to expand), i.e. 2-4 times.
  9. 2 Year Repair, Replace or Refund Guarantee (at the sole discretion of Sage Appliances)
  10. I bought my barista express from them over three years ago. Decent Retailer. Don't think they get involved in service side of things.. you get standard warranty... 2 years.. but probs worth checking to confirm.
  11. Thought I'd let people know. https://www.ecookshop.co.uk/ecookshop/product.asp?pid=BES920BSUK
  12. It should not come out the sides of portafilter even if you use the finest grind setting. To me it sounds like a seal on a grouphead is gone and needs replacing. You can see it if you tip coffee machine (make sure you take water tank and drip tray out so you don't spill water) over and look around the shower screen. You will see a rubber seal ( white most likely if new). Now that needs to be taken out and replaced. If that doesn't help, then it looks like somebody has been messing with the grouphead and the portafilter doesn't close tight.
  13. I have used 18g on a single walled dual basket for years now and extract around 40ml of espresso. Sage BE tends to be quite consistent at extracting set amounts if you hit the right pressure obviously. That seems to work really well when making flat white. Obviously some beans have more flavour some less, some are heavier than others too. So if you swap beans often then thats something you need to take into account.
  14. Nice. One thing to keep in mind is that tap water will probably have specific odour and flavour if it stood in tank for a while, so worth swapping water daily. That wont be an issue with bottled water
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