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  1. I don't think you will be missing out long term, maybe In the beginning when you are learning how it all works and pressure gauge gives you a good indication whether the shot that you are pulling is okay. However, long term it becomes a bit irrelevant since you will want to time it to get your exact volume of espresso out. I have a barista express myself. I do think that only way it makes sense to split is if you buy better grinder than Sage. So agree with @ajohn there.
  2. I see, so essentially the grinder broke and then was repaired under warranty. Then after you upgraded it to Wi it had an electronic fault three times in a space of ~6 months. Feels a bit risky for me, especially since these grinders have a history of faulty electronics. Quality home grinder tho.
  3. @Bainbridge, so how old is the grinder? Any idea?
  4. No it won’t. Barista express has 54mm portafilter. This one is for different machine
  5. hummel89


    Am I the only one who thinks that ~36 pounds for 1kg bag of coffee after 20% discount is still a bit steep? I guess its okay for North London.
  6. Somebody buy it already! It’s just irritating my eyes ?
  7. @funinacup I can offer 700 pounds including insured shipping. Let me know if you are willing to ship. Assume you have original / Equivalent durable packaging.
  8. @funinacup Delivery is not an option? I am sure it will sell anyway, but might help other folks who are not in edinburgh or glasgow
  9. So tempting to just take the whole lot off you.. Only if I could pay 1200 in December ha.. I will be eating bread and drinking water in January
  10. @Aid1987 Single basket is not the best solution. Bean to espresso ratio 1:2 approximately, meaning that if you grind 10g of beans, you want 20g out.. However, when you press single shot in Barista Express it pours out 30g of expresso as a default. I suggest you swap to non pressurised double basket and do 18g in and 36-40g out for a good shot. Alternatively, change the amount sage extracts automatically.
  11. I meant to say up to 1hr drive.. updated post... I will skip on the machine this time. glws
  12. I would only consider delivery if outside of 1hr drive really. Im north east. Good setup you’ve got (although 7+yo machine). I cant make my mind up whether I should wait and buy new gear or buy used..
  13. yes. I want it. Asking price! thanks. Will send you DM
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