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  1. @Shorticus. I will drop out of the chase for this one. I have changed my mind. @BH471, go for it.
  2. @Shorticus. Where did you buy grinder from? Presumably it is still under warranty? Is it transferrable?
  3. I am tempted to go for the grinder @Shorticus. I am in Teesside. How far away are you from Teesside?
  4. I have baratza sette 270. There are few reasons why i need to adjust - when I buy fresh beans (1kg) and use them over few weeks.. I end up adjusting grind setting slightly finer after a while. Second reason that I noticed recently, is adjustment setting keeps moving slightly on its own.. i may as well be knocking it with portafilter, but worth taking a note of the setting and keep checking its still the same.
  5. hummel89

    SWAP Londinium L1

    Lelit Mara PL62W and Baratza Sette 270.... hmmmm.. not sure lol
  6. hummel89

    Londinium R

    Agree here. Fair enough coffee machine is worth much less, but sending expensive gear like that without insurance is risky.. unless you like to gamble. A lot of couriers mention coffee machines in exclusion, and even if it doesnt mention it, best enquire before sending.
  7. I bought one on ebay. Its a great grinder for the money. Grinds fast and well, which is important. Downside is the noise. Noisier than eureka mignon, or rocket faustino (grinders under 500). Also, when even tho, there are a lot of claims suggesting very little retention on baratza, it is not exactly true.. whilst its better in this term than others, there is still always about 1-3 grams retained (depending on when you cleaned it last). Mine is 270 version.
  8. You are pretty much asking half off the one of the best value for money h/x machines that is just over a year old with a transferrable warranty. 😂😂
  9. I totally get it. It can’t be easy to write a manual that would cover every piece of detail. I do like your youtube videos though. It helps a lot when I have the visuals followed by your explanation. My Mrs gets petrified when she sees me lifting a lid of a new coffee machine just to have a look though 😂
  10. I’d be willing to purchase a guide on looking after HX machines. I think a lot of manufacturer’s manuals are lacking in maintenance topics. Well, its either that or people who consider coffee as a hobby want to know more about machines than a generic user..
  11. Hi @hubcap. When did you buy it and for how long have you used it?... Ah nevermind, I might as well take it at asking price
  12. Should this be moved to sold now?
  13. @cambosheff @Jackabb. Let’s do this!
  14. Hi @cambosheff, I would take 18g ridgeless if you are wiling to split. Let me know. Cheers
  15. I can go up to 265GBP with insured delivery. I will stop at this.
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