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  1. I'm using a Krups GVX2 - so I have some grind sizes to play with if that helps (:
  2. Hey! I really love my Aeropress, but after following Aeropress champions on Instagram I've seen there's loads of different ways to do it - can anyone share how they prepare theirs at home? Would love to see if I can get more flavour out of it (:
  3. Pollage

    UK Based Roasters

    Not a roaster specifically, but oneclickcoffee.com runs a subscription box that curates coffee from the UK (and also Europe) so you get the chance to discover lots of different varieties. I've deffo had good experience with Volcano Coffee Roastery if you could add that to your list? Great team and quick delivery (:
  4. Price varies for me but usually go to my local independent who does great bags for £7 but I have bought coffee that's cost £14 for 250g. That's only after I've learnt more about the roasters and their attitude to ethical trading. So, if I know that the roasters have gone out to the origin, that the farmers are paid fairly, and it's brought back and roasted and packaged up beautifully then I'm proud to pay the price!
  5. Today I'm drinking Roundhill Roastery's Christmas filter Santa Claude! Deep fruity stuff (:
  6. Yes, follow quite a few coffee accounts, I just seem to miss it when they're promoting haha! What accounts do you recommend and I'll add them
  7. At the moment I just enjoy watching and it's always a great atmosphere. I'm just wondering how to hear about the ones you can go and watch in the UK?
  8. Hi everyone, My name's Pollyanna and I've been drinking coffee since I first started stealing the chocolate sprinkled froth off of my dad's morning cappuccino as a kid. I'm here to continue to learn about coffee and see what's new. I'm currently starting up a coffee subscription business and whilst I grind my own beans and enjoy 'trial and error' when it comes to home brewing, I'm interested in finding out other tips and tricks (:
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