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  1. Had a quick test and out top burr back to factory setting 6. Only start to hear the squeaking noise when at grind 1 or 2. Setting 3 runs a bit slower but no squeak. Ill grind some beans tomorrow and pull a shot but expect it to run too fast (even on the 3 setting).
  2. Thanks for coming back to me. Not totally sure I understand after reading both posts but are you suggesting to adjust the top burr so that you only hear the squeaking noise when on grind 1 or 2? Or am I missing out on the method to test? Just don’t want to do anymore damage.
  3. Hello everyone, Hoping to get some help with smart grinder pro and shots running too quickly. Am starting on the back foot a bit as purchased this grinder 2nd hand but have listed problem below. Looking around on other threads, it seems that most start dialling in with the top burr at factory setting (6) and at about 14 on the grind which can grind well for espresso - for reference I am pairing this with Gaggia Classic. Now, my settings are a lot lower than that (top burr 5) grind at 7 but the shot still gets pulled too quickly. People will say to grind finer which is totally sensible but if I take it below a 7 grind, I get a squeaking noise from the grinder (running grinder empty) and if I go lower to a 3, I can hear that the burrs run a lot slower and seem to struggle against the motor. So my main concern is burrs rubbing together - but how could that be if my grind is still too coarse? Does anyone else know if the burrs should slow down when the grind is tighter (note: this is without beans)? Don’t want to adjust too radically and damage the grinder. FYI - top burr 5, grind 12 pulled 18g to 40g in 12 seconds! Fresh beans from local coffee shop who buy from CHC. Thanks in advance!
  4. Ah, think I was getting confused with needing the OPV to backflush. Can see now that all Gaggia Classics have a solenoid valve so are OK to backflush. Will buy the bits I need and give it a go.
  5. Are you referring to backflushing or adding cafiza when descaling? If backflushing, would this be safe for all Gaggia machines? I was under the impression that only some with the correct internals can handle backflushing.
  6. Thanks for replying. Just ran a test and free flow was 160ml in 30secs so guess there’s no problem there but I’ll remember that test for a fewceeejs time to know when to clean/descale. When pulling a shot - do you start timing from when you hit the brew button as it currently takes about 8 seconds to see any coffee.
  7. Hello everyone, Just looking for some advice as I purchased a Gaggia Classic 2nd hand and so don’t know if my machine is actually working properly or not. Since having it, I have descaled twice and cleaned the shower screen/group and this has improved the flow but not sure if it’s still enough? Also, haven’t backflushed as I don’t know if it’s ok to do so on my machine. My puck is a little soupy so don’t think I have the solenoid valve and therefore shouldn’t be back flushing anyway - if there’s a way to find out please let me know. Video of flow rate - Thanks in advance!
  8. Gubbo89

    Kendricks Coffee

    Has anyone tried Kendricks coffee? www.kendricks.co.uk They say they’ve been roasting since 1964 and roast in small batches yet they charge from £3 for 250g. Too good to be true?
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. I had heard that keeping beans in the fridge is bad so assumed the freezer would be the same - but I guess not. Have always been concerned with buying bigger bags but will try these tricks and see what happens.
  10. Hey, Might be a silly question but how does everyone store their coffee? - Packet the coffee comes in? - Airtight Co2 releasing canister? - Generic Would be interested to know and apologies if this has been discussed already but I couldn’t find any discussion on this already.
  11. Hello! Is it possible to have the code please? Been using Rave for a while now but as just upgraded to Gaggia Classic from BTC - would be nice to try something else. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the help. Ive just purchased a Gaggia Classic and Sage Smart Grinder Pro (all 2nd hand) and it should be arriving this week. Perfect timing for weekend practice!
  13. Why would you choose the SGP over MDF?
  14. Finest grind setting seemed to choke the machine and had a really slow and small pour. Will go back 1 setting and adjust to grind a bit more coffee to get closer to 15-18g. Hopefully this will slow it down but I have a feeling that I’ll never be able to get a 22+ second shot from this machine.
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