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  1. Coffee Compass are still on track with orders too. Ordered beans at 6pm on Wednesday and delivered today.
  2. I bought the JX-Pro about 2 months ago and had it delivered to UK where I had to pay £40 import tax. But can’t fault it and it’s been great.
  3. Will try this again with the steep first to see if it adds any more strength or a better flavour.
  4. Has anyone tried just letting it drop through aeropress? Tried today and was definitely weaker but not unpleasant. 15g medium coarse (v60 grind). 250ml water (30secs off boil). Pour in water, stir 10 times, leave uncovered and allow to drip through for 4.30, push anything left through with plunger and done by 5mins.
  5. I used to dose 17g into stock basket so maybe try and few different doses. But probably best to get distribution right first and the consistent tamp. As @Rob1 said, need to find a method that enables you to tamp once. I tamp facing the portafilter with my arm to the right at a right angle and with my fingers over the lip of the tamper - I then use this as a guide so when I tamp down, my fingers touch the outside of the basket as well as on the tamper so I can get a level tamp. Grinding into a pot is fine, I personally ground into portafilter then did WDT method straight in there, the
  6. Will try to help with a couple of things but when you say you have to tamp 3/4 times, is this on top of each other or do you distribute grinds again? On distribution, how do you do this? Do you have a method like WDT or tamp n the grinds from SGP? I used to have a SGP so know it can come out clumpy so used to mix it all up with a toothpick first and still do it now even though I have a better grinder. Also find some videos on tamping and find a technique that works, this is just about being consistent and compressing the already well distributed coffee flat.
  7. Show was 18g to 36g with 3 week old beans from CC. In hindsight shouldn’t have cut the video but had about 5 seconds at the start and a couple at the end (so would have been about 25 seconds).
  8. Hey, just wanted to share my 1st shot with naked portafilter. It’s on Gaggia Classic with stock basket but VST basket in en route so wanted to make sure technique is good enough. Any comments good or bad?
  9. This is where I’m getting confused as I use 15g and normally push through 240ml but you obviously can’t push 480ml through a larger dose. Will 2 cups always be a compromise if your 1 cup recipe uses a full chamber?
  10. Anyone have and 2+ cup recipes that have been tried and tested? Tried before but came out super weak as had to dilute with water post press to make up the volume.
  11. I worked it out to be 4p a litre cheaper than Ashbeck (if you’re getting 100 litres from Peak) but that’s not factoring in the jug price.
  12. Agreed, search function is down too etc.
  13. So the Mara X has some benefits of a dual boiler without the price attached? Ignoring other differences a dual boiler has that make them better than HX.
  14. Thanks - haven’t got a temperature control in the Gaggia but will try a longer shot time.
  15. Sorry for reviving thread but am in the same boat. Was thinking about upgrading the Classic (with PID, baskets etc) but have been told I can have an early birthday/xmas present instead. So are these the machines you would consider: - Nuova Simonelli Oscar 2 - Francino Cherub - Rocket Apartamento - Lelit MaraX And the ACS mínima is similar price too but dual boiler, worth considering this? Woukd be making about 12 drinks a week, 80/20 in favour of non-milk based.
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