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  1. beside the scale in the group heads, you might change/cleane the showerhead also
  2. I will test it with a set of Kruve. we just need to wait one more week...
  3. Thank's again for the responses. I am looking forward to test it, i have many hand grinders and also electric ones, but this keeps me in the loop... Did you made a hard cleaning before and after using RDT ? The 5/10 min. a little bit scares me, but for a good cup you make everything possible. Do you have a refractometer?
  4. Thanks! What type of beans are you using? Does the RDT change the retention, or producing the fines? Did you weight the coffee inserted/grinded at the first use, if so what was the retention? How much time does id take to grind 20/40g of coffee? Can you make a comparition between the apex and other hand grinders?
  5. any new thoughts, test in the last few weeks? mine will arrive next week and i am really excited..
  6. Down below you will find a few videos. Sorry for the quality, this is my second video test, with one hand some gestures was quite hard, but next time i will use a camera stand... Portafilter holder: Adjusting the grinder: Grinding in the portafilter: [video=youtube;xI23NzO-BqA] Retention test:
  7. I think it's quite hard to align one burr at a time, but if you double it, it has double off the chance to go something wrong, and without proper quality control you can shoot an own goal For example if you check the M3 change-log you can see there were some issues regard alignment. Because of the hybrid burr sets, at first the coffee meets the conical ones which smashes on tiny pieces, and then the flat ones mills them down evenly. Tests shows this process makes significantly less "fines" trough grinding. You are changing the adjustment for the flat burrs. The range is quite high,
  8. I was referring to the cheapest type of robusta :-) But just try to make an espresso with a gaggia classic 2015 you can make splendid looking coffees from the worst beans. What i was trying to say, the crema is not important, only the taste.
  9. You are right. Most of our perceptions are subjective because its determined by our knowledge, history and culture. I talk quite a lot with inexperienced used ( i am not talking about @miespresso ) who buys equipments after the looks of the crema. If somebody wants lots of crma, he should buy robusta from vietnam on a 15bar plastic "coffee machine" with pressurised portafilters. --- Back to the original idea. I will make a video this weekend about grinding, and dosing. If anybody is interested in something, just let me know.
  10. There are two rules i have learned so far: - there is no perfect machine - the crema is not a good metric sistem. It could look good with a bad taste, so you shouldn’t definetly rely on, and decide after it. still this grinder for that price is a good deal i recommend it. there are few reviews because untill now the export was not important, if you want i can put you in contact with a German fellow who has a Honne..
  11. Beside this i have other grinders with flat burrs of 40,50,55,64,71,115mm diameter. ( honne has 68mm ) so i had to compare with many products. no clumping, the grindig resuls are good, no need od wdt. usability good looks good ( industrial style ) callibration takes moments grinding speed is low - 10-15 sec /20gr but differs from coffee also made tests with refractomter i found a huge flaw: its really heavy 20kg, so this is not a “portable” stuff :-) are you interested in something particular? Do you need images or videos?
  12. I have made a test with an hg1 vs honne and the resuls where really interesting. The flavours were clearer and the freshnes was accentuated. The retention with 20g is less then 0.1-0.3g. mazzer sj, eureka and ceado are not quite good with single dosing, and the grinding resuls are good only if you let the coffee in the hopper. if you are interested in something you can PM me.
  13. if you are drinking espresso, and nothing with milk/sugar its recommended to wait 7-10 days after roasting, because of the bean degasation process.in the first few days you will get realy poor shots untill the beans are evolveing. before any update i recommend to make a training and to gain some technical knowledge also, if you have the skill you can go further..
  14. The flow with a filled filter basket is totally different... flow rate in your case is pointless without any intervention (pid/dimmer/opv/controllers)
  15. Eureka specialita 15bl + comandante for brew. ( or just the comandante eith the red clix upgrade which makes capable of a good espresso )
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