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  1. Thanks for the replies and advice. I’m in East Yorkshire if there are any recommendations.
  2. As the alleged coffee expert, I’ve been tasked with looking into a machine for work. It needs to be an automatic bean to cup and probably do 50-100 coffee a day. I realise this may well not be the place for this type of enquiry but any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated!
  3. Another convert here. Ordered from Amazon and arrived a month early. I was very nervous about using it for the first time but got a lovely pour. My distribution and tamping skills were better than I thought!
  4. Sorry to hold everyone up! Thats great. Let me know when you’re ready and need payment etc. ??
  5. Wondered if I’m not too late for this?
  6. In fairness, I’ve had the three filters through like clockwork.
  7. Wakkaday This cropped up in the thread below. https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?47372-Sage-Barista-Touch-Newbie-Q-s/page2 I’ve had the same issue as you. I have developed a little routine which involves: Boiling kettle Filling cup with hot water Filling another cup with hot water and heating the portafilter in it Running a couple of shots through with no portafilter in After that, I grind, tamp and pull my shot. I have got used to this little routine but it still bothers me that this is hardly the convenience factor that I paid for in buying the BT.
  8. It’s on the previous page but, essentially, I struggle to get a drink out of it above 58 degrees.
  9. I’m only using a single wall portafilter at the moment. Leaving it on does nothing to warm it up. I left it on for a good half an hour and it didn’t make any difference. i picked up one of the portafilter extraction tools following a suggestion on here. Very handy and saves burning my hand! I am quite happy with the coffee I am getting out of it at the moment. In fairness, I know I am just scratching the surface on coffee at the moment. To be honest, until I started lurking on here I didn’t even know that there was even a surface such was my ignorance! I started with Nespresso t
  10. My frustration is that a large part of choosing this machine was simplicity. For me, it’s not quite as advertised. I’m boiling a kettle, heating up the portafilter, then running a couple of empty shots through to get it up to a decent temperature. i absolutely appreciate (now) that a decent cup of coffee doesn’t come easy and that there is effort involved but that’s not what this machine is billed as.
  11. If there’s any chance of a code, that’d be great. Just about out of coffee st home!
  12. Seconded. Bought some for my wife who is off caffeine and drank by mistake. Very nice!
  13. For me, that’s not hot enough. As it’s coming straight out, that surely is the maximum temperature. As you say, it’d be interesting for an owner of a different model to comment.
  14. Checked my temperature with a thermapen, no portafilter and run three times to flush through. 58 degreees and that’s on the highest brew temperature.
  15. I’ll test mine later but I’d suspect I’ll get a similar result.
  16. Joey Do you also make the bottomless portafilters for the Barista Touch?
  17. That’s great. Ordered! Sorry to keep on with the questions but where did you get a 54mm bottomless portafilter?
  18. Are you happy with it? Do you find it makes a difference?
  19. Interested to know where you got the distribution tool from?
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