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  1. Adelina

    Tea course

    Did anyone take a course with Tea Academy? I like the sound of it but I find it quite pricey (475+VAT) for the beginners one and you cannot go for the intermediate one that costs another 975+VAT without attending the first one. I'm really passionate about tea and would like to do a decent course but I want to make sure it's worth the money.
  2. Sorry for not mentioning, I though it was obvious from my 'Location' on top of the message. I'm in London and I'm looking into starting a basic training. So far, I was checking the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) website for hints. Any other ideas or suggestions?
  3. Some of the techniques presented were completely new to me, Great post!
  4. Yes, it is. I can't afford a larger one for now anyway I was only double checking.
  5. I noticed you guys mentioned about the food handling certificate. I guess this will be a must for any coffee shop owners, so double checking: did you all took the certificate? I'm looking into taking the Level 3 course myself now and noticed that some websites charge from £20 (reed.co.uk) to £125 + VAT (the one mentioned above) and was wondering... are there any massive differences? All are online courses and claim to be accredited.
  6. Adelina


    Do you guys know any place that sells cups and has a shop around London? I would love to be able to see the cups before buying them even if I will need to place an online order afterwards. I would like to make sure cups are thick enough but also comfortable enough to hold (some for example have really tiny handles).
  7. I'm not planning to do any cooking either - at least not on the first phase (my place will mostly be a tea house serving some prepackaged cakes/biscuits) and the responses I'm getting from council (and other sources) are mixed. As far as I know the 2 years exception works only for places that are up to 150m2, no?
  8. So your clients will have to install an app on their mobiles for your loyalty scheme? Thanks for the response, you gave me some valuable insights!
  9. do we have a topic with coffee/tea related events? I was looking into finding about latest festivals, expos, tastings etc. I know London Coffee festival was a few weeks ago, but I'm sure there's always something happening (esp in London).
  10. I'm always going through phases, now I'm into Kusmi's BB Detox (Green tea with grapefruit). Every now and then I do go into a green tea phase that lasts until I get so sick of that flavor I cannot stand it, than back to a classic breakfast and so on.
  11. Adelina

    Earl grey

    I do like Ahmad's EG.
  12. Bert, what did you use before Good Till? Or are they your first provider?
  13. I think is been more than 2 years now since your post, did you apply for an A3 in the end?
  14. I know this is a pretty old thread but I guess is better to ask here than opening a new one. I'm on the process of opening a tea house but I still want to be able to make a decent coffee myself (I will hire a barista, but first, I still need to be able to help/work) and I would like to learn. Main problem? I'm not even a coffee drinker myself (don't hate me, I do belong here! I do appreciate good coffee, even if rarely on its own and mainly as an addition to desserts). So... should I go for some barista lessons or maybe I can get some one-to-one lessons from a barista? I would even work for free for a while to be able to learn some trick if anyone needs help (but I guess that would be like an internship and I feel a bit old for that ). Any advice?
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