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  1. Eureka Myhos one. I worked with whole range of Eureka grinders and I think that Fiorenzatto is better deal
  2. Hi. Empty water circuit may have many of sources. From faulty flowmeter, faulty head, blockage in the brewer valve or one way valves, limescaled heating block or many many more. Try to ventilate the circuit before making coffee - may help. If you will need any further help, msg us on forum or visit https://espressoclinic.com/ Good luck!
  3. Its all about coffee and adjustment. If you are using speciality coffee please make sure that water temperature is between 91-95 degree as well as temp of portafilter. Use right doses of coffee, naked portafilter doesn't affect on coffee taste that much, its more about grind and coffee quality. Dont keep beans in fridge or freezer, dont let them dry. Speciality beans should be used between 2-4 weeks after roast. If you have any questions, feel free to msg us on forum or visit: https://espressoclinic.com
  4. Coffee is to fine. Head gasket is gone too. Personally I do not suggest to descale Gaggia Classic like any other Bean2Cup. Reason is that Bean2Cup machines have programs which fills boiler to the top few times with descaler and than rinse it with a clean water (also fills to the top). So it removes all of the descaling solution from piping and boilers. In fact Gaggia Classic also fills water to the top but there is no warranty that all descaler will be removed from the boiler, steam valve, piping, solenoid etc. If you decide to descale it as recommended above, make sure that you rinse boiler plenty of times before using. Otherwise just open the boiler and descale it manually with a stronger solution - to do this job you need just few tools and new O-Ring for boiler itself. If you have any questions about Gaggia Classic contact us via forum msg or visit our webiste https://espressoclinic.com Good luck
  5. If you are about to get 3g Verona PID - check condition of the front boilers. For first few years San Remo was using wrong o-ring causing leaks after 2-3 years of usage. Corrosion kills screws, and boiler has to be replaced
  6. WD-40 is not food safe and doesn't really lubricate. Problem with Rocket steam rods is that there are brass and circlip is stainless steel and worn pretty quick - not great design
  7. Hi Disconnect heating element and turn on the machine, its a best way to check if this is a source. Second most common thing is LED - disconnect LED on the front panel, check a cut off switch too, if its still happening than disconnect coils, one by one. You can also inspect cables, isolation might be cracked and wire is touching panel or a pipe.
  8. To avoid problems with worn steam rod, I suggest to apply some temperature proof grease every few months. on the circlip. And dont forget about two brass washers on both side of circlip
  9. Hello Coffeelovers! We are EspressoClinic - Coffee Machine Service and Repairs. As recommended by regular user we decided to open an account on Coffeeforums, to provide free of charge help for everyone who has problems with a domestic or commercial coffee machine . We have almost 15 years of collective experience in coffee wholesale / coffee machine industry and this year we decided to open an independent workshop in East London. If you are looking for good, complex solutions for your commercial coffee machine, its a good place to start. Of course Forum users are more than welcome to pop in for a cup of coffee. If you will have any questions or problems with your coffee machine or grinder please feel free to contact us via forum msg, emial or phone - if you want to learn more about us please visit https://espressoclinic.com/
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