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  1. I owned a Classic then upgraded to a Silvia, then to a PID'd Silvia. The biggest difference for me was the power upgrade with the Silvia compared to Classic and along with the PID (appreciate you can PID the Classic) the temperature is much more stable. I tinkered with the pressure when I had the Classic and modded to the Silvia steam wand, too. I enjoyed having the Classic as it was the first machine and it was all new; once I had the Silvia it was more to freshen up the coffee making routine and upgrade to something more powerful for milk-based drinks for my wife. Overall the coffee I m
  2. Ends 31st March but gives a nice saving. They also offer pick-up from the roasters if you live in the area. https://www.edgcumbes.co.uk/
  3. I'm new into the DE scene and wished I'd started sooner. It's great! Can I ask, what do you do with the blunted blades? I'd like to reduce them but unsure how to safely do this! Any help is appreciated.
  4. Ordered these on your recommendation. What a bean! I've not been on the forum for some time but by chance saw this post. Thank you!
  5. Coffee Compass for me. Great coffee and genuinely top chaps.
  6. spune

    Stove top pot

    As per title. Fancy one again like when I were a lad! Any recommendations? Needs to work on an electric glass hob.
  7. For the first time since 2013 we'll not be attending as we are to be wed on 14th!
  8. Episode 439 of Iron Radio may be of interest to you! http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/439IronRadio_Coffee_Training_Update.mp3
  9. Bump. I'm heading to Damerham this weekend, anywhere worth a visit in the area whilst there?!
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