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  1. Ordered these on your recommendation. What a bean! I've not been on the forum for some time but by chance saw this post. Thank you!
  2. Mystery blend Mk 9 is out...
  3. Coffee Compass for me. Great coffee and genuinely top chaps.
  4. spune

    Stove top pot

    As per title. Fancy one again like when I were a lad! Any recommendations? Needs to work on an electric glass hob.
  5. For the first time since 2013 we'll not be attending as we are to be wed on 14th!
  6. Episode 439 of Iron Radio may be of interest to you! http://www.ironradio.org/Audio/439IronRadio_Coffee_Training_Update.mp3
  7. Bump. I'm heading to Damerham this weekend, anywhere worth a visit in the area whilst there?!
  8. Finally, after two espresso free days, I have coffee! Not tried the company before so looking forward to the experience.
  9. I was well impressed with James! Surprise surprise that Lazazza won... The most popular coffee wins a taste test? Surprise surprise!
  10. Yeah I like it. It's decent coffee and a lovely atmosphere. The staff serving clearly aren't trained to the same level as a lot of the speciality place, but I think that adds to the charm. What's very apparent is that they care about what they do and enjoy the job, which is more than some places I've been. I always feel welcome, am always offered little samples of the brewed coffee and it's just a really relaxed vibe. I can't really compare it to many other coffee shops/houses as it's quite unique in that manner... Definitely a beacon in a rather bleak landscape in these parts.
  11. A buddy and I just popped in for a swift couple this morning on a bike ride
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