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  1. SOMETHING ABOUT FOOD is the first night dedicated to exploring cutting-edge food issues. Three guest speakers will present their diagnoses of the present and visions of the future – from coffee and beer to the creation of the first test-tube burger – with great drinks and music, too. Join us as we explore what the future holds for British food. October 12, 2011. 7pm till late. Mason & Taylor, 51-55 Bethnal Green Road, London E1. Tickets can be bought half price (£5) here: http://t.co/7nPmW933 Here are our speakers: JAMES HOFFMANN is the World Barista Champion, 2007, founder of Square Mile coffee and one of British coffee’s biggest success stories. With coffee-lovers shunning the likes of Starbucks in favour of smaller producers, and a vast range of blogs, gadgets and video-seminars aimed at the connoisseur, London – once one of the worst places in the world for coffee – is now at the heart of a vibrant coffee scene. But what is “good” coffee and what does it say about you? Is it political? Fashionable? Or a simple question of taste? We are falling for coffee – but why here and why now? JAMES WATT is the co-founder of independent Scottish brewery BrewDog, dubbed “the mouthy upstart of the brewing world” by The Guardian. Following BrewDog's hotly debated expulsion from the Great British Beer Festival last month, run by the Campaign for Real Ale (Camra),Watt will get to the heart of the issues setting British brewing on fire: “Real Ale no longer means anything. Craft Beer does”: What is craft beer? And why are breweries rejecting the “arbitrary rules and out-dated distinctions” promoted by Camra. Watt will bring his own beer to show us why Craft is the future of British beer. HANNA TUOMISTO , PhD, is the world's leading researcher of the environmental impacts of in vitro meat, an animal flesh product grown in a laboratory from stem cells. Her research shows that switching to lab-produced meat could lower greenhouse gas > emissions by up to 95%, and, with one animal able to generate thousands of kilograms of lab-meat, demands for grain, water and land would be dramatically cut. But is Hanna’s future really possible, or even desirable? And what might it taste like? *** Tickets can be bought half price (£5) here: http://t.co/7nPmW933 or £10 on the door For more information on SOMETHING ABOUT FOOD call Thea on 07835 06 59 58 or Daniel on 07985 708 122 ; email [email protected]; find us on Facebook facebook.com/SomethinAbtFood and Twitter @SomethinAbtFood
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