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  1. I have an image of the 2019 R10840 Pro Classic and it had a stainless steel steam valve fitted directly onto of the boiler as the pre 2015 models but no brass OPV, the bar pressure on this one is governed by the spring valve on the top fitting of the ULKA pump, you can see the spring through the pipe.
  2. I just bought one, bargain price: https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/spare-parts/products/backflushing-blank-disc
  3. As no one seemed to know what might be causing this, I did a back flush today and the noise has stopped.
  4. On my fully PID'd 2012 Classic when I get near to the end of my steaming routine I get a steamy crackle noise coming out of the vent pipe going into the drip tray. Would I be right in thinking it may be a particle in the solenoid valve. The steam temp when it starts has dropped from 145C to about 130C. Or am I being paranoid and it's supposed to do this.
  5. This would depend on the machine. It would be better if you post the year of manufacture from the label stuck on the underside.
  6. Does it do the same if you refit the genuine shower screen ?
  7. mr-bean

    Ebay PID?

    Remove the brew stat and place the loop over the thread, screw stat back in with thermal paste. Do you UNDERSTAND that this setup controls only the brew and not the steam as well. The add also states it contains a manual, that manual is probably for the PID and not the instructions on how to wire it. You will also need cables, connectors, thermal paste etc. If you are thinking of buying it, send a message to the seller and ask for precise fitting instructions.
  8. I'm with ashcroc on this, I use tartaric acid, it isn't as harsh.
  9. All these ITC1000 units do is make and break the mains supply at a set temp so they are totally inappropriate for a Gaggia, ideal for home brewing beer.
  10. Try slackening off the 4 allen screws on the group, the ones underneath. It will allow you to rotate the group & boiler to align the steam knob in the casing hole.
  11. As you see, it has a collar that's bigger than the hole in the casing
  12. As you can see from this image, it's got 3 screw holes on its base. Hope this helps.
  13. I tend to mark all the connectors with numbers and take images before removing them. Take a look here for the know how: https://www.youtube.com/user/wholelattelovetv/search?query=how+to+gaggia
  14. I tried with a cloth and scalded my finger. At the present I'm using a narrow topped 330ml beer bottle to purge into.
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