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  1. @HVL87Very much so, I now start with 14g in the VST at a 1/4 turn, as soon as first drip I ramp up to 7 bar on the gauge then slowly down again to 4 until my required 40ml in the cup. I got to 40ml by taste testing. Really nice and smooth with a strong flavour, by the way I'm addicted to watching the naked extraction.
  2. We like a flat white in the morning but using a dual spout PF with 19g just doesn't do it for 2 cups at one time, too weak and we like it strong. Thanks to all who replied, but as I couldn't get a positive yes to my original question, not even from a retailer, I wasn't going to buy something that might not work. I borrowed some gear from a friend and have decided the only way to go is to make coffee's in singles using a naked PF + a 15g VST dosed with 14g. The result was an overwhelming success using a 100% Arabica medium roast and my newly acquired flow control.
  3. At present I use a VST 18g basket in the STD minima portafilter and dose it with 19g. Can anyone tell me, is this the max basket size I can use without a bottomless portafilter as I always make coffee for two.
  4. I could take out a patent, it would only cost a couple of grand. 😆
  5. Before installing the flow control with - NO portafilter fitted & HOT - set to 9 bar - Timemore scales. I tested the volume in 20 seconds three times then noted the average = 116.6 ml / 5.83 ml per sec. After flow control installed - NO portafilter fitted & HOT. I opened the control & turned it back until flow stopped, added a smidgen - set this as the OFF position. I tested the volume in 20 seconds three times then noted the average. 1/4 turn = 37.75 / 1.88 ml per sec 3/8 turn = 48.8 / 2.44 ml per sec 1/2 turn = 75.4 / 3.77 ml per sec 5/8 turn = 88.7 / 4.43 ml per sec 3/4 turn = 100.1 / 5.0 ml per sec 7/8 turn = 107.6 / 5.38 ml per sec 1 turn = 116.45 / 5.82 ml per sec 1-1/8 turn = 118.35 / 5.92 ml per sec So as 1-1/8 turns exceeded the volume of the machine prior to conversion, do I need to go any further than 1-1/8 turns ? To assist me in this quest I made a plastic disk with markings as shown.
  6. Thanks to all for the replies. At least now I can start reading & watching all the relevant info my tiny brain can absorb.
  7. Can someone explain one simple and perhaps one stupid question. I have just fitted the Coffee sensor flow restrictor kit from The Espresso Shop on my Minima. 1. Is the pressure gauge that came with the kit better than the ACS one fitted. 2. Would I be performing FLOW or PRESSURE profiling when I use it. I just can't get my head around it. If I am altering the amount of flow through the group with a variable valve and it shows a variable bar reading on the pressure gauge, which one is it.
  8. I have just watched a video from an American coffee machine supplier explaining the benefit of flow control. They answered my question in their very detailed explaination.
  9. I missed this post, how I don't know. Before I order the kit I have just one question. Can the control be left fully open so the machine functions as if it isn't fitted. I ask this because the wife sometimes makes coffee and she is not into flow control, she just wants a cup of coffee.
  10. mr-bean

    Oily beans

    Well it worked, I have just spent a little bit of time doing as you suggested with kitchen roll, 50 grams at a time and I now have 1 Kg of dull beans. When I look at how much the kitchen roll has absorbed I'm glad I didn't put any through the Specialita
  11. mr-bean

    Oily beans

    Is there a way to remove oil from beans. A friend from Spain sent me some beans but when I opened the pack they were oily and I mean oily, I dipped my fingers in and they came out covered in oil residue. I don't want to put them through my Specialita, so is there any way to remove the oil or do I just bin a 1Kg bag.
  12. I had the Barista Pro and you are right the grinder is a let down. I went on to buy a sage grinder Pro and that I kept for several years until I bought a Minima. The Sage grinder was now my weak point, so now I have a Specialita and they are so much better, with these you get a true taste of your coffee with a quiet grind. There is no contest between what you have and the Specialita.
  13. Try soaking the beans overnight 😄
  14. It's from Amazon: mDesign Kitchen Sink Mat – Extra Large Sink Protector for the Kitchen – PVC Sink Liner to Protect Sink Base and Crockery from Damage – 30.5 cm x 63.5 cm – Light Grey. It's a good size and made from silicone rubber, comes in colours, this one is shown with a frypan laying on it.
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