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  1. @SlightlyCaffinated Thx for the response. Did you buy this through Etsy or was you able to get it through other sellers/printers. I tried to contact a few printers on eBay but no response.
  2. Hi, I'm ignorant of how to create a thingiverse design but have seen this on Etsy and was wondering if it was something that could be created. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/814215974/new-version-brevillesage-barista?gpla=1&gao=1&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=shopping_uk_en_gb_c-home_and_living-kitchen_and_dining-cookware-cooking_utensils_and_gadgets&utm_custom1=_k_EAIaIQobChMIj4bN56Ls7wIViJiyCh35NgYkEAQYASABEgID3fD_BwE_k_&utm_content=go_325950288_47027052606_230144233880_pla-305102694227_t__814215974engb_138485367&utm_cus
  3. I don’t think anyone is being negative I feel that people are responding with legitimate questions and concerns on how a “review” can be taken at face value and the impact it can have. Having an opinion and giving review are two different things in my opinion. If you have an opinion I’m not going to look into who is providing it. But if you are reviewing something I would. Would you value a review provided by myself as much as an expert with a history? Personally I’m not going to be swayed either way by this review but someone who is legitimately looking at using the roaster may.
  4. Looking at your first review it seems you may have bought pre ground which may explain things a little. But as Tom asked it seems a little odd you are reviewing coffee when you can’t even provide any meaningful information on the coffee. At best it is a review of the service which you have provided little insight on and provided even less opportunity to the roaster to make things right and at worst it is a commentary of what particular beans you like. Given you don’t know how to provide tasting notes how can we trust that the beans were truly stale? Could you describe what stale beans taste li
  5. What about gift subscription. Whilst still being beans they are more flexible.
  6. Not an expert and may even be entirely wrong. But seems like the foam isn’t incorporated well enough so you have like a cap of foam. This seems to be due to spinning the milk rather than rolling. Solution would be to have steam wand less angled and more vertical.
  7. Put the cleaning disk into a pressurised basket. If the dial doesn’t move then yer it’s broken. But from the sounds of it maybe just the dial itself. if you have old supermarket beans that are running fast you probably want to use the pressurised basket for now anyway. also youtube changing inner or top burr setting.
  8. Apparently the plastic part directs the coffee to the centre, so it depends on personal preference as some people remove it as coffee gets caught in it.
  9. Hi, how many people will you be making coffee for? Reason I ask is the pro will have a stronger steam wand so can shave some time. Although there seems to be a built in timer so if you do too much (around 500 ml of milk which is still a lot)in a large jug then you will not have enough time, requiring start stop. The pro has a step less grinder, but since the grinder isn’t top end it probably doesn’t benefit too much. The express can be switched on beforehand to warm itself and the portafilter up. The pro is more aesthetically pleasing and built for user pleasure e.g. lcd scr
  10. Depends if I’m feeling frisky or not, you never tried beef flavour infused coffee?
  11. And here’s me using 3 toothpicks and a rubber band. edited typo
  12. Did you take the plunge? was looking at it and curiously the subscription weight changes to 250? Not sure if this is an additional perk or an error.
  13. They discontinued them years ago 😢
  14. Hi all, this is probably a long shot but does anyone remember the double handled massimo costa cups. The older version where it looked more like a soup bowl. Getting a bit of nostalgia and would like to get my hands on one. Found a couple of examples. also this one but the older ones were more plump. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Costa-Double-Handle-Saucer-Massimo/dp/B00KMCRL62 if there are any none costa branded would be interested too.
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