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  1. Ah ok thx for the input. I think I will just get a motta tamper then like everyone else. Unfortunately my tamper is a little off centred and rough so I get a bit more grounds stuck to it than I care for. It just seems strange I see a lot of posts about rhinowares tamping mat, milk jug and grinder But nothing about the tampers.
  2. I think he’s referring to 250 KG rather than 250G otherwise imma stock up to hell with stale beans. or to eBay it is.
  3. Hi, I see a lot of posts about motta tampers but how do rhinowares tampers compare? In particular wha do we think about the below? Thanks in advance https://shop.tchibo-coffee.co.uk/collections/equipment/products/rhinowares-hand-tamper
  4. Hi, sorry to dig up an old thread but did you get this sorted? What did sage say?
  5. @Custodianmight wanna delete your personal details.
  6. Can I try this method without the funnel or is that a must?
  7. Was anyone able to make this after all?
  8. Interesting, I would’ve thought even if quality unknown they would still be drinkable given their provenance.
  9. How much are you dosing as if you have some leeway maybe just dose a little more. Found this thread as well, not sure if it’s helpful to you. My only problem is that when I dose a 18 g shot it doesn’t seem to grind fine enough and that is why I changed the burr settings. Doubt anything has changed too much with my prep since I first bought machine.
  10. Experiencing a similar issue, but mined seemed to slow down without the chirping noise as yours did. Still within warranty so will see what sage say as I don’t think I can grind fine enough. Did you have any luck solving your issue?
  11. How is everyone going so low, when I set my top burr to 4 I can hear the burrs grinding 😭
  12. For the ones who do receive the coffee after cancelling as I did, if you email them they can set up PayPal request for payment. Obviously everyone’s circumstances are different but I think they would appreciate any kind gesture even if it is just to cover the postage.
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