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  1. Thanks a lot yer, got a new machine. Delivered the next day so can’t complain.
  2. Hoping this to be final update, got the new machine and popped the dual walled single shot in with cleaning disk and pressure gauge shot up like a dream.
  3. Thanks guys for all your help so I think the wording of my original post threw some people off. So the coffee machine is what I expect to be working as normally in the fact that it does pull a shot. But the issue was that no matter what I did the pressure gauge did not move. As aJohn said even with an empty dual walled basket I expected some movement in the pressure gauge even if it was slightly, I then tried the same test with a single shot dual walled basket with cleaning disk in as I saw the same test moved the pressure gauge a substantial amount. And still no reaction. So this morning I set about pulling the biggest shot in all of Christendom made sure to overdose the basket and to tamp the **** out of it. Ensuring that I would get an overextracted coffee and therefore a very high pressure, but alas still no reaction in the pressure gauge. Apologies I never posted a video but as mediumroaststeam said it was late last night and I had spent about several hours on the thing trying to get a reaction, actually got more of a reaction from my wife than the machine but alas it was all in vain. And since my morning experiment saw no signs that the gauge was working that was confirmation for me. Apologies again and please don’t feel I ask for help just to ignore it and do my own thing, I did read every post and utilised the information accordingly. edit: so I have contacted the seller and luckily they have one in stock to exchange tomorrow so will update, unless I don’t in which case assume I have ran away tail between legs in noobish disgrace.
  4. When you say primed do you mean have a I ran a cycle of brew, steam then water? Then yes. If if I have air in circuit what’s best way to get it out?
  5. It it was literally brand new and unboxed yesterday. I am a little unsure about the sound because it does sound really loud sometimes but I’m thinking that’s because it’s not warmed up properly. Also made sure to top up before my experiments. The sound isn’t electric in nature from what I can gather though which is what YouTube tells me to look out for if there’s a fault.
  6. I will try, have already messed around with it a lot after work so I’ll do it tomorrow.
  7. sorry yes the water is coming out but after the shot is finished the pf is full of water. Well I thought that the dual wall would fix any noob errors I was making. I’ll try the single walls tomorrow and see what happens.
  8. 0 as well, but I had hoped that’s because I didn’t know how to tamp/dial in etc. But I would’ve assumed with the dual walled baskets I’d still see some movement of the gauge.
  9. So I got my new barista express and whatever I do the pressure gauge stays at 0, I’ve tried using the dual walled baskets and the cleaning disc on the back flush cycle and nothing so is it safe to say my machine is broke? It doesn’t even push through all the water when I use an empty double pressurised basket. Or please tell me I’m being a noob again.
  10. Thank you for the reply, understandable I’ve seen a lot of your work around here. I think my wife likes my fingers too much for diy work. Only just bought the machine anyway so I’m sure I’ll have more than enough to play around with. I’ll keep an eye on the for sale section.
  11. Well it was a case of finding the BE on eBay for a marginal amount less for what i could’ve got in John Lewis so I couldn’t resist
  12. ah ok thx for the info, I had thought it would be ok as long as it was smaller and not bigger. But I guess it makes sense as it would be uneven. Good luck with with the sale.
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