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  1. James.p


    Sadly, I don't have a budget right now
  2. James.p


    Busted... Lets see where do I start, my journey so far... Fairly simple for me, have dabbled with moka pots, cafetieres and an aeropress. As for my coffee, Americano with a dash although I've recently discovered Cortados. Where to next? Jumping in the espresso deepend, my DTP arrived this morning... (I think I need a new grinder)
  3. James.p


    I had been looking at a De'Longhi Dedica but all this coffee talk is drawing me back to the Duo Temp Pro
  4. James.p


    Looking for advice on an Espresso Machine Currently working with a De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder and Aeropress
  5. Brilliant forum, short time lurker.
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