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  1. Understood thanks everyone. I'd say I'm getting around 30ml including the crema, and the crema makes up about a third of the shot. What's annoying is how much it changes from shot to shot, even using the same bean (stored in a lock tight Coffee Gator). A grind size of 22 produces two 30 ml shots, then the next time it'll produce two 18ml shots. Anyway, that's most helpful, thanks folks.
  2. Hello all, Apologies for what might be considered a stupid question, but I have a Sage Oracle Touch and wondered how many mls a double shot should produce using the double basket? I just want to make sure my grind settings are correct. Currently, it's producing two 30ml shots. Does this seem about right? Thanks in advance! (I should add, I use the double basket and the shot timer is set to 30 seconds)
  3. Thanks so much for this incredibly detailed reply. I tried a PACT house bean on this same machine and again, the grind setting had to be around 39 to get a decent pour and even then, the coffee tasted horrendous. In the end I returned the machine, swapping it for another of the exact same model. The results were night and day. Same bean in the new machine was set to a grind of 29, pours evenly and after around 8 seconds and tastes superb. There was definitely an issue with the water pressure in the first machine. So glad I swapped them out as I was starting to think I'd wasted a LOT of m
  4. I returned it. The new machine, with the same bean worked on a far lower grind setting (currently 29) so it was definitely a water pressure issue with the first machine.
  5. This us all brilliantly helpful. Thank you! I got my new machine today and there was definitely a fault with the other one. Have set it to 29 grind and the coffee is perfect. Since watching your videos I've setup a 30 second shot timer based on a flat white as you suggested. I'll give it a whirl in the morning (I've had way too much coffee today!). So glad I went ahead with the RMA, the difference is night and day. I knew I wasn't losing the plot! Will report back tomorrow morning. Thanks again, all very much appreciated!
  6. Thanks so much. As you might have seen from my other post I'm going to RMA the machine and get a new one tomorrow morning as I'm convinced theres a pressure issue with this one. Video would be very helpful, thank you!
  7. Exactly my thinking. I've spoken to John Lewis who have agreed to an RMA on Saturday morning. At least then I'll have another machine to compare it to. In the meantime, hopefully an Oracle owner on here might be able to shed some light..
  8. Not that I'm aware of, no, although I'm very new to the machine. I'm considering an RMA as this just seems ludicrous. How a bean has to be ground THAT coarsely for Espresso and still comes out tasting sour is beyond me. Has to be an issue with the water pressure from the Oracle, surely?
  9. I don't think the Oracle Touch gives you an option to change the pressure..
  10. Right, I feel like I'm losing my mind here! I've had the Oracle Touch a little over a week now and cannot for the life of me get the pour right. I'm currently using these beans: https://shop.darkwoodscoffee.co.uk/collections/award-winning-coffees/products/common-grounds-barrel-aged-beans?variant=9881228574764 They're fresh, only opened this morning. I have the grind set to 39 which seems very coarse to me, but it's the only grind level that seems to give a good looking pour, but the end result still tastes sour. I'm using the double basket and pouring a double s
  11. Thanks Toby, fair enough! I actually replied to your comment in the 'stupid new Oracle touch owners question' thread.. if you get a sec to have a butchers that would be marvellous! Just trying to get to a place with the Touch where I'm really happy with consistently good espresso shots..
  12. I purchased an Oracle Touch last week and rung Sage support today to see if I could book in the white glove service which has been recommended on here many times. The customer support agent said they don't offer a white glove service for the Oracle Touch as all the servicing, setup and configuration can be done via the touch screen display. Is this true? I swear people on here have had the white glove service after purchasing the Oracle Touch..
  13. This is incredibly helpful, thank you so much. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was struck down with some sort of exotic virus and ended up in hospital for two nights! Anyway, I'm back now and ready to learn. This is all very clear and makes total sense. For context, I'm London based too and I'm currently ordering coffee from either PACT coffee or DarkWoods. This particular bean I'm using seems to under extract very easily, so I've had to bump the grind up to 38. The beans I was using last week were fine on around 21. Anyway, I chose the flat white setting, using the double basket
  14. This will probably be the daftest question you've ever seen on here so apologies in advance... I just received my oracle touch, set it all up and was ready to roll then got struck down with a sickness bug so didn't use it for two days Anyway, yesterday in a painkiller addled state, I tried to make myself a flat white. I left everything at the default settings, used the double basket and poured it all into one cup then added milk. It was the strongest tasting flat white I've ever had. I think the really obvious mistake I made in my hazy state was that using the double basket pr
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