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  1. Another brew this morning. This coffee has got a cheeky acidity. Origin's notes are spot on to describe it.This makes a change from all the berry/red fruit or apple acidity that we normally enjoy. Very smooth and refreshing. Anyone tried spro yet?
  2. Made my first v60 brew of this this morning. It's subtle, very smooth, sweet and really nice on the finish. One of those drink-all-day-long coffees. My brew drained a bit fast though so was probably a bit underextracted.
  3. I've been told this is still a bit fresh. Anyone brewed it up yet? I'll dive in over the weekend [emoji108][emoji41][emoji477]
  4. I gave sufficient warning 5 posts before yours. My sympathy is minimal.
  5. Today's the day! Remember, the envelope contains the origin info so only peak if you aren't interested in playing along.
  6. I'm not to blame for any of this [emoji23]
  7. I wonder if it's the same coffee as our LSOL [emoji23]
  8. Our order is being roasted and dispatched tomorrow woohooo. Could start arriving as soon as Wednesday! 1KG people are getting a kilo bag, 500g people (including guests) are getting 2x 250g bags [emoji108][emoji477]
  9. I've still got a bit of our lsol coffee left and it's still tasting absolutely great as a cheeky work v60 brew. Nom nom!
  10. I dunno, I tell Daren all my problems and he's a great listener [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  11. Testing testing? My previous post isn't showing on the web page, but is showing on Tapatalk. Glenn is going to sort it tomorrow.
  12. Ok here we go then. No more guest sign ups please. Final price for guest slots is £16. Payment instructions will be sent out soon. This has certainly been an interesting one, to say the least this nearly didn't happen at all. Origin are a big company and weren't willing to be flexible on some parts of our order. It's been a struggle but their wholesale guy Dan fought our corner and made it happen. Huge thanks to him for being so great and clearly sharing our passion for great coffee. We'll be sending the order off on Monday, for them to roast Tuesday or Wednesday, for dispatch the next day. Orders will be sent out by RM 24 hour so the coffee should hopefully land before next weekend. ***PAY ATTENTION HERE*** To spice things up, Origin will include their usual info card relating to the coffee (including origin info) but will put it inside an envelope for you to reveal when temptation gets the better of you. I thought we could all open the envelope at the same time but I assume some people will give in and have a peak. Should be interesting. Cheers FBS
  13. Steampunk as an early entry for top lsol roaster of the year?? [emoji16]
  14. Any more takers? There's a small possibility that we might be delayed. Trying to speak to Origin today so will update when I know more.
  15. We've decided to park this for the moment. It still might happen but I've managed to sort another quarter of LSOL out so we'll roll through that and make any big important decisions after that. Price should remain the same for LSOL for next quarter [emoji108] Keep an eye out for next quarter renewal details, or any free slots that open up if you're wanting to join. Cheers, Fbs
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