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  1. How much sediment is there in the cup using those papers? I wonder if one of those metal mesh filters for a v60 would work well?
  2. I contacted Cast Iron Roasters to see when they would have more stock in. They are saying early February!
  3. I've had one, didn't like the papers and sometimes the draw down was ridiculously long. Normal v60 gets consistently better results. I've also owned a December dripper, which was fun, but I dropped it and now it's dripping days are over 😭
  4. That's the "Hoffman Effect" for you 😒
  5. Can't find this in stock anywhere now 😭
  6. Don't you need 32 ETH to set-up a validator node? I'm a few ETH short 😅
  7. If a hardware wallet is properly secured you would need to brute force the private key, which is essentially impossible without a quantum computer. I could understand a software wallet potentially being hacked. A phishing scam could work but this would be classed as "user error".
  8. I bet my left kidney that it's a certified JB.
  9. He's lost control of the spreadsheet 😂
  10. Great choice! Steampunk are definitely among my favourite roasters!
  11. 1. MinesAbeer 2. hhgclark 3. ratty 4. Marcros 5. Rapid 6. Jollybean 7. tsouthwell 8. Zeak 9. higbert 10. ArkellvsPressdram 11. catpuccino 12.ronan08 13.earthflattener 14. Xabi17 15. EricC 16. Jackabb 17. Sdm 18. salty 19. fatboyslim 20. 21. 22. 23. 24.
  12. Thanks, I went for the Colombia, Maracay. Anaerobic process very rare in Colombia. Sounds really interesting.
  13. https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/electric-coffee-grinders/products/fellow-ode-brew-grinder Due in October. Will be waiting for Hoffman's review but potentialyl interested in this.
  14. Thanks Dog and Hat! This tastes amazing!
  15. Just to throw another opinion out there, I've got a Tanzanian washed in at the moment that's been a bit tricky to extract, with brews draining too quickly despite grinding finer. As this has de-gassed a bit more, the solubility has gone up a bit. My answer then is: it depends on the bean and the roast level.
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