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  1. https://coffeehit.co.uk/collections/electric-coffee-grinders/products/fellow-ode-brew-grinder Due in October. Will be waiting for Hoffman's review but potentialyl interested in this.
  2. Thanks Dog and Hat! This tastes amazing!
  3. Just to throw another opinion out there, I've got a Tanzanian washed in at the moment that's been a bit tricky to extract, with brews draining too quickly despite grinding finer. As this has de-gassed a bit more, the solubility has gone up a bit. My answer then is: it depends on the bean and the roast level.
  4. We had a banging Ethiopian Halaka natural, was slightly out of budget 😄
  5. I sampled a load of their coffee last year for LSOL and it was all excellent. Would definitely recommend them.
  6. This coffee is very delicious...no idea what it could be 😉 Thanks for organising Hogg and Dazzer 👍
  7. Great to see their packaging is now fully recyclable 👍
  8. the whole thing disassembles quite easily. Unscrew the top part of the shaft and it should all come out, then you can see which bit is bent. I'm sure Peter would send you a replacement part if necessary.
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  10. fatboyslim

    Vegan Milk

    I find that if you give the dairy cow a ristretto twice a day, it really makes a noticeable improvement to foam quality. Get the coffee mixed in with the milk right at the beginning! 😂
  11. I received mine on Saturday. I'd say the post is delayed anywhere from 3-7 days for 2nd class stuff.
  12. Did you get confirmation that they've been sent out?
  13. April....the month that time forgot 😂
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