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  1. Definition - Juicy Banger... A coffee of exceptional juiciness that is also incredibly moreish... Best served as filter 👌
  2. I would jump straight in for filter. Tasting great.
  3. Should have renamed the sub Juicy Banger side of life...JBSOL 😂😂😂. The smell from the bag is amazing.
  4. Literally have 0.00g of beans left! These will arrive just in time!
  5. The coffee might start arriving today. Report in if the eagle has landed.
  6. What can I say, I'm on full wind down mode. Our coffee was roasted today and so should hopefully start arriving by Thursday or Friday. I'm desperately low on beans. How did I let this happen 😱
  7. Sorry to hear that Dave. Of course we have a plan B... I'd like you all to welcome the new LSOL buyer person... hairy hogg I have every confidence he won't mess it up
  8. This has now closed. Hopefully Daren will pull his finger out and send out payment details shortly.
  9. Last chance to sign up to this...shouldn't really need to say it but...this is a confirmed juicy banger of a coffee. £17 for 500g delivered. Join us...you know you want to!
  10. It is definitely not an Ethiopian.....I couldn't possibly do 3 Ethiopian coffees in a row could I??? 😂
  11. Any more takers? Juicy banger guaranteed 👌
  12. Blame our wonderful new forum.
  13. And for my final month running LSOL... We have Common Coffee. Who are Common Coffee and what are they about, I hear you asking? Find out more here www.commoncoffee.co.uk I really like their approach, choosing coffees to fit their standard profiles: Strong, Sweet, Bright, & Complex with no nonsense inbetween. We've been given the choice between bright and complex... and they are not the ones listed on the website! I won't tell you which one you're getting Dispatch for this will be sometime w/c 19th August, with parcels arriving probably towards the end of that week. Guest slots are priced at £17 for 500g delivered. Please sign up below. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  14. *** Reveal Time *** I've really enjoyed this coffee, another absolute banger from Crankhouse. I asked Dave if he would like to do the reveal so take a moment and have a read through this... So that taste note that was right up my street...was of course mango!!! Nice one Dave. August's thread going up soon.
  15. Reveal is this weekend, get your last minute guesses in now. Next (and last from me) roaster thread is ready to go up!
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