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  1. fatboyslim

    Vegan Milk

    Use less oatly and more espresso 👌
  2. The Sage Precision brewer does seem like a good option if you've got the cash to splash. Another option would be to make a 30-35g brew in a 6-8 chemex and decant this into some kind of thermo-carafe like the one included in the sage precision, but keeping coffee warm for more than 20 minutes is probably a bad idea.
  3. @joey24dirt I presume you can use non-pressurised baskets on the bambino?
  4. My vote would be to not reveal at all and keep it a complete mystery forever ?
  5. What do you mean? Are you saying not many people recommend Crankhouse? Are you mad?
  6. 1. Hairy_Hogg (Chris) 2. mctrials23 3. Filthynines 4.Jacko112 5. NickDems 6.cjonny 7. fatboyslim 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15
  7. Steampunk report that the website is giving them a lot of grief at the moment. Just need to be a bit patient, I'm sure they'll get it sorted ?
  8. Steampunk are one of my favourite roasters. Being great at roasting coffee doesn't necessarily mean you're a wizz with websites. They are in the process of releasing a load of new coffees including an el salvador pacamara that is absolutely awesome, so probably just a missing link somewhere along the line. I'll message my contact there and let them know you've had some difficulties.
  9. This is still tasting nice as filter. Lost some of it's juiciest but still yum! Cheeky recommendation from me for the Steampunk Brazilian Mirtilo natural. Amazing mouthfeel and totally delicious.
  10. Steampunk have just launched a cracking new Brazilian. Been awhile since I've had a good Brazilian. The Mirtilo natural... the body/mouthfeel is amazing. Mega smooth. It's not juicy banger but it's still a cracking coffee ?
  11. *** Big...and sadly last....Reveal *** It's not an Ethiopian natural!!! Big thank you to Common Coffee for being so pleasant and easy to buy coffee from. Some words from the roaster. FBS signing off...
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