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  1. This is still tasting nice as filter. Lost some of it's juiciest but still yum! Cheeky recommendation from me for the Steampunk Brazilian Mirtilo natural. Amazing mouthfeel and totally delicious.
  2. Steampunk have just launched a cracking new Brazilian. Been awhile since I've had a good Brazilian. The Mirtilo natural... the body/mouthfeel is amazing. Mega smooth. It's not juicy banger but it's still a cracking coffee 👌
  3. *** Big...and sadly last....Reveal *** It's not an Ethiopian natural!!! Big thank you to Common Coffee for being so pleasant and easy to buy coffee from. Some words from the roaster. FBS signing off...
  4. Are people ready for the big (and last) reveal? 😭
  5. This coffee suits a higher mineral content water for pourover...probably
  6. Maybe my last ever psuedo-trendy coffee picture. A bangin day to enjoy a juicy banger ☀️😎☕
  7. Definition - Juicy Banger... A coffee of exceptional juiciness that is also incredibly moreish... Best served as filter 👌
  8. I would jump straight in for filter. Tasting great.
  9. Should have renamed the sub Juicy Banger side of life...JBSOL 😂😂😂. The smell from the bag is amazing.
  10. Literally have 0.00g of beans left! These will arrive just in time!
  11. The coffee might start arriving today. Report in if the eagle has landed.
  12. What can I say, I'm on full wind down mode. Our coffee was roasted today and so should hopefully start arriving by Thursday or Friday. I'm desperately low on beans. How did I let this happen 😱
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