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  1. Hmm. The code isn't being applied to Mystery Mark 11... Working OK for other beans though.
  2. In my case, the code was the tipping point which got me to register with the forum. Up to that point I was quite happy "lurking" and simply reading rather than posting. So, while my first post was a code request I'd actually been using the forum for a while beforehand.
  3. jonf

    Coffee bean storage

    Mine appear to work fine (and have done for 2-3 years), though I do regularly clean and lubricate the gasket... Oh. Well that's a bit pants.
  4. I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that occasionally a drip of hot water forms on the outside/front of the group head while pulling a shot (must be just about the shower head?) before rolling down the portafilter. Has anyone seen this? Is it "normal"?
  5. £380 is the RRP (https://www.sageappliances.com/uk/en/products/espresso/bes810.html) - do not buy it for that amount, wait until it comes back down to £230-250. Spend your money on a decent grinder and an Aeropress in the meantime.
  6. The tamper you use will make close to zero difference with this grinder. It's only really suitable for coarser grinds, e.g. for French press. I have a KG79 in a cupboard somewhere, replaced with an SGP (which was replaced with a Niche Zero). This has pressurised filter baskets so the effect of coffee grind and tamping is correspondingly reduced. Essentially, you've got a basic set of equipment which you can play with but I wouldn't spend any more money on it. --- As a slight aside, don't be fooled into letting the machine's shot timer determine the length of shot.
  7. Interesting... That first one linked through to https://www.amazon.co.uk/Stainless-Gravity-Purifier-Sterasyl-Filters/dp/B00519AM5S/ which looks pretty... interesting. Filter jugs filters don't last long and definitely leave a specific taste, so if this ceramic filter lasts six months and leaves no taste... checks bank balance
  8. What are the rules for getting a code? Can each person only share it with one other? Do you have to be a part of the community for a certain period of time?
  9. jonf

    Coffee bean storage

    I use a pot with a vacuum pump: Better than an "airscape": no air at all and 1/3 the price.
  10. Just in case anyone is struggling using the Niche 58mm cup with a Sage 54mm basket, I have found a solution which works well for me: A 125ml wine measure fits pretty darned well. £4.75 off eBay, you might be able to get them cheaper if you're prepared to wait (the one from "wecansourceit" was delivered in 48 hours). I'm not sure of the rules on posting links so I'll refrain for now, but it's very easy to find if you search for "125ml wine measure".
  11. I've found the best distribution I get from the SGP is by grinding only the required beans into a 125ml metal measure (eBay), giving it a stir, inverting it into the portafilter, giving it a whack, then using a distribution tool (eBay) before tamping. The distribution tool will tamp pretty well if you set it to to the level you're after, but otherwise the included tamper will take it down to a level pretty efficiently and has the benefit of providing a very easy reference to height of grinds in the basket. I'd ignore the Razor completely. As things stand, with my beans weighed and gr
  12. Or in "newbie" terms, a proper, weighty tamper helps press the coffee down more easily and more evenly.
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