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  1. wake22 pmed me as he didnt have enough posts to reply to the thread but was intrested in the machine, didnt really see a problem with that also had other members pming me about it, as soon as it was sold i posted it up in the thread
  2. sorry dont have a guide, i found something on utube for it but basically stripped the machine down to just the case before cutting the hole..measure 400 times as there is not much margin for error as its all tight once reassembled, drilled it at slow speed in a mill fitted with a chuck and correct size holesaw for the gauge, lots of cutting grease and everything well masked up, usual filing to clean up the burrs etc
  3. this is my gaggia classic purchased from new complete rebuild last year fitted with sylvia wand, IMS shower screen Brass shower head, Brew pressure gauge, digital PID control mechanical fixed and earth bonded to case brew pressure set to 9.5 comes with stainless tamper, double and single portafilters, blind for back flushing and bottomless portafilter and handle fitted with 18gm filter hardly used since rebuild as i bought a rocket machine, descaled this morning, backflushed and a few coffees made this morning, ready to go! asking £210 inc carrier delivery to mainlland UK only
  4. homer

    Alex duetto iv plus

    typical! you wait for months to purchase another machine, nothing comes up then you buy one yesterday and an hour later?
  5. do you have any photos of the inside of the machine
  6. if its £40 for the leveller and the 58.4 tamper ill take them please
  7. homer

    bean advice

    fire suit at the ready here going to mention the "L" word in a moment been dabbling with different beans last couple of weeks and 3 types from a supplier including there award winning roast, some i have here and another 2 from a member and im not seeing much difference,clearly there is some difference but all very slight and to be honest im not keen on any of them as a espresso, they are all meduim roast and i have give or take dialed each one in with bean weight out and adjusting to get between 21-25 seconds before trying, i do use sweetener tabs so i guess this spoils the flavour somewhat? so being a little peeded off with it all i went and got 4 bags of lavazza beans...there thats the "L" word i said it and i actully like them..in fact the red bag to me seems to be the best for taste..i know wet behind the ears but im being honest about it, the Lavazza gave me a nice sweet taste without being to overpowering or leaving a coffee taste in my mouth for 30 mins like some of the expencive types do however seem great as an espresso but dont have the balls to cut through milk based coffee, even double shot is just lacking, so guess i need to go for a darker roast for milk base? or maybe a home blend session? using a rocket appartmento, migon grinder and flushing till about 93 degrees before making the shot always using the double basket and getting 60ml of coffee, i know there is more fine tuning that can be done at this stage but feel it should give me a good idea of where the final taste is at
  8. another happy customer with a rocket towel! many thanks ?
  9. I picket up a rocket appartmentto and a Eureka Mignon Specialita grinder about a year ago, had a modded gaggia and a Iberital mc2 grinder really pleased with the purchase and just love seeing it all in the mornings with the chrome grinder next to it..sad i know ive had no problems with any of it and love using it
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