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  2. Lanjarón is a very good water with a very good flavor. The mix that MWJB recommends with Aquarel I think will work very well. I also agree with what he says: with the brew better guided by the palate and not so much by the composition. Maybe this link is of your interest: https://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2018/07/testing-water-in-pursuit-of-excellent-coffee/
  3. I am from Spain and I usually use Nestlé acuarel. In my city (Granada) the tap water is good in flavor but a little hard for the machine (16'7 ° F) so I mix this bottled water with 1/5 of tap water to increase the hardness and alkalinity. Bottled water in Spain is either too soft or too hard, it is very difficult to find medium grade.
  4. Hi! Regarding the Niche I could not add or remove anything to what was said by @DavecUK in his review. The retention is negligible and the dose consistency is amazing. For me it has fulfilled all expectations.
  5. Thanks @MildredM! I'm very happy with Niche. Being able to alternate different beans in the same day is a dream:). I was thinking about keeping the Zenith but after two weeks I felt it was unnecessary.
  6. I met it in other forum of coffe, forocafe (in spanish), in which they started talking about Niche Zero.
  7. I can also say that in Madrid there is currently a large offer of speciality coffee shops where you can buy good beans. Surely if you lived now there you would not have that problem.
  8. Hello, in Granada there are some specialty coffee shops where they also roast coffee but I usually buy the coffee by internet. In Spain there are good roasters such as San Agustín or Puchero and many others that are emerging and have good product and good online service.
  9. Hello to the whole community. I'm from Granada, in Spain, and of course I'm also a coffee enthusiast. I discovered this forum investigating about the Niche Zero. For a month I have a Niche at home and I am really happy. Previously I had a Eureka Zenith 65E that has already been sold. Niche's partner is a Quickmill Alexia Pid (E-61, SB). I am having a lot of fun alternating different coffees and also different methods, not only espresso. Greetings to all and apologies for my English.
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