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  1. I've given it a good scrub and fairly sure it is rust. What would you suggest I try on it if it is coffee? I'm not sure if the coffee cleaning tablets would cause damage if I diluted them down? Edit: I googled this and the recommendation was to use diluted bicarbonate of soda. I had a quick scrub and that has done the trick!!! I take it all back, it wasn't rust on my machine after all!
  2. I've got a Sage Oracle with some rust appearing! I've always wiped the machine down after using with a nearly dry cloth so that it doesn't leave any visible water on the surface. I've recently noticed areas of rust spots appearing as in the pictures I've attached. For a £1,300 machine, this seems very unreasonable, even if the machine was left damp, you would not expect a quality stainless steel to rust. I am thinking of emailing Sage direct or perhaps Lakeland where I bought the machine because it is barely 18 months old!
  3. The reason I’ve been leaving it for 10 mins is because the porta filter isn’t that hot after 3 mins. Perhaps it’s unnecessary to get this hot but other conversations had led me to that assumption. In any case. Which machine would you recommend to the OP?
  4. Are you saying the group head isn’t independently heated? I’ve not measured the group head but it is usually almost too hot to touch by 10 mins. I normally run a flush through into a cup to heat it and the cup up anyway.
  5. Hi. I’ve had both machines. Albeit the Barista Touch very briefly as I couldn’t get on with it. My personal opinion is that the Oracle is a much better machine. If they are now the same sort of cost I would strongly suggest going for the Oracle as it is a dual boiler. Despite not having a touch display it is actually much simpler to use with less variables to effect your coffee. In my opinion the touch display is slow and clunky and gives no more useful information that the oracle non touch. The oracle you can steam milk and brew coffee simultaneously The touch has to switch betw
  6. So I thought I should post a bit of an update. I returned the Barista Touch to Sage. Whilst the BT may not have been 'broken' it didn't perform how I expected it to. The temperature of the water actually got up to around 85C when using a pressurised basket to reduce flow, but the portafilter would stay cold unless you ran some water through it with the pressurised basket. So I have now replaced it with the oracle. This is an infinitely better machine. The heated grouphead is fantastic. 10 mins after turning it on the portafilter is too hot to touch and ready to brew. A dual boiler
  7. I understand your point ajohn. As the flow of water isn't being slowed down by the coffee it doesn't have enough time to heat up. How could I test that it is 93C? So I checked it again whilst running a dual wall double filter. After a few runs the retained temperature in the portafilter hit 80C! Getting close but its still not there! In any case I think this may be a design flaw as the hot water output is also only 66C. Sage have offered me to return the machine, which I will probably do and then upgrade to the Oracle. Another member has done this and now seems more than happy.
  8. A thermapen. I did also do a rudimentary check against some boiled water and it showed ~98C. I've convinced myself the temperature coming out of the brew group or hot water spout is low and I am tempted to take my temperature probe into John Lewis and ask the Sage rep to check the machine that is on display. Sage have offered to send an engineer out or provide me with a full refund, so I'm unsure what to do and I'm wondering whether I should have bought the Sage Oracle to start with. (I was going to buy the Oracle but was put off by the larger size.)
  9. Hi, You may have seen my Newbie thread about the Barista Touch. I think we have discovered that low brew temperature is causing much of the issues on this machine. Temperature from the Shower Screen or Hot water spout seem to be around 66C as they flow into a pre-warmed shot glass. (Even allowing for losses this seems much too low) I would like some comparable evidence from other Sage models to 100% confirm this is too low and hasn't just lost heat by the time it gets to the shower screen. Any help welcome. Luke
  10. Temperature now measured with an accurate digital thermometer. I'm getting 66C from the shower screen after flushing it a couple of times. I'm really hoping we get some responses from other model owners as I'd really like to see if this is a specific model issue, then I can go back to Sage and see what they have to say!
  11. I've just ordered a digital thermometer and see what my results are. Are we saying that the highest brew of 58C out of the shower screen is OK or is there a machine problem? It would be good to know if anyone with a Barista Express or Oracle gets similar readings?
  12. Thanks Geezercdg. Without any accurate thermometer in the house yet I've had to improvise with a jam thermometer. I'm also not sure where to measure from. Method was to pre-heat a shot cup and then re-fill with hot water and measure that. I did this both from the hot water outlet and directly from the shower screen with no porta filter connected. From both I got 56C. I then fiddled with the settings and put it to maximum and it now comes out at 58C. Can anyone confirm if this temperature should be a lot closer to 90C as I am now convincing myself it is too cold having read
  13. OK So I reduced the grind by one notch to 9 now. 18g in and 54g out so this is certainly a lot closer to what is expected. It has a nice crema, however I feel like I'm still not getting all of the flavours from the coffee. I'll keep fiddling with the grind and see where it goes. it has a nice 'warm honey' flow and only gets spluttery towards the end, it also seems to be leaving a slightly wet puck, could this be because the dose in the porta filter is too low and its not expanding fully? I can see myself becoming quite addicted to getting the perfect shot!
  14. Hello All, So I thought I should report back following the helpful comments. Using Pact coffee I seem to be getting some better results now. (I think the grinder needed a little time to settle down from being new) I'm also now weighing my beans before grinding and running the grinder empty each time. Results seem to be ~0.1g in and out. 18g of coffee seems reasonable and after pulling the shot you can just about see the indent of the shower screen from where the grinds expand. It starts to pour around 6 seconds and I will get roughly 60g of coffee at about 35 seconds. This seems
  15. Thanks all for the replies. I will try and grind finer first and also reduce the dose slightly to 18g as a starting point. (I have checked with the razor however it is always below the limit which perhaps means I am tamping too hard.) Does anyone have a suggestion on how to check how hard they are tamping? I have been running through a couple of shots at each change of setting to allow for grinds already in the machine. I'll experiment a bit more with the comments above in mind and will come back with my results. Fingers crossed.
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