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  1. Another Peppina, now let's see if I can make a good one with the 2 😀
  2. My first lever. It doesn't look like much 🙂
  3. How do you order the NFC disk? Email [email protected]?
  4. What brew method will it be used for?
  5. How much it's worth my Atom? It's in pretty good condition with very little shots, short hopper bought from Elektros in August 2018.
  6. Thanks! Never bought anything from Aliexpress before, but the cheapest one I've found on Ebay is 22£ so i guess is a worth a try. Edit: I've registerd a new account and got 3$ cupon and bought it for 10.85$
  7. Thanks, that one is the "thumbler" I'm looking for the "shaker" it's basically the same thing but has a lid.
  8. Does anyone have a link to a shaker with the price in the same ballpark has the OP?
  9. Where can you buy that add-on? The guy where I bought mine doenst list them anymore.
  10. There is a "2020" version of the Honne, they added a worm gear to adjust the grind size and finally have the lower funnel red instead of golden, there are some pics on the Romanian forum. Personally i really dislike the worm gear and it's pretty useless but still is a new feature 😊
  11. Dave when I say I tighnent it as hard as I could I meant I've put some pressure to it but I clearly didn't overdone it. Looking at your video all i can say is that my sweeper arm is different from yours it really doesn't have that niple on top that fits inside the burr it relys on friction alone. I've taken it apart several times and always end up with the same result, maybe I should contact niche costumer support and see what they say about it.
  12. Today i was cleaning my Niche and noticed that the bolt that holds the inner burr was loose. I went and tighten it as hard as i could but i can still move the sweeper arm by hand with little resistance is that normal?
  13. I've read an article on DCN that they will only be releasing it outside US in a year
  14. If he intended to get an Atom 75 plus the blow up system there are other options for single dosing in that price range other than the Niche.
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