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  1. I've read an article on DCN that they will only be releasing it outside US in a year
  2. If he intended to get an Atom 75 plus the blow up system there are other options for single dosing in that price range other than the Niche.
  3. Yeah I've figured that much. I own the Honne #70 Also have a Niche (conical) and a Atom 75 and this grinder really its my favorite taste wise by a long margin. It's like watching TV in SD and UHD...really nice grinder in flavour extraction.
  4. I've actually bought one of those after watching this thread! I paid a little bit more and got a grey one to use on my Niche. Looks nice
  5. I'm kinda confused, you visited the factory to attend some sort of press event?
  6. Can you deduce VAT within Europe with a business VAT number?
  7. Welcome! Speciality coffee shops in Portugal: http://www.aquelecafe.pt/lojas-em-portugal/
  8. As far as I know the funnel comes standard with no extra cost, Workflow and ease of use are pretty good for a single dosing grinder. And the other bits like from a closer inspection you can see "design flaws" it's quite funny
  9. Fun fact, I've received my Niche Zero today and I've made a no load sound test and the Niche is 10DB louder than my Atom Specialty 75.
  10. I'm expecting my Niche Zero to be delivered this month and I'm already with buyers remorse. Really nice design, congrats.
  11. Eureka Atom is probably reviewd as one of the quietest grinders.
  12. So your grinder rotates the outer burr like the sette? It looks really nice.
  13. Yes, it's been reported before.... according to some it only affected 7 grinders so far and there is some kind of fix, maybe better you contact niche coffee to see what they have to say.
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