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  1. I think it also depends on what coffee you use as well, noted by coffeechap. With my Bosco set to 1.2 bar I do not need to flush for a robusta blend I have, I just walk up and pull. However for a pure arabica roast I tried out a few weeks ago I did need to do a small flush to bring up the temp a bit that suited the roast appropriately. My experience with an older thermosyphon lever, the Zodiac Group seen on machines like the Faema President, is also pretty hands free with the coffees I prefer as there is water constantly cycling through the groups to maintain a certain temperature besides
  2. I just asked some of my contacts I developed over the past year if they had a machine I could snag to work on. This network developed organically and I did not actively seek new contacts. I just found them off chance in my online searches. The seller is actually Dutch and knows Henk Langkemper, a well known La Marzocco distributor and collector. This machine the seller found himself. I have not really bought much from Italy that I cannot see in person since I got back to the US. With my contacts I have already found the 180mm spring replacement and someone to modify the flange/fab a new o
  3. I just confirmed the purchase this weekend and I expect it to arrive in a week or two, but I have another project to show. It's an August 1957 Faema Mercurio 3rd series with the tall group. It is in fantastic cosmetic condition and was originally gas powered. I purchased it from a Dutch company for a little premium as a result. There is no heating element and the flange is capped off. Looking at the ID tag you notice the Watts, Voltage, and Phase are blank with an ID number of 12724. I have no intention of rechroming, just some light polishing of the aluminum group housing. It is 15-20mm
  4. I had to do some rewiring due to bad crimps so I decided to also change the wiring. I got TGGT 14 AWG (2.5mm2) wiring, a fiberglass + teflon sleeve rated for 482°F, which at 86°F has 40A rating and at an operating temperature of 212°F it still is rated at 32.8A. With my new crimp tool and a new wire stripping tool it was much easier to prep the wire and make the crimp. I tried yanking out the connection and I could not get it loose even with me basically throwing my weight at it! Just to be simple I did not connect the thermofuse to this circuit just make sure I actually am doing this correctl
  5. I finally got my new cabinet that I ordered in April. It was originally made to be 6" taller than my original bargain find and so I could safely plop my bigger two group machines on comfortably but I need to do some rewiring with them first. For now the Bosco gets to breathe and stretch with the extra space! Specs are 48L x 24W x 36H inches. The cabinet door is a barnstyle roller to hide my water jug, water waste, and pump. The wood is pine so I could move it pretty easily if needed but still holds a hefty amount. I basically tapped danced on top of it to test ruggedness.
  6. I got two reproduction lever rods yesterday evening. They come from Vintage Espresso Machines in the Netherlands. They did a good job I thought with the machining. There is a slight difference in the base contour that screws into the lever fork and I had to request the levers to have a small filed top to fit the bakelite. With shipping it was €220 total and got here in 12 days. The thread for the nut is different than the original thread. It is M8 1.25 instead of the original SAE 5/16 thread, so I ended up using acorn nuts with washers as a replacement to the aluminum caps. There is just
  7. After some choice words and heat everything got disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. The machine is ready for testing but I am waiting for a new table to arrive as my test bench is occupied by the President right now, so it's going to hang out for a bit. I still need a 3/8" bsp cap for the drain and the exterior brown panelling that simply exudes that 70's brown needs a wash inside. Wiring was pretty straightforward but I needed to be creative for a ground as the boiler nut had no extra thread to stick the ground contact on. I used one of the bolts that hold the group to the frame as a repl
  8. I got a good idea on how I will wire the machine. I will put a toggle switch on the bottom front where the gas igniter normally resides and proceed from there. I decided to not install the gas system on the final build but it can always be added afterwards if needed. I did a dry fitting for the pipes today with the boiler and front panels on the frame. I need to make sure all the valves and pipes will fit before I apply liquid gaskets, especially for the thermosyphon fittings. I am taking more precaution this time as the boiler does not secure itself to one spot and can be adjusted on its
  9. I cleaned up the p-stat today. It's a first gen modern Sirai meant for two-phase operation. I am unsure if it is 16A or 20A rated but for 1800W 120V I should be good with 16A. The terminals look pretty beefy nonetheless. I took apart the membrane assembly and replaced the internal gaskets. The degreaser I used gave some pretty grungy water. There are eight screws that compress the gasket and membrane. An additional four screws attach the upper metal piece that holds a piston. There is a diaphram that rests against this piston which in turn rests against a pin i
  10. Dealing with a totaled car involves extra steps I did not realize exist. Stuff like transfering the car title, confirming the settlement from the insurance, etc. I picked up the powder coated frame + bits today. They did a great job just like last time. It looks pretty good even where the rust was heavy, just some pitting is all that remains of rust evidence. I cleaned up the gas burner and then fixed up the torn foot with some super glue and it worked very well. I may not put the gas assembly on since I do not plan on using it but it's good to keep the fixed up pieces on hand in case I
  11. I dropped off the frame today + the water sight holder and gas pan at the same place that did the Faema President frame. They charged the same price, which was very nice. I also got some valve parts for a boiler drain since there is a fitting I can put on the bottom of the boiler at a specialty hose place. It was the first store I found that dealt with BSPP fittings that was near me, which is not used as much in the US over NPT threads, and I found it from the recommendation of a bolt/fastener store. I got some bolts to work on the steam valves. The chrome nut
  12. I notice a difference when leaving beans in my hopper for 2+ days, mostly by quicker extraction and less flavor. As a result I only fill my hopper in little portions at a time, usually 3-4 doubles' worth (42-56g roughly). Since I am constantly going through the coffee this usually does not create a noticeable change.
  13. Well I find myself going back to project sooner than anticipated as I already found two replacement vehicles to pick from presuming it's a total loss and this helps me vent my frustrations through vigorous cleaning/grinding. My Honda Fit may be demolished but I emerged essentially unscathed. The claims process was not as fast as I anticipated and work basically said take your time coming back as you go through this. I got the boiler stud fixed. I tried the MIG welding method first but there was not enough thread sticking out for the nut to grasp it so the drill method was done instead. I
  14. I made some progress with the lever groups. They got reassembled with the new forks I ordered from TSE parts in Austria. I worked on the boiler some more but sheared an element bolt off and will need to weld a nut to it for proper removal. Unfortunately I did a goof and got distracted driving into work today from some items falling into the passenger front seat. I ran into a telephone pole from swerving over and the telephone pole won. Before anyone gets crazy about it I am personally fine, no injuries outside of soreness from the airbags deployin
  15. I use my Pavoni occasionally still when I turn off my Bosco in the morning and I have to physically be at work, partially out of its significance as my first espresso machine. It can always pull a nice shot with an emphasis on body for the output and I time it such that I never allow the machine to heat beyond eleven minutes before it gets too hot even as a larger Professional. I pulled over 1k shots with the Pavoni in college and I would gladly part with many of my other machines before being forced to say goodbye to it because of that. With the Faemina running now I placed the Pavoni back as
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