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  1. I have just returned to Italy last Thursday, and I picked up this 1964 Faema President in the town I live in. I have been looking at this listing for about a month now and decided to go through with it as we are moving out this summer and we will get free shipping back to our house, which would save me at least €1000 with my multiple machines sitting in the apartment! Got a pretty decent price, and I got the seller to quickly accept my offer in cash. 1400 euro in campania is almost 2 months of wages on average, and cash is king there! Everything is present but the mercury pressurestat and neon light in the back (the wiring is still there for it). One portafilter is original with a chipped bakelite handle and another is a reproduction, as is the steam arms and manometer. One oddity is the copper tube connecting the boiler to the manometer is snipped, presumably with the original one! There is some rust on the frame but I can have it sandblasted when I strip everything off the frame. The chrome is very decent as well, and will not do any rechroming besides maybe the handles, which have some rust on them. The back glass frame isn't cracked but there is some flaking with the decal. The cup panel on top is flawless which is a nice plus. I will obviously need to replace all the gaskets but nothing that is unobtanium (unlike my gaggia) is missing, which is nice. When I return to the states this and my Gaggia Tell will be restored. I estimate a few hundred to fully get it running again. Just for kicks I weighed the drip tray, which clocks in a little under 5 pounds. [ATTACH=CONFIG]40214[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40215[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40216[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40217[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]40218[/ATTACH]
  2. Hi Danx, I actually do not have the machine set up right now and is still in its crate. I will be unable to use it probably until August-September as I am moving this summer and the current apartment is too small to setup the machine. This machine however weighs about 110lbs filled with water, so I would hopefully presume that this weight with rubber capped feet would prevent any slips from occuring (believe me I faced this with my Pavoni!). Cheers!
  3. Thanks! While I do have all this shiny equipment, I went back this morning to enjoy a brew from my very first coffee machine: a Bialetti 3-cup Easy Timer I bought for €5 used at a thrift store. Shows that price isn't everything. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39690[/ATTACH]
  4. Hi again, I got the measurements (I am not where the machine currently is so I recruited a family member to do the measuring under video guidance) for the drip tray space, and they are the following: 152.4mm in blue x 617.5375mm in orange 17.145mm lip width in red The only measurement I am missing is the depth of the tray, and would probably estimate it to be ~15-20mm. [ATTACH=CONFIG]39617[/ATTACH] Cheers!
  5. Benefits stemming partially from academic merit and being the son of a naval officer (~40/60). Believe me I know I am in an extremelly fortunate situation financially. Living in Italy also is beneficial as I can buy equipment far cheaper, especially used. I actually got my hands on a Gaggia Tell 2 group I intend to restore for €175!!! [ATTACH=CONFIG]39603[/ATTACH]
  6. Would you believe me that I got a full ride and spend nothing besides coffee paraphanillia?
  7. Hi there, I added some equipment shipped from home, and will be the last stepping stone before my final setup for senior year which will happen after my family permanently moves back from Italy. Next year my roommates will be even more caffeinatted when I lug my Bosco into the fray . Here is a list of the equipment: Elektra Micro casa a leva (1991 bought used) La Pavoni Professional PRG (1991 bought used) Eureka Olympus 75 HS (2018 bought used) Baratza Virtuoso Chemex 8 cup French Press 1 Liter Electric Moka Pot 3 cup (bought used 5 euro and first piece of coffee equipment) Lido E grinder Siphon 5 cup w/Yama burner 2kW step up/down transformer Various bottomless portafilters and tampers (49mm and 49.6mm) GDEALER DS1 Digital Pocket scale Metallurgica Motta accessories 35cl and 50cl milk pitchers 22cm knockbox Tamping mat [ATTACH=CONFIG]39599[/ATTACH]
  8. Yes, but they redirected me to Enrico Maltoni. The closest I have gotten to finding a replacement is espressounderground selling a 1 group version.
  9. Hi all, Last month I was able to snag a Gaggia Tell 2 group machine for an absolute steal, but part of that deal was given due to a key part missing from the machine: the drip tray. My machine has no tray or grill, and I have been hunting for a possible replacement for a bit now. I am posting here to inquire if anyone has knowledge on where to source a possible replacement. Everything else is present with this machine which is fortunate. I have contacted 10+ vendors at this point including Ascaso and Enrico Maltoni (he can do it but only if I have him restore it for me, which I respect but declined) with no luck. No matter what happens when I begin my restoration I will update the thread as it goes, which will probably begin this summer when I am off from uni. Cheers! The ANCC tag id is 107459 and Gaggia id of 81965 Ryan [ATTACH=CONFIG]39558[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39556[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39555[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]39557[/ATTACH]
  10. I'd love to get those, but the prices when I find them are killing me!
  11. Hi there, I wanted to show the many moka pots collected over the 5 years I've been in Italy. All of them were purchased at used/discount prices, and I have some pretty unique ones in it. The rarest one is the tarnished silver plated pot in the right corner of the pic, a Sabattini Alison. The assembled moka pots are the following (from right to left and top to bottom): Antique 6 cup moka pot Kimbo 6 cup Neapolitan Pot Modern 6 cup Bialetti Moka Espress Sabattini 6 cup Alison Unknown 4 cup Moka Pot with Glass top Kimbo 3 cup Neapolitan Pot Miss Lavazza 2 cup Pot Bialetti 3 cup Robin Hood Moka Pot Antique 3 cup Neapolitan Pot Bialetti Venus 2 cup Moka Pot Kimbo Copper 1 cup Pot Bialetti la Mokina 1/2 cup Pot [ATTACH=CONFIG]37668[/ATTACH]
  12. This is the worst pricing I have ever seen for an espresso in Venice (or anywhere!!!) at a whopping 11,50 euro per coffee! https://www.euronews.com/2018/08/07/venice-cafe-sparks-outrage-online-with-43-bill-for-coffee-and-water
  13. Outside of tourist zones I have rarely seen an espresso that is more than 1.10 euro, with cappuccinos ranging from 10-40 cents more. I am not sure if it is required by law, but overpricing coffee would quickly be a detriment to the bar against competition. More expensive places do exist, but are not common as I said. I certaintly do not mind the 1 euro price as I am currently studying abroad in Venice and cannot access my equipment right now!
  14. Italians are dead serious with their espresso. Coffee is extremely ingrained in Italian society, and is partially why I see less home setups beyond the ESE/Ciadle pods in Italy. Espresso is so cheap that most Italians will simply walk to their preferred bar for a shot and a chat with others.
  15. I use traditional espresso cups for guaging my shot (I don't have a scale under my cup when pulling shots). I also tend to get them far cheaper than others, so I tend to acquire more than I really know what to do with. I do however have two shot glasses with the ml/oz/tbsp measurements on them when I feel different. [ATTACH=CONFIG]37522[/ATTACH]
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