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  1. Gaggia is all tuned up now! It needed some adjusting with the piston height but now I can get a full volume shot while still being able to engage the preinfusion mechanism. The offset lever is just so cool I think. Cat tax included.
  2. yea that third guy goes to the basket case Gaggia GX I got for free with this Boema 😅. The boema pf is the heaviest one I've handled, absolute units.
  3. This is as far back as you can go with my threads, as this was my first project! I am not sure if I can ever let go of this one as I was aided along by a friend who passed away this year, OldNuc. Really helpful and nice guy.
  4. Well, it is finally time to use the cabinet for the original reason I ordered it. I switched out the President for the Gaggia LL tonight and did a test heat up. It had been a while since I turned it on so I brought to pressure, drained some water, experimentally pulled a shot without really drinking it, and tightened or sealed any slight steam leaks, mostly from a steam wand I had to adjust. This was also the first time it turned on with the new wiring, as the old wiring was suffering from loose crimps since it was before I bought my current ratcheting crimping tool.
  5. The Faema Mercurio bent frame is finally being addressed and hopefully fixed up. Once the Mercurio is done then I can do the Boema. For this grinder a shipment of parts is coming that will have a replacement doser cap and a bottom cover among other things, and then the electrical parts will come in and I can wire it up too in a separate order.
  6. A final cleanup with a flannel shoe polishing rag, with the hopper cleaned up. Not mirror finish but much better than the initial state. There are a few cracks but the hopper itself is still structurally sound.
  7. I'll be getting an order assembled for potentially a new hopper, the cap, and new burrs. I am not in a hurry on that front per se, but I was in a hurry to clean up the exterior in the meanwhile. I cleaned up the doser aluminum pieces today. I only started from 1000 grit as there were far fewer scratches smaller than what was on the grinder base. Once everything was cleaned up I began reassembly. I started with the doser mechanism. It comes in multiple pieces, where there is a bottom star piece with two pins locking into the lower mechanism. It is kept in place by a spring that compresses
  8. I agree completely with what you say, and I take no offense at answers/solutions that I initially disregarded. For the wiring connection I was just going to cut the old wiring back and strip the line before crimping them with some AMP PIDG connectors. I'll see what I can get for a cap but I'll probably need to order one.
  9. I finished up disassembly with the doser. I decided to keep the doser handle assembly attached to the lower doser. I did take off the counter though so when I cleaned the parts water would not get inside the counter. Once again I cannot understate how useful an ultrasonic cleaner is for taking off coffee oils from even the most recessed crevices. Even though the coffee oils were removed on the parts, there were still scratches on the exterior panels, the grinder base having the worst of them. I sanded the grinder base over 2+ hours, ran
  10. Thanks! Pretty certain it's a regular thread for ccw loosening based off someone who has a new version of this grinder. Futurmat still sells many of the parts for this grinders if I somehow manage to break a few bits but my goal is not to. The grinder itself is pretty simple in terms of construction like you noted. I find it pretty funny I am having the most issues with the doser mechanism rather than a body frame issue.
  11. I yanked the grinder apart today. I started up top and unscrewed the bean feeder cap with a 12mm wrench and a screwdriver to hold the burr assembly while doing this. I could take out the lower burr assembly once completed by just pulling it up and out. Going back below I took off the massive capacitor and the wiring. The cap is rated for 500V 12µF, and I am really curious how they ended up with this pick. I also saw the wiring better with the cap off. There are four wires, two white(ish) and two black, one of the black wires being connected to the capacitor. One of each black and white w
  12. The missing parts arrived today, and I believe I now have a year of manufacture: 1981, inscribed on the boiler lid. It is massively overkill and the heaviest lid I have handled so far. It clocks in at an impressive 16lb/7kg! The portafilters are really cool and remind me of the older spouts seen on 50's machines. The ears are really far down but they look normal in shape. The heating element hex is 2 inches but I believe the thread is 1 1/4 inch. I'll need to confirm this first. I also received a scan of a service manual from an older Boema machine.
  13. I got my first grinder project from Italy today after it survived the nearly month long Christmas season mail rush. It's a Faema FP, and while I am unsure of the age with the missing Faema label I hope to find it during teardown. It's in very nice cosmetic condition and I intend to wash the chrome portions and sand the aluminum housing. I got it as I am a true sucker for enameled logos and it was a very good price I thought. It's missing a few pieces like the original doser cap but I sourced the replacement bits and they are already in shipment. The motor does work and I think I'll have a
  14. Some little stuff as I wait for the cam. I had my final orders of stuff come in, pertaining to the electrical bits like wire and terminals. Since this does not draw much power compared to some 20A machines I can use 14AWG universally. My wiring issues that cropped up with my Faema President influenced some of this, primarily the connectors and tools. This is my parts list for that, note all connectors are crimp type: Power cable - 14 AWG SJEOOW-300V AC Power plug - NEMA 5-15 plug Internal wiring, hot/neutral - 14 AWG TGGT (rated for about 32A at 212°F) Ground wire - 2.5mm2 tinned w
  15. My little package from France arrived with the modded boiler lid, a new heating element, and a brown bakelite handle for the lever. New SS headless bolts are being purchased for the group to frame connection and SS hex bolts are being purchased for the boiler lid. The latter will be M8 x 1.25 pitch and 22mm in thread length and the former will be headless M8 x 1.25 and 30mm in thread length. The boiler bolts will be like the originals in length while the new headless bolts will be 2mm longer. With all the bakelite assembled they got polished up. I tried Autosol and it gave back som
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