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  1. hi is this discount open to all? was about to order some beans and would be handy! thanks
  2. is it worth buying a new one to save having to clean and fit new burrs etc?
  3. I have been trying a few of their roasts recently, the narco espresso blend is worth a try for sure and the columbian caldas too! Anyone else tried them?
  4. Going to pick up a bag of this too let us know what your thoughts are, before i order next week! seems to be appreciated on this forum
  5. I actually didn't realise you could mod it at all! i'll check that bout thanks! Still want to get an upgrade in the near future though, i might have to save for a niche or pick up a SJ on eBay and restore! Thanks for the input!
  6. Hi guys new to the forum and loving looking around so far although i may end up spending a fortune on all the bean recommendations! Seems like a great community of knowledgeable folk with that in mind i am going to bore you all with another grinder question. I have a gaggia classic and recently got a bottomless portafilter for it, i was expecting to pull lovely looking shots like my local coffee shop - shout out little bird coffee house, Inverness, Scotland! - however as you can imagine i ended up with a disaster of multiple sprays everywhere! I presumed it was my poor tamping technique, grind size, dose size, pressure issue with the gaggia or a cheap basket but after spending a few quid and a lot of trial and error it appears to be my shoddy grinder that is the problem - if i had come here before then i maybe would have started there! I figured this out as when i go to buy fresh beans from the local roaster they always offer to grind them for me to which i usually decline but this time i said yeah and i got them ground for espresso, home loaded up the 18g VST and behold, a lovely shot! At the moment i just have a Cuisinart dbm8 grinder, so you know, you can imagine how silly i feel thinking this would make a decent espresso! So, time to upgrade. Budget £2-300 Will take new or used. Probably just be used for espresso and can use the cheap grinder for filter still? Whats the consensus? would love to jump on the niche bandwagon but a bit rich for my tastes! Thanks for your responses to the same old post, appreciate it - and if anyone has anything for sale DM me.
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