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  1. After last months belter very excited for his one! 1. MinesAbeer2. Jason113. nicd4. Akp5. ArkellvsPressdram 6. Jackabb7.
  2. I de- gas for a week (about), write the date frozen on the bag, push any gas out, seal the breather with duct tape and then seal the loose piece of packaging back over the breather for extra protection. Then I freeze and pull each out a day or 2 before required depending on if I think it needed a little more resting. Seems to work really well
  3. Delighted to have picked mine up, after a couple of 1:2 in 20 / 22 seconds went a fair bit finer and got to 1:2 in 30. Great mouthfeel! Flavours were a bit muddled still so will try @filthyninessuggestion of 1:1.7 tomorrow. Would agree with general consensus that this is a great bean, some nice fruit in there and again lovely texture. As @Rapidsays a bit reminiscent of the Carvetti so I would say Rwanda/ Uganda but saying that I wouldn't be surprised for it to be leftfield and maybe a Chinese
  4. This is my go to order when I need to stock up. I love the unboxing, It reminds me of being a kid and opening a pack of football stickers. I must agree with @ooglewoogle the Cuban is / was awsome last time I had it. I have an 8 pack awaing collection at local post office and would be over the moon if this was hidden in there again
  5. Is there any tracking info available @Daren? I have been holding out but I cant see it coming.
  6. So am I 😭. And I made a rookie error, brought Roastworks espresso from Waitrose yesterday to keep me going thinking roasted 30/9/20 bur actually that was the BBD and I just brought a bag of stale beans 😭😭😭
  7. No sign here, super excited by the Ugandan guess. 2020 has been the year the Ugandan Natural entered the party (at my house) and I'm hooked.
  8. Hi @allikat Glad you like the look of it. It is a very nice and easy to use bit of kit. £22 posted seem a fair price? I think I paid £25 on here a year or so ago so whatever happens you will have a resale market for it on here Regards Jack
  9. Good morning. Thanks for the tag @JA92. I do indeed have a motta 58mm, not in a rush to offload as every now and then I convince myself it's worth another go but open to moving it on. I will say the same as I did in @JA92wanted thread, I actually think my shots pour better and more consistently with it but taste worse and so I prefer to go manual. If you are interested photos are in the other wanted thread if you cant find let me know and I'll upload later.. Jack
  10. Hi Josh. Sorry but the only shower screen I could fine is the GA200M which is the gaggia classic model of IMS I do have the motta 58mm leveller still though.... not wanting to unsell it but I find my shots nicer without using it but guess each to their own Jack
  11. Hi, I Think I have an IMS shower screen... I definately have a motta 58mm leveler I am no longer using. I will have a look tomorow if you are still interested? Jack
  12. Hi @Tobyrose115 I'm just across the shire in Malvern. I too have made that consideration between my old doserless mazzer major and the niche. I Can certainly vouch for the quality of the mazzer although sometimes the workflow annoys me puffing through grinds. I picked mine up for £40 on Facebook market and did the octo mod that is well documented on here. Its definately worth keeping your eyes peeled as that was a few years back and the grinder has never missed a beat since.
  13. Hi. Website looks great and your house blend reads like my favourite kind of coffee... Thanks for the code You will have my custom early next month after D&H and LSOL go though (just to mix up the roast dates a bit more). Just a mention on your Honduras tatsing note... "Pineapple, peach and sweet tomato supported by layers of yellow flowers and fresh cucumber, notes of sponge cake and a juicy lemon acidity" whilst an honest assessment, as mentioned in LSOL thread this month tomato on a tasting note can be a hard sell and coupled with cucumber it interests me but not enough
  14. Hi @mattyperu. I won't say yes as I was lucky enough to win a 3 month sub via instagram so have had plenty of time to try. I am predominantly an espresso drinker so maybe I didnt get the best from the offerings that I had but I would say that the uganda bukozo dream was one of my standout coffes from this year... even as espresso, but the peru I could not dial in and chased most of the bag around the grinder. One thing for me is that I like to buy coffees in larger amounts and usually opt for a 500g or multiple smaller lots in one package to save some ££ and for ease of
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