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  1. Please don't anyone take this personally and buy what you wish to buy, but I have an issue with anything from Coffee Gator as its a complete flouting of intellectual property, as they blantantly rip off other manufacturers products. I used to work in manufacturing in China and saw this all too often. I'm retired now, but as a consumer its not something I'm happy about or would encourage people to support. Up to you at the end of the day, but just wanted to highlight it. From my mobile using Tapatalk
  2. Haha, I've been doing that, I call it bring frugal and eco friendly, my friends call it something else From my mobile using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks guys - I mustn't over think these things!
  4. I bought myself an Andrew James vacuum sealer and have sealed a few portions and frozen them, bug not used anything from the freezer yet. Here's a question for those already doing the same, how do you defrost, just take them out and let them defrost naturally, or do you do anything else? Also is condensation an issue? From my mobile using Tapatalk
  5. That's kind of what I was thinking this morning, I wasn't expecting them to be ready to be fair, but was being a bit impatient - however, it'll be interesting to see what they'll be like in another 5 days or so
  6. The bag says roasted on the 20th, so 5 days - the bloom was very lively.
  7. I'll let them know next time I see them. Playing now; Marillion • Misplaced Childhood
  8. Not yet, tried the Brazilian this morning and I think it needs a few more days resting and I need to up the ratio as it was a tad lacking.
  9. Why would Marillion with Steve Hogarth as their front man and the bands lead songwriter of some 14 albums released since Fish left, play a song written by him from 1985? Frankly that's a rather ridiculous expectation - Kayleigh has got absolutely nothing to do with who Marillion are now, over three decades later. Artistically they are a totally different band, as you would expect after such a length of time and with such a wealth of new material. Unlike some 'revival' acts, they're not a band who have dusted off their instruments to please a few folk living in the past at the odd festival. They're a band who never put their instruments away, who are still touring, releasing albums and constantly evolving.
  10. Miles Davis and Nina Simone so far today MD - Someday My Prince Will Come NS - Silk & Soul NS - To Love Somebody (which is still playing )
  11. I don't see what the issue is to be honest, if you aren't happy with the Lakeland price, don't buy it . . . simples
  12. Even after Googling I have no idea what you're on about! What is a Sodwen . . . ?
  13. I'm retired now but when I worked I took an Aeropress and a Porlex grinder into work. That did me fine but after the laughing had stopped from my colleagues, I found that the line around the kettle when I was making coffee seemed to get larger as the week's went on and I gained lots of 'new friends' who wanted to try my coffee. Some were even happy to pay for it!
  14. Well I like Blueberries for just being Blueberries
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