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  1. Yep, very usefull for e61 regardless of the machine type.
  2. I sourced a sturdy opv(found also in the vibieme junior hx) and fitted it in - no more squealing >> By the way @kennyboy993 you are right about the temperature. I didn't know where I am temperature wise, never mind the pid, until I fitted the e61 group thermometer. 15 min after switching on - 94 degrees on the pid display(which is the temp in the boiler) and the group head thermometer is like little bit above 70. I adjusted my workflow accordingly - since I neither want to wait 30 min for the machine to heat up nor to waste water with heating flushes I froth the milk first (my wife drinks latte exclusively) which helps bring the group head more quickly around 90 degrees Celsius (approx. 5 minutes). From then on the temp of the group head is stable and I can do the shots. If you however are making just espresso you will either need to wait at least 30 min or if in a hurry do a heating flush(one or more) but even so without group head thermometer it will be like shooting in the dark. Even though it is a SBDU machine with pid, the e61 thermometer helps me a lot to get to know it better.
  3. I got it - The lever going back should not bother me I will let it be.
  4. The e61 group is new thing to me, so I'm still learning it. Recently noticed that the lever returns ever so slightly back from the upper position when the brewpressure is reached(opv is set to 8 bars). Since it is too early for worn cam and pin - machine is 4 weeks old used in home environment - I was wondering what might be causing this. I read Dave's wiki about disassembling the e61(grate work and many thanks Dave) and decided to disassemble just the lever and the cam part in order to check things up. made a pic >> I didn't see any sings of a wear but noticed that both pins are positioned differently - the bottom one is facing with it's side out, whereas the top one is rotated and points with one of it's edges out. Could not find info about that - is this ok or not, any suggestions? I took appropriate pliers and rotated(easily) the top one so that it is in the same position as the bottom one. When I putted back the camshaft the top pin did again rotated slightly so I assume after 10-20 shots it will resume it's old position. Now the lever goes back but not that much so the job is halfway done Another thing that makes an impression, at least to me, is the tension of the pins. It is very easy to push the bottom one and very hard to push the top one(seeing pictures of the top spring it is indeed bulkier and this looks like the reason for that). Although from the drawings of the e61 the upper spring seems not to be adjustable, I will ask - is it possible and ok to loose the tension of the top pin? If yes what might the procedure and implications of that be? - I'm hoping the top pin does not exert so much force to the cam and the lever stays positioned without moving back during extraction. It could be that the opposite is true - more tension of the top pin is needed in order to hold the cam locked in the upper position when the water (pressurised at 8 bars) is pushing the cam down. 🤔
  5. I bought a 500g bag of freshly middle roasted Peruvian beans the day before yesterday and yesterday after everybody was asleep I had the time to test the double shots extensively After all the testing I've done I'm still thinking, at least for my combo of grinder and machine, that the gaggia cs was more forgiving. I get the feeling that the e61 amplifies even the slightest error in the prep. Couldn't make a perfect shot, but brought the extraction towards good/very good. I filmed one regular>> and one slower(finer grind) >> As you can hear the expansion valve installation is still work in progress.
  6. To get to the bottom of it is my goal. I let it warm up today for an hour but nothing changed really - I have tried 16g in vst15 coarser grind with light and strong tamp and the same combo with finer grind(always with wdt)- with the coarser grind it rant of course faster, but the extraction was again with lots of dead spots. Overall not satisfying results. There is a light down the tunnel though I tried the single basket and things didn't look that awfully bad. Wich is little bit strange since with the single one I do not do wdt and am tamping twice with 41mm tamper to get all the grinds in the narrow part. Meaning the problem with the double shots should be my prep and/or the grinder and/or the vst15. At 8 bars with LM strada>> https://vimeo.com/339315146 I did some mods with effect only to the noiselevel of the machine so far - exchanged the pump with ulka ex4(the least noisy of the e line), the one in the bezzera was olab 22000. I have also got rid off the purge valve( I don't encourage anyone to do this though) since it adds to the noise and until brewpressure is reached a lot of the water which should get to the grouphead is backflowed to the watertank through it. And I read sometimes it contributes to the pulsing of the pressure. It looks like this now from the pump through the opv and to the boiler shouldn't be a big deal if you have always water to tne inlet of the pump and if somehow air is introduced to the pump for so long that it brakes well I have the original olab one and invensys 65w also. I'm thinking about adding a bulky and sturdy easy to adjust expansion valve set to 8 bars and letting the squealing opv do it's job at 12 bars(basically shunting it since it will open only if the expansion valve fails ). I added also a jumper to the pid so that I can tweak the pid parameters - it is now set as suggested for bezzera unica from another tread in a German coffee forum - PID Default P:2,5 I:0 D:4.0 ( set at the moment P:0,7 I:0,07 D:7,6) If I even once succeed to make a decent double shot out of it will post every detail but for now all that I have done has no merit to the extraction.
  7. 8 bars at the moment but I tried with the factory setted 12, aftet the dealer let me oppen it for the pid fix I dialed the opv at 7,6, 10 and lastly 9 bars, each was tested for 1-2 days. On the gaggia again I found less chaneling and more even extraction with a bit lower brew pressure that is why I am runing now at 8 bars. On the e61 I can not make any judgment about that since it looks the same with every brewpressure I tried.
  8. Tried 1 month old and yeaterday roasted coffee - same result. Tried different temps 90 to 95 celsius on the pid though, no idea how much it is in the e61 grouphead althoug I'm planing to buy these days e61 thermometer. But I have to admit I never let the machine stabilize like half an hour or so. I'm switching it on 5 minutes before brewing like with the gaggia. I will try tomorow letting the machine for 1 hour on before making an espresso, thanks for the hint.
  9. I'm using hand grinder kinu m47 with small 37/42 conical burrs. Prep: wdt with a needle, leveling distributer 10 rotations, tamp - I've tried hard and light same result. I do the prep the same way I did with my gaggia cs. On the e61 however (same coffe, same basket vst 15, same brewpressure) I have to grind much finer to get the same dose for the same time(say 15g/42g 35 sec) I noticed when the brewpressure is reached(8 bars) on my gaggia the pump becomes silent and only the backflow from the opv is audible and the poor looks perfect even with a single basket>> With vst 15 when the bezzera reaches the brewpressure the pump does not become silent it is even more noisy because the opv kinda starts to squeal. I can live with the noise but I never imagined that the extractions on e61 will be so difficult, the engineers of the gaggia classic really did something amazing. With the gaggia I had 9 out of 10 almost perfect shots. With the bezzera 10 out of 10 are awful looking.. still drinkable though.
  10. Update - the Dealer gave me two options a) to send it back to him for a fix b) if I'm feeling enough confident to open the machine myselfe and he will instruct me via phone what to do. He supposed the pid-box is little bit loose thus the pid-buttons don't make good contact with the plastic display on the front panel. He was right. I have loosened those screws, wiggled the pid-box little bit and retightened again - now both buttons are clicking. However I'm struggling with the extractions very much and I am nowhere near the shots of my gaggia classic. Here a typical one If you are someone who can make visually (near) perfect shots with this machine please reply in this tread all the details like brew pressure, pid settings, pump model and so on.
  11. How did it go, did they fixed it? I'm having exactly the same issue with my brand new bezzera unica pid. My "+" button does not click at all and on top of that it does not functions so I in no way can switch from coffee to steam and backwards. Except when the machine itself switches from coffe to steam(yeah it does that also), maybe the malfunction of the "+" is faulty of that selfswitching also. Pretty disapointed with bezzera now..
  12. You may be right, it might be the model or "a custom job" from the previous owner. Check the inside and compair with gaggia classic pics from the internet like this one You might also post a picture of the insides of your machine here and someone could give an advice.
  13. Do change the bolts(at least the 4 of the boiler) with stainless steel ones - so far I remember they are not - this is design mistake. They don't cost much(under 1 pound)and can save you a lot of trouble the next time you decide to strip the boiler down.
  14. Yeah I've been dreaming a bigger boiler probably Checked that again and as you said - The old aluminium boiler has a maximum capacity of 130 ml. The stainless stee boiler has approximately 200 ml water capacity.
  15. The boiler holds 350 ml of water I think and that isn't much. Two small jugs of milk is about the limit of my gaggia classic ge. As troubleshooting I would switch the 'brew coffee' on to refill the boiler with water right after the problem occurs - if it steams properly than it rant out of water, if not you might have clogued piping but that isn't so probable because you would get poor steam the next time you froth and you would had noticed it already.
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