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  1. Thanks to all those who were involved with helping me to get set up again really enjoying it!!
  2. @coffeechap, should be OK to release this one as I have managed to find something
  3. would these work with the pullman chisel? or are those another size?
  4. I’m able to collect dear friend. Does that work for you? I can come late one evening. Will PM
  5. I would like to offer £350, collected from your place. I can come tonight, or tomorrow.
  6. I would like to retract my bid, sorry!
  7. I am guessing this beast have left your hands now?
  8. Hand grinder + Aeropress + lots of awkward stares + some interesting conversations we have Taylor St and an in house cafe which are quite good ... expensive mind
  9. Hello ladies and gents, I was wondering if we have a company similar to this company right here in her majesty’s Britain? My brother in law brought a few samples with him from the US and showed me the app where you can compare your notes with the roaster and other members. I was very impressed! https://angelscup.com/
  10. Tapa didn’t notify me of replies! I will take the first persons offer and will check for PM to arrange further. Thank you for responses.
  11. Have hopper and a few other bits - but it is kinda sold as seen. It’s just been sat around for a while and needs to go to a good home. Always worked flawlessly and is built to last forever!! £50 grab yourself a fantastic project. Some of the forum members have converted these into lovely dosserlesses... I wanted to but the kids take priority at the moment! Thanks for looking
  12. Also, I will make sure its descaled and ready for you to get stuck in...
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