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  1. Democratic Republic of Congo: Rebuild women's hope Lot 1A. Roasted locally in North Wales
  2. I can only tell you my side, It would not be right to tell that of others. Rom and I concluded the sale by PM on Monday night, it was a little awkward at first but we smoothed things out. I arranged to drive to Leicester from N Wales this evening to conclude the sale. To Do this, I Had to miss out on a lunch with a friend but arranged to meet my partner who is working away in Nottingham instead. Oh and spent an hour getting the money from the bank. At 8.00 I get a message from Rom saying sorry, the sale is off. He doesn’t have any access to the forum moving forward and therefore needs t
  3. No, it is defending what is right. Consequences of all this are real to those involved and all the rest is just opinion, I am certainly not angry, what gave you reason to think that?
  4. Really, What is this forum? Now you publicly say this about someone when you know that the can’t defend themselves. Nice, you should be very proud of yourselves
  5. This can now be moved to not sold. The sale is off, the show is over, nothing more to see here . Thank you to all the people that made this not happen, you have caused me no end of trouble.
  6. Removed with apologies. Just trying to brighten up a flat post. You folks knock yourselves out [emoji1303]
  7. I have sat back and watched this unfold and was going to just leave it but feel compelled to respond. As a new forum member, with many years of enjoying coffee ahead of me, I look to this forum for advice, reference and support. Just like a gym, it can be intimidating to “put yourself out there” right from the outset, even more so when making a large purchase, with a low post count. Regarding this sale my intention was to get the machine for the best price possible, whilst making the sale a good experience for both sides. Does anybody think that I want to turn up at someone’s house, hand o
  8. Hi all, I really don’t want to cause any problems, apologies to all if I have. I was just trying to be transparent as per the forum rules. I would really like this machine but am sure that @Hindsight feels the same. Happy to defer to mods. Thank you
  9. Unless you offer the asking price and then don’t get it??
  10. I would like to table £650, Thursday is a possible for collection or even better if you meet a bit further North
  11. It was off for painting and to change a broken gauge. Thank you for your help, I traced the wire back to the pump and saw that it was shorted out. As luck would have it I had one in an old Gaggia, 10 mins to swop it over and all is perfect. I thought that I was destined for instant coffee for a few days.
  12. Hi all, looking for some help. I’ve managed to blow something whilst refitting the front panel. Stupidly didn’t check the power was off and shorted a live wire from the front switch. Machine heats up and holds pressure, but when I switch it on to pull a shot, nothing, just water dribbling from the screen.
  13. IanGB


    Thank you. I haven' really got much to post about yet. Soon, just doing my research .
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