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  1. Ok I currently have a Lavazza A Modo Mio Fantasia Plus purchased 18 months ago from JL. It was a huge step up quality wise from Instant. It recently went in for repair under JLs 2 year warranty. I drink a couple of cups a day. I hate throwing away empty pods and started to think I would step up. Having spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks reading on this forum I was on track to purchase the infamous Gaggia Classic (pre 1015 models) from ebay. Of course I would then need a grinder. Anyway I managed to hold off as I have 3 months worth of pods to use up. I got my Lavassa back last week and again was enjoying coffee. I think it also made me realise that I can't be bothered with all the mess of a manual machine and having to grind my own beans so I am SERIOUSLY looking at one of the Delonghi bean to cup machines. They can be had for between £200-300 on Amazon and come with a two year guarantee. The models I am looking at are the Magnifica and ETAM29.620.SB Autentica Plus, the latter which is reduced considerably and comes with £45 of extras. You can even get an almost new Magnifica on Amazon for £150. I am convinced that both these machines will produce better coffee than my Lavasssa being Bean rather than pod machines. Might wait till black Friday. The only other option I would consider is the Sage Pro model but after spending £300 on one of those I will still need another £150-£200 for a grinder and half my small kitchen work top taken up! Just wanted to give a different perspective here.
  2. Doing a lot more reading it looks like the Gaggia Classic offers a lot of flexability re repair and I could then afford the recommended grinders. The Sage seems much more plug and play
  3. An option I guess though I can see the advantage of two seperate machines. Wife won't be happy about the extra room taken up. Shes not a coffee fan and complained when I stuck my Lavassa on the work top lol So these type of grinders aren't worth it ? https://www.johnlewis.com/krups-gvx2-expert-coffee-grinder/p230843325 Guess I am looking arounbd £450 for the Sage machine and grinder. The Sage coffee machine at least seems not too large!
  4. Thanks that is really helpful and makes sense. I have about 150 pods left so maybe wait until its repaired, use them up and then consider something else with as you say a move to grinding my own beans. Only looking as I am missing my daily coffee fix whilst the machine is not here
  5. PS I should also add that I also have quite a small kitchen so need a smaller machine.
  6. Sure you get fed up with these new threads but I have started by reading the new starter thread and see that popular machines include Gaggia Classic and the Rancilio Silvia. The Silvia really is at the top of my budget. Some background. Always liked coffee but am no expert. Moved from instant to filtered (push down type jug) about 8 years ago. Retired two years ago and purchased my first pod machine a Lavassa A Modo Mio which I like as it also had a milk/frother built in. I have to say the step up from a hand pushed coffee jug was amazing and I have enjoyed a couple of coffees a day from this great starter machine. Interestingly friends always ask for one when they come round. Anyway the machine has just gone in for repair (lost pressure if I tried to make more than one coffee at a time) and I am wondering it its time to upgrade. I don't like that the pods are non recycable and hate throwing them in the normal waste. I tend to buy in bulk and probably pay no more than 18p a coffee. So onto possible upgrades. I had kinda set my sights on the Sage Duo Temp pro. but am wondering if I should go for the Silvia instead. I know this will mean buying pre ground coffee and assume this will make a nicer cup than the Lavassa, though of course the pods are sealed and maybe more fresh ? At this point I dont really want to get into grinding beans and want a machine that is failry simple to use and definately with heat/froth milk, as I tend to drink mostley latte though friends often ask for expresso. I am a bit of a DIYer as well, so maybe a machine that I can maintain, buy parts for and repair myself ? Regards Jerry
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