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  1. marvellous thanks- managed to order a single solonoid red rubber ring. Didnt see this chap's site before- looks excellent. Cheers alot Ian.
  2. Hi again coffee fellas, I've just put in a new boiler fine, but now pesky issues. Firstly anyone know where I can get one tiny wee red solonoid rubber seal (gasket is it called?) as Im getting fizzing/ leak (quite a bit) here.. tho adjacent to the new boiler seal doesnt help me locate precisely, but Ive redone boiler in diligently again: fizzing/ leak remains as was. Im sure its this seal. Also leaking from the steam wand (with knob done up tight). I thought little of it as only continual dripping for months, so I just put a cup under/ emptied 1/4 cup now & then. BUT might this b
  3. Great stuff El CaraJ - Ive just ordered some stainless steel 16mm ones as you recommend. I was going to do'em up badass tight but now will take your advice on that too and not go OTT. Much appreciate your replies.
  4. Cheers El carraJ Anyone know what kind of bolts I need to replace with? I know M6 allen bolt head kind (5mm key, 10mmx6mm head) and the threads were 16mm in length.. but a std stainless steel type or will those just rust/ do I need a special type? And what length do I choose "16mm" or "22mm"(IE 16mm + the head's 6mm) ? Thanks Chief
  5. Done it! thank you El caraJ, the solder iron was a great idea- I had a powerful one and with much jigging and swearing and whacking and puffing and heating and scolding myself.. the bolts are out. chrissakes what an arse. one has to have a pHd in engineering to have a cup of coffee already? sheesh. muchos appreciatos, Chief.
  6. Hi fellas. My Classic boiler decided it was RIP as one element had gone. So new boiler bought. Ive stripped this Classic before, apart from separating boiler from the 'group' base section, for a good descale/ thouragh clean etc so Im aware of anatomy. I got boiler out but BIG problems removing the 4 bolts adjoining to the base/ 'group' section: 3 bolt heads snapped off, 4th didnt shift one iota so hex key's 'rounded' the inside- so I thought best just saw head off as per others. I've WD40 the remenants (they sit 3mm from top of the boiler lugs only) but by god Ive no idea how Im going to
  7. Hi Glen- could it be as simple as that? I did do it a good few months ago.. but that'd be good if it is, I do hope so (makes sense of sorts)- got some puly baby descaler stuff on its way, thanks for reply- Chief.
  8. Hi coffee beans.. my Classic has an oddy: recently noticed the pump sounding different/ a little more strained (quieter) & defo less water emerging from the group head= weak shots/ thin crema. Cant use it now so strained/ little water is emerging. Previously all fine full-on sounding pump (loud) and great creamy shots. It must be that the water is being restricted somewhat along the way once the brew switch/ pump engaged, as noise leads me to think so (^) & priming a shot glass of water takes far too long to fill up than usual/ defo not as much water emerging as norm. It seems lik
  9. You're not reading/ listening to a word Im saying, but merely making common assumptions and misquoting me. I said a better grinder -will- no doubt make a better cup.. and you lift 'BUT they all taste ~ the same: a better grinder cannot make them taste different' completely out of context in order to satisfy a rather laboured point now, one which has absolutely no bearing on what Im talking about. Ive been a coffee nut for 15yrs, I can taste when a bean is fresh easily, I can taste the minutiae of notes to flavours from one bean to another (so my taste buds are fine thanks) in a french
  10. Look.. I aint saying a better grinder wont make a better shot- I can see quite clearly that by all accounts it will make a (marginal to most/ huge to those who have spent £150+, of course) difference overall. My grinder in fact DOES cut it in the world of coffee.. and it cost £20.. as it makes me a fine shot time after time. BUT they all taste ~ the same: a better grinder cannot make them taste different...................... just both a bit better. Now you may be able to see Im not simply in the 'durr.. a crap grinder/ whaddya expect?' catagory (in fact Im dissing that theory somewhat)
  11. Im sure you've heard that bit before, but always being superseeded with.. 'b.. b.. guys my shots taste crap with my espresso machine and crap grinder & I dunno why..' not me/ not at all. My shots taste fine enough.. just no different one from another. I cannot see how a better grind consistancy (for that would be the only difference between a 'good' espresso grinder and a 'bad' espresso grinder) will do anything to eleviate the similarity between A and B bar raise the taste std a fraction overall (NOT neccessary, the std is plenty high enough for me).. unless there is magic involved,
  12. No I don't have a stent MJWB! good explaining for me there tho/ much sense. All Im saying is I found my mokapot easy as pie to distinguish bean A from bean B, the taste comparison was always part of the process I enjoyed & I could nail exactly the bag I preferred and the subtleties between A to B. Not so the Gaggia at all, each bag being pretty much the same -albeit no doubting the quality of the shot is far better in the Gaggia to the M'pot (& therefore 'well just ditch the gaggia and use the M'pot then' is irrelevant, I couldn't go back to it). I was hardy using even a burr
  13. I couldnt face hand grinding at all.. after a hard days' work its the very last thing Id want to do/ or 1st thing AM either. Gave the Classic a thoughragh backflush.. still cant taste any difference one coffee to another. The biggest variable is the compression/ time takes for pour ie longer like 35secs is richer, 20 secs weaker and there the difference in taste is quite obvious; but apart from that all beans taste indistinguishable from one another.
  14. No, afair I dont have as I took the rubber widget thingy out as the concept seemed a bit absurd/ didnt sit well with me ie I had ideas of exploding messes etc which woudnt subside. So ditched the rubberjohnny so I use just the heavy brass(?) P'filter with a metal basket in it.
  15. Ok thanks fellas.. I'll consider the grinder option, as I cant see there being much else to consider, but even £120 seems absolutely stark raving bonkers, and Im not convinced at all yet that such a beastie would make any difference to mine (bar having to grind once as oppose my my thrice). Id need some pretty serious eg's 1st. Ill scour ebay for an oldie as I cant possibly justify spending £100+ on a flamin bean grinder.. thats as daft as women spending £400 on a pair of shoes imo. I have seen gaggia MM types, I assume having gaggia on them they will at least grind down fine enough for a
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