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  1. Sold on another local buy and sell group Moderators please remove or move to sold section thankyou
  2. I'm in Lisburn, 10 minute walk from the train station. Can get you photos tommorow
  3. Sorry don't want to sell distribution tool and tamper separately, they are £15 to whoever buys the coffee machine, not selling the accessorizes if I don't sell the coffee machine.
  4. Sorry I wont be travelling, collection only.
  5. Sorry its collection only, I don't have a paypal account so no means of collecting payment, plus because I chucked the box out I would be afraid it would get damaged if I sent via courier.
  6. Roughly one year old black coloured sage barista express. Light use and well maintained and looked after. I have only used volvic water or Tesco ashbeck water in it. Comes with all original accessories, however I no longer have the box chucked it out after moving house. I just don't have time to use it anymore becoming a large ornament that is taking up valuable kitchen counter space. Also have about 4 unopened filters that can go with the machine, and a spare grouphead seal. I want £125 for it absolutely no offers, collection only and cash on collection Belfast area. I also have a
  7. John Lewis is currently selling duo temp pro for £210 bambinio £230 total for 2 machines £440 would be a great alternative to a dual boiler, as you could run both machines alongside each other with the duo temp pro for espresso and the bambino for automatic milk frothing at the same time, both machines are small footprint wont take up a lot of space, plus you will always have backup machine.
  8. Can you tell me have you tried the non pressurised baskets from like the duo temp pro in the portafilter that comes with this machine? Do they work? Or have you tried one of the duo temp pro portafilter in this machine, does it fIt it? Whats the quality of the coffee like with the the pressurised baskets and portafilter, that comes with the machine? I have a sage barista express but barely use it now its basically an ornament to mch faff and hassle, I have a 3 month old baby so time is precious. I love the idea of the bambino with automatic milk frother plus the pressuris
  9. ,The reason you are getting a double espresso weighing 61g is because the barista express is designed to deliver a volume weight of 60ml for a double espresso, basically the volume a traditional Italian espresso would be, 30ml per espresso 30ml of espresso basically weights 30grams so your machine is performing as it should and delivering the correct pre-measured volumes. If you enjoy the taste of this then great continue using the pre-measured single and double shot buttons, If you want to try something different play around with ratios an d see what tastes best to you, if aiming for a 1
  10. looks great, I had a barista express for a few months, was a great wee machine. Sold it and regret replaced it with the sage smart grinder and duo temp pro. pretty much the same setup.
  11. You should try Redber, they have high quality fresh roasted beans, very reasonably priced and a great selection available. Love Redber never had a bad bag of beans from them.
  12. bella barista sell them, I cant access their website atm it appears to be down. I am sure its def less than £40 including postage.
  13. yes would have been good if the voucher had of worked, think John Lewis is cheapest atm
  14. no think that offer ended, plus the discount code was for coffee machines only, the grinder wasn't included in the offer.
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