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  1. ,The reason you are getting a double espresso weighing 61g is because the barista express is designed to deliver a volume weight of 60ml for a double espresso, basically the volume a traditional Italian espresso would be, 30ml per espresso 30ml of espresso basically weights 30grams so your machine is performing as it should and delivering the correct pre-measured volumes. If you enjoy the taste of this then great continue using the pre-measured single and double shot buttons, If you want to try something different play around with ratios an d see what tastes best to you, if aiming for a 1;2 ratio try 18g of ground coffee and final extraction weight of double espresso weight as 36g, you might find you don't like the taste of this you just need to find what works for you. if you press the double espresso button you can stop the flow at any point, by pressing the double espresso button again once you have reached the desired weight of coffee. I was happy enough with the preset volume buttons, but you can programme whatever weight of coffee suits once you have worked out what tastes best for you.
  2. looks great, I had a barista express for a few months, was a great wee machine. Sold it and regret replaced it with the sage smart grinder and duo temp pro. pretty much the same setup.
  3. You should try Redber, they have high quality fresh roasted beans, very reasonably priced and a great selection available. Love Redber never had a bad bag of beans from them.
  4. The discount code to be used on the Sage website GCF19-gKHMUKkB-35, gets you 35% off dose control pro works out £102 Sage smart grinder pro works out about £130
  5. bella barista sell them, I cant access their website atm it appears to be down. I am sure its def less than £40 including postage.
  6. yes would have been good if the voucher had of worked, think John Lewis is cheapest atm
  7. no think that offer ended, plus the discount code was for coffee machines only, the grinder wasn't included in the offer.
  8. I have a sage smart pro grinder, I accept its limitations that's its not going to be as good an expensive grinder in that smaller burrs it wont bring just as many flavour profiles from the beans, as you get what you pay for. However I must say I more than happy with the grinder, I have never had a bean I couldn't dial in with the sage grinder and always managed to get the taste notes out the bean that was described in the bean description. I like the fact its stepped its easy to use, a stepless grinder seems like hassle to me, the sage grinder is a great all rounder I can use to make a pretty decent espresso but also adjust it quickly and easily for making French press, pour over etc, and then quickly and easily back to espresso. Means its a good all rounder, good for most coffee methods so only one grinder needed for everything, great easy user friendly grinder. The only thing is long term its not going to last as long as say a used mazzer or something along those lines, But I was happy enough when I got the sage grinder for £150 from Lakeland with 3 years warranty, don't care after the 3 years I would buy another if it stopped working and couldn't be fixed. Just find the best price you can for and if then get Lakeland to pricematch it and by from them as they offer 3 year warranty more than most. Lastly if you can afford a better grinder then great get it, it will be a better long term investment, however if your budget only stretches to a Sage then buy it as its honestly a decent grinder.
  9. Iris

    Starbucks/Costa beans

    love these beans from redber https://www.redber.co.uk/products/brazil-dulce-natural-medium-dark
  10. Iris

    Starbucks/Costa beans

    Yes I love Redber, fresh, tasty, high quality beans, delivered quickly and super reasonable on price.
  11. Get a set of scales, preferably ones that weight to o.1grams, can be picked of cheap on ebay and amazon etc, you need to be weighing how much coffee grinds you are adding to the portafilter, My guess is at grind size 13 you are adding way too high a dose of coffee to be getting high pressure readings. Its also more accurate to and consistent to weight the final extraction rather go by volume. ditch the single basket its just too much hassle to dialling in, use the double basket and aim for a dose around about 18g of coffee but you tweak that to suit. I don't understand why you were using the single basket to pull a double espresso?
  12. I have bought from that company several times, and if anybody doesn't trust it just phone delonghi directly and they can get you part numbers and you can order from them directly.
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