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  1. I have just bought a set of these scales from Northstar Micro Roasters, who were very good with their service. I'm very happy with the scales, I have never seen or used the Acaia Lunar but read reviews of both and as these were £100 less and seem to a very good job. The only online complaint I read about the Arc was the poor app that goes with the Arc.
  2. ChrisMG

    NFC shipping

    Not complaining just making an observation - chill!
  3. ChrisMG

    NFC shipping

    I've been looking forward to getting an NFC disc, however I was disappointed to see the price of $9.99, when I am sure I had seen a price of £3.00 (or was that just wishful thinking). We have been told that we will only pay the cost of postage for the item, surely Niche should be importing these and then sending them out from the UK.
  4. Hi I've noticed a number of members have their setup at the bottom of their posts - could someone direct me where I can find out how to do this. Thanks
  5. Very pleased to finally have my set up completed with the arrival of my Niche Zero, excellent grinder and compliments the ECM Technika, Niche was bought direct and the ECM was purchased from Rinscoffee (#rinscoffee), great service and good price.
  6. Yep I found the various threads and the great reviews by DavecUK, which prompted my purchase. My comment on the set up of a Niche forum giving it it's own subcategory alongside Mazzer Ceado, Eureka etc as it seems to have created quite a stir (pun intended) on the forum.
  7. Hi, So, I've just put my name and money down for a Niche Zero, might be a bit premature as I have bought an espresso machine yet! The website says December delivery, I messaged and asked if it would be before Xmas and they said it would be - fingers crossed. Best put my order in for the espresso machine now. Given the discussions and current popularity of the Niche would it be worth the admin setting ups Niche forum - just a thought as I don't know how these things work.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum and new to home barista. I am looking at a new setup and am looking at the Mechanika IV Profi or the Technika IV Profi, my understanding is that it is purely cosmetic and price that separate these 2 machines. Any further thoughts or advice would be great. Thanks.
  9. Hi, New to the forum and new to home barista coffee. I am pretty sure I will get an ECM espresso machine but I am unsure on the grinder. It seems that everyone advises to spend as much as possible. My thoughts currently are an ECM S Automatik 64 and Mazzer Mini Electronic A (preferably used as this beyond my budget). Any further advice on choices. Thanks
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and have already found lots of useful information. I just putting together my home setup, pretty sure I'm going for an ECM. During my research I have noticed that many use a bottomless portafilter, is this something that is recommended to finesse my technique or should the money be spent elsewhere. Thanks
  11. Hi I'm a newbie at the home barista stuff and just looking at a new setup, I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase an ECM machine. Having researched reviews about machines and the general coffee matters, I noticed that people use a bottomless portafilter to finesse their technique, is this something that experts on this forum would recommend as an extra purchase or should the money go elsewhere . Thanks
  12. Signed up straightaway, such great forum for advice and knowledge.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Out of interest, where is the one coffee shop that you like in Rome
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