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  1. Andyz

    Red Clix for Comandante

    I've recently purchased one, had to buy from a place in France as nowhere in the UK had any (or any I could find) cost €43.57 including postage. https://www.terresdecafe.com/en/24-expresso-accessories Fast postage and good service 👍
  2. I still waiting on an espresso machine, but currently have my Comandente and Aeropress. Just reading and learning about espresso has put an end to my coffee shop purchases. Seeing the lack of consistency and care makes me so frustrated even to the fact I'll go without and my gf will still get her skinny caramel latte lol
  3. Probably a long shot but have a think anyway... I have an Aeropress, its got a very small footprint 😂 Andy
  4. That's great, will do Cheers Andy
  5. I'm awaiting 6 flat white with saucers in blue if you want to swap 2, think they're 150ml Should have been delivered yesterday so expecting them tomorrow. Cheers, Andy
  6. Nice one, just got myself 6 flat whites in blue with free saucers €24 Inc postage Thanks guys
  7. Andyz

    Ceado E92

    Hey mate, would love to buy this just haven't got the money. Did you intentually adjust the price from £1000 - £900 - £950? Cheers Andy
  8. Andyz

    Crankhouse Coffee

    Just got my order in and confirm the discount code still works 👍
  9. You're obviously a man used to hitting the right spot 😉
  10. Hey MWJB, Thanks for taking the time to reply, so I've brought the grind down to 24 clicks and added the water pretty much as soon as it boiled. Left it for a 4min steep and the results were a lot more favorable. I'm going to drop it down a couple more clicks to see how things turn out and then start increasing the steep time. Thoughts are preheat the glass and I'll be able to steep longer to retain the heat in the coffee. Thanks, Andy
  11. Great read here, I have what might possibly be a silly question... Lots of people talk about different notes and flavours from the brew, all depending on everything from grind, water temp, steep time and even amount of stirs. I use an aeropress with comandante grinder, and below is my recipe. Grind at 28 clicks, 14g (Rave signature blend) 200ml water transfered from kettle to a plastic jug, probably stands for maybe 30 secs 50ml bloom for 1 minute (don't think I need this) 150ml for 4 minutes Slow 20ish seconds extract Question is should this recipe work, sometimes the taste is a little bitter and I don't often get all the flavours. Any help would be great, all I can think is maybe slightly too course and maybe water is cooling a little too much? Cheers, Andy
  12. Received this morning and very happy. Many thanks again for the sale Marcus Andy
  13. Hi Marcus, very fortunate for both of us 😀 I'll take this at asking price please PM me payment details etc. Many thanks Andy
  14. Wonderful, think I'm going to go down the classic route but maybe with a hand grinder until I can afford a niche zero ?
  15. Very nice, I really like the black panels. Looks classy ?
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