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  1. Wonderful, think I'm going to go down the classic route but maybe with a hand grinder until I can afford a niche zero 👍
  2. Very nice, I really like the black panels. Looks classy 👍
  3. Great job there, I haven't even got the imagination let alone the skill 😂
  4. Andyz

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Thanks for letting me know 👍
  5. Andyz

    Acaia Pearl - Black

    Hi Floss, would you accept £90 delivered? Persuaded the better half to get me for Christmas 😁😊
  6. My understanding was if you pay with friends and family you aren't insured for the transaction and the seller isn't charged the 3% fee. I've only ever added the fee f not paying via friends and family. Great purchase BTW 👍
  7. Bloody lovely, lucky man 👌
  8. Nice one, thanks for all the replies on height. Just measured and my cupboards are about 47cm, so all looks good
  9. Hi Drellis, Good info there, just a question around cupboard height. I would have thought most kitchen cupboards are hung at a standard height, can you let me know the height of your cupboards? The Fracino site tells me the Cherub stands 380mm tall, but I'm sure I read somewhere it's 500mm. Just wondered what you would consider a minimal height to be able to fill? Many thanks
  10. Lucky man, I'm still trying to convince the girlfriend we should have a machine and we have room! Very nice, I like it a lot 👍
  11. Brilliant, loved reading through this thread. Maybe a video of pulling a shot on the Pav next?? Lovely setup
  12. Great to see it sell, would have loved to have bought it if I had the money. @Junglebert Enjoy your new purchase
  13. Looks fantastic, must say I'm getting very jealous looking at all these setups
  14. Looks great, really. Especially like those Niche grinders
  15. Very nice indeed, all good advise here. Thank you
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