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  1. I'm glad you like it. I know I'm in danger of collecting the nerdish idea of the week award, but I like the way the double reflection is the right way round and the red 93.0 magically appears between the cups.
  2. Yes, a strategically placed mirror - £6 from Boots. It works very well.
  3. Thanks to MrShades for his excellent PID kit. Installing it was straightforward thanks to his excellent instructions. I've fixed the PID box to the back of the machine to keep it looking as normal without any odd protuberance. After all, I don't need to track the temperature the whole time. But the temperature is clearly visible when needed. Another satisfied customer. 😀
  4. Thanks from me too. I had read this thread before I stripped down and descaled a boiler and so took care not to get the insulation wet. Of course it did get splashed and even though I wiped it dry immediately, the RCD in our consumer unit tripped as soon as I switched the machine on; very disconcerting. But carefully removing the earth connection meant the boiler could heat up and dry out the insulator. There was no more tripping after I reconnected the earth; such a relief.
  5. MartinJ


    Here it is cleaned up. The boiler is badly pitted. I don't think I'd like to drink out of that. I'm not sure it's even worth keeping as a spare.
  6. MartinJ


    I've just bought a 2003 Gaggia Classic, sold for spares or repair, which came with a spare boiler. Here's what I found when I opened up the spare boiler. Is this normal? The boiler in 2003 machine was very much cleaner, although it had two snapped grouphead/boiler bolts - easily freed and removed. I think I'll stick with that boiler for the rebuild.
  7. I think you will have to move the whole boiler assembly to one side in order to push the broken knob into the case to remove and replace it from the inside. I haven't done this myself, but I had the opposite problem when removing the boiler in order to the replace the 2015 grouphead - because the shims had come unglued. This is the Filterholder Retaining Ring - no 25 on the diagram. I couldn't get the boiler out until I moved it across enough to pull the steam knob off. It would be worth trying loosening the four bolts that hold the boiler unit in place to see if you can move it enough to get the clearance to remove the knob. These are the four Allen key bolts you'll see underneath around the grouphead. You shouldn't need to detach any of the pipes or cables from the boiler in order to move it enough to get clearance. Good luck!
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