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  1. Thanks so much! Is the idea effectively that the bigger burrs on the Macap will result in the fluffier grounds?
  2. Thank you so much all! Photos and progress report coming soon - just in the process of starting a new job and moving, so the La Romantica is for the moment back in the box, but I can't wait to get going with it properly As for grinder - I've picked up a Mazzer Super Jolly and a La Spaziale Astro 8a (repackaging of a Macap MX) - the latter of which will be up in the 'for sale' section soon I think, whilst the Super Jolly is (hopefully) grinding things out for me!
  3. Hi all, New La Pavoni La Romantica owner here. I've seen lots of photos of these machines modified in ways to incorporate thermometers on/around the group head, but for the most part they all seem incredibly inelegant, and I'm reluctant to destroy the aesthetics of a machine like this (even if it is for a more consistently good pull). My question is this: has anyone seen any thermometer modifications that actively look good?
  4. Hi all, Apologies if this is a bit of a stupid question - I'm trying to understand the dial for adjusting the grind on my (recently acquired) Super Jolly. So it obviously does work as a relative tool, but I can't imagine that these things are built with the kind of capacity for grinding exactitude that they are without the numbers on the dials having more objective reference value. There's of course plenty of documentation on this forum and elsewhere with regard to finding the "zero point" on a grinder and every unit being a bit different, but with the SJ specifically, am I right in
  5. Hi all, I've just bought both a Mazzer Super Jolly and a La Spaziale Astro 8a (they came together), in my hunt for a good grinder to accompany a La Pavoni La Romantica. I know both of these grinders are overkill (and huge!) for a home setting, but they were much too good value to pass up the opportunity. Now the difficult question and the reason for my post - that of which of the two grinders I should keep! From what info I can find, they don't seem to be hugely different machines - the only really discernible difference is that the Mazzer has 64mm burrs, the La Spaziale (which, from wh
  6. Hi all, A quick introductory message to say that I am excited to join you guys! A La Pavoni La Romantica arrived on my doorstep this morning, and I'm looking forward to getting it going! Very grateful for all the exciting info on this forum, and looking forward to learning more!
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