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  1. We only get through about 4kg a week. This is not about making huge profits though there is a wider picture here.
  2. Good evening all. Hope you are surviving this heat! I run a small café and am considering roasting my own beans. I've looked at the Bella Barista Amazon, and a small Topaz 1kg. But does anyone have any experience with Empire roasters based in Harlow? They're roasters seem very keenly priced. Thoughts anyone? https://www.empirecoffees.co.uk/product-category/coffee-roasters-2/ Regards Woody
  3. Thanks for the link. It appears there are LOADS of 6202 type bearings. Think another grinder altogether may be the answer
  4. Hi all thank you for the replies. My apologies for the delay, one very ill mother leading to travel away. I think it may well be the bearings judging by the noise. Now it does also need new burrs, but they shouldn't create excessive noise should they? Does anyone know any Uk outlet for new bearings? mark
  5. Oh dear, that's frightening lol. My first one was in Adams Bucketful of Hope charity shop in Hwest. My new one is in Charles st, Milford Haven Mark
  6. Good evening all. I wonder if any one can help me please. I recently opened a cafe and managed to get hold of an old 1999 Rancilio MD50 grinder. I don't think it had been cleaned or adjusted for years!!! Got it all working and set up, but have two issues. 1) It only dispenses 6g per dose. Does anyone know if it can be adjusted / how to adjust this to give about 9g 2) It is EXTREMELY noisy. Don't get me wrong I know they are all quite noisy, but this is excessively so - so much so you can hear it out on the pavement! Any ideas please? Many thanks for your help to this newbie. Mark
  7. Hi everyone. I've always had a love of coffee and 9 months ago got a chance to run my own coffee shop within a charity centre here in Pembrokeshire. Totally unexpectedly 4 weeks ago (Feb 19) I went to buy a dishwasher from a cafe that was closing down and ended up buying the whole cafe and contents... lol. So after a small refit we reopened and are already gaining an excellent reputation. So much so my partner - who is a chef has now handed in her notice and will be coming on board in a few weeks time. I've acquired an old Wega 2 group commercial machine and an extremely old (1999) Rancilio grinder and got a local coffee roaster as my supplier and which is proving very popular (especially compared to the old Tassimo they used to have here ,lol). Anyway, hope to see you all about! Mark
  8. Hi all, can anyone help me please? I run a very small coffee shop. I am after a free or cheap piece of software that will allow me to input my daily takings, and then allow me to compare day vs day, week vs week, weather a Monday is better than a tuesday etc.The ability to look at it in chart format is required. I do have MS office but not sure what I would use. It needs to be numpty proof ;-) Any one have any suggestions please regards Woody
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